Update: The Scott Wilder Show April 15, 1997 – July 16, 2009

(UPDATE: Our show was picked up for syndication…now heard on fine radio stations across America…details here)

Our show was cancelled last night.

Lauren and I were fired. Budgetary.

I had worked for KWRD since April 15, 1997…over 12 years of faithful service. Lauren and I had a combined 25 years of service there. And during that time had raised well over $1million dollars for ministry efforts around the world.

We tried to be a voice on the issues of the day from a Christian worldview. And, along the way, we tried to have a little fun. Maybe I could’ve done better, but the balance of the work over such a long period of time is something I am pleased with.

I have great admiration for Salem Communications at the Pres./CEO/Chairman of the Board level and nothing but good feelings about the work we did.

John Peroyea might have some interest in your response to all this.

I had hoped to finish my career working hard for Salem Communications in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  My career is not over, but at this moment I have no idea where we will be or what we will do or (more immediately and more importantly) how we will take care of our families.

Over the years I have assembled a body of work in photography that you might have an interest in…it will take me a few days to make those available to you, but by Monday that should be done.

This site (scottwilder.com) will be the way I will be able to stay in contact with you. Along with facebook and twitter. I expect I’ll still post the reading room daily and use this site as our blog. If you do not follow us on facebook and twitter, now might be a good time to start.

We will pray and work and wait on what the Lord would have us to do.

I thought about asking if you’d like to ‘subscribe’ to a website or something like that, but I really don’t have an interest in doing that. I just want to write and post what I want to write and post. I do think you might have an interest in the things I will have ready for you on Monday.

I have been on the radio in Dallas/Ft. Worth since 1985 and have been in Christian radio in this market since 1988, the first part at KLTY on the air and as Program Director and the last 12 years doing this show. Lauren and I have worked together for 22 years. We would like to be on the radio here again. We’ll see what the Lord has in store.

Could I ask a favor of you? Could I ask you to pray? Not just for us, but for our families…this kind of thing can be hard on kids, as many people these days are experiencing. As we sort this out, I will have a chance to teach my kids something my dad was never put in the position to have to teach me: what to do when something of great value is taken away. I worked for the show we put on the air to be something of value beyond providing us an income. In the days to come I will have something new to teach my children. And as I teach them, I will learn.

Praying is the best thing. We appreciate your prayers.  By Monday, we should have some photography and items you might have an interest in. And hopefully soon, back on the air.

Our faith is in the Lord, not in men. Life can be hard, but God is good. All the time.

(update: Note from Lauren)


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  1. I’m so sorry Scott. I will indeed be praying for you and your family during this tough time. We will miss your insight tremendously and I credit you with making me more passionate about my political beliefs. Simply, shocked.

    • i am stunned. prayers for ya’ll. what r they thinking?

      • Incredible.

    • I’m in shock I cant believe you are off the air. You were the only reason I listened to that station. We will be praying for you guys. Hope to hear you on air again very soon. Thank you for all you did for us.



  2. I’m absolutely horrified.

    The ONLY reason I listened to that station is because of your show. I absolutely loved the logical proccess you followed to reach your conclusions. I’d sit out in my car long after my drive home from work was over just because I didn’t want to miss anything that was going on.

    When I moved to Houston in March, I missed listening to the show tremendously. Just two weeks ago, I found an old email you’d sent saying, “Listen live from your iPhone,” so I went out and bought the iPhone app you recommended SOLELY so I could listen.

    As depressing as it is for ME to hear this news, I take this to mean that God has something amazing in store for you, and I hope you’ll keep us updated on how that develops.

    In the meantime, you’re absolutely in my prayers.

    • “I take this to mean that God has something amazing in store for you”

      – Yeah, it’s called the unemployment line. He can go to the back and wait like the other millions of Americans without means to feed their family.

      • yea….u wish…. but Scott is a great man of God…..GOD’s word will not be silenced nor will it return void no matter how hard the enemy works to do just that. Scott is in God’s hands, HE already has the answer to this situation. It will be greater then what Scott and Lauren could ever have imagined. I’m very excited for this new “season” of their lives.

      • Scott, thank you for your service to the Body and in reply to the earlier statement those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Scott the Lord is your strength a very present help in your time of trouble and He will always provide a ram in the bush. We are praying for you and your family. God Bless.

      • One of the amazing things that God is able to do is take tough circumstances, hard things, disappointments, and hurts and somehow turn them into good for those who believe in Him. It is His promise to those who believe and are called for His purpose. What that means in practical terms is that Scott and Lauren and other believers know that whether they go through the unemployment line, if times become lean and hard, whatever comes, they can trust our Father to bring them through, and not only that, He will teach them things through those experiences that they will be able to treasure.

        I’ve been there… certainly don’t want to go through the experience again, but wouldn’t trade it for the way God used it to show Himself and to strengthen my faith, and give peace in those hard times.

        Bless you both, Scott and Lauren. Continue to seek Him and His purpose. We are thankful that our Father will guide your steps, just as He has faithfully done.

      • March 4th 5th and 6th I shared with you that even though the economy is suffering, because of Obama, it was becoming a good economy for my family and me. I know that you did not want to take me seriously and that many people felt that I was ecstatic about the suffering of others. I hope that you can in this testing time find the peace that I found in a thankless world of broken things.

      • you know? its really a shame that your life has so little meaning that the only “joy” you get is kicking someone when they’re down. you’ve done nothing to hurt this man of God and EVERYTHING to show your sad state of seperation from your creator. You are filled with the hate which comes from not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.I as all other Christians will be praying that God will show himself to you in a mighty way.

        Father in Heaven, I pray that you would reveal yourself to this hopeless lost soul who drowns in his/her pitiful,lost place they find themselves in. Let him/her see your love Father in a way that they can’t deny. In your precious son Jesus Christ’s name I pray,


      • To Athiest – Why are you so hateful? It’s totally unnecessary and just makes you look stupid. You should probably just stick to talking to your athiest buddies and leave us alone. It’s none of your business.

      • I’m curious…what led to you this website?

      • Yup,
        You’re one of the many reasons I’m a christian my friend, keep afirming my faith in Christ with the kindness of your kind.

        Note: Scott and Lauren,
        Guys so sorry to hear. My prays and hopes are a bit late, but hope they mean as much. I remember your first week on, I was SOOOOO hacked off because you replaced Alan Keys. But I’ve listend on and off since then when my schedule allowed. Wilder, I did’nt always agree with you GRRRR, but I know you were saying what you beleived God would have you say, and not what someone else wanted {and brother I know It cost you a lot}
        I pray the Peace for both you, Lauren and your families that only Christ Jesus can give.
        No’el and Godspeed.

    • BIG DITTOS to the above.

      I no longer have a reason to listen to KWRD – (I can listen to the BAM via podcast).

      Scott, you are truly a “no excuses guy in a it’s not my fault world”! You have done a great job at demonstrating how our faith should effect EVERY aspect of our lives.

      You have been very consistent in your views & opinions and I respect you a great deal for being fair and balanced, even when it meant speaking critically against “our guys”.

      Bless you & Lauren. I will miss you terribly. The other talk show guys can’t hold a candle to you.

    • The Word 100.7 is not the same station without you and Lauren. Scott we miss you and are praying for you.

      Please, I know it is hard on your wife and children. I do not know really what to say, but that God is faithful and He will in someway make a way (John 14:6).

      “The Way” will make a way. Honestly, I cannot believe the Word would do such a thing. It is indicative of the times we live in–‘no place for truth’ (2 Tim. 4:3-4).

      The Lord will come through (Heb. 13:5-6).


  3. 12 years ago I was quite annoyed that something as valuable as “The Bible Answer Man” was replaced by something as frivolous as a talk show. Since then I have come to depend on The Scott Wilder show for information and perspective and have been so grateful that it did replace TBAM. In fact, I’d rather listen to you than ANY other talker…local or national.

    The only way I’ll feel good about this is if you become the morning drive time guy or wind up on at drive time on any station in the DFW area.

    I lost my job unexpectedly the day after Easter so I can say I know how you feel and I will definately keep y’all and your families in some prayers.

  4. Scott below is what I am sending to John!

    Dear John,

    I can not believer that KLTY is cancelling the Scott Wilder show. This was a horrible decision. I listen to Scott every day on the way home form work and have found him to be entertaining and always dead-on correct in his analysis.

    Please Please Please reconsider this. Scott Wilder’s show is the ONLY reason I listen to KLTY.


    • It isn’t KLTY!! It’s KWRD!!

      • FYI – I had the correct information in the email that went to John.

        Thank you for pointing out the mistake.


      • KLTY is a sister station anyway- same owner Salem. Listen to their advertising you will see they are really secular station capitazing on the Christian market.(Hmm what did Christ do with the moneychangers at the temple?)
        Please pray for Scott and Lauren.

      • First of all it is sad whenever someone loses their job. People can sit there and say that the radio stations are a secular business. It is not a secular business. It does not say that it is a sin to be a business person in the bible and it does not say anywhere in the bible that it is a sin to be a Christian Business. God forbid you make a profit. Why don’t you take a minute a look at the millions of dollars Salem raises for ministries. How many people are overwhelmed by the power of KLTY’S FREE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR EVENT CELEBRATE FREEDOM. All anyone wants to do is cast their judgements. It is a shame when anyone loses their job. It is sad for Scott & Lauren and for the people who enjoyed their show, however…. you do you like Christian radio? do you want it to survive. For the few hundred of you making a stink about this… its not just a budgetary thing, its a survival thing.

        All of the radio stations in the market have given up for the most part on local talent. It is ALL ALL syndicated now.

        100,000 watt radio signals cost millions upon millions of dollars to maintain and lease from the fcc.

        Think about all of the great programs KWRD is providing for the 100,000 people that listen to it. They went out and found a host, who could do a show that is in line with what the station is trying to do which is stay in business and bring good radio.

        For everything there is a season…. Scott and Lauren’s season is over at The Word.

        This is what God planned, and they will end up on the air somewhere else IF it is meant to be.

        You people infuriate me, cause you sit on your high horse and just fire away. You have no idea. Losing the wilder show, may have saved another 200 peoples jobs. The needs of the many outway the needs of the few or the one.

        Pray for Scott and Lauren… but at the same time, if you are a Christian. Take a look in the mirror before you cast the first stone.

        • so in otherwords,

          its about money right?


        • Its funny how people define Christian Radio. What they mean is that they want watered-down, ear-itching, safe entertainment. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t take the devil head on. Just twidddle your thumbs and the boogy man will go away.

          In reality Christian is to follow Christ and he was a revolutionary. He challenged the ellite and THE RELIGIOUS…hmmm your station would probably fire him too. KLTY HAS ONLy catered to one audience…caucasian ony. So I haven’t listened to that show in a very long time.

          It’s fluffly Christianity at its best. The Scott Wilder Show was revolutionary. It opened minds, hearts and mouths. I expect the world to shut us out, but ohh my dear Christian friends…whose side are you on? The side of truth or the side of security..safety?

          Scott, you keep moving ahead. No weapon formed against you will prosper. As far as you are concerned Rick, good luck being safe…the world is coming for you.

        • Wow! A quote from Mr Spock? As I recall, the shepherd would leave his flock of 99 to go and search for the 1. Want to rethink your “…needs of the many…” comment?

        • “The needs of the many outway the needs of the few…” wasn’t that a quote by Spock? May have saved jobs? Where do you get your information dearie?

        • I was a faithful listener to the Word FM (specifically the Scott Wilder Show), but now that they are gone, I never, ever listen anymore. I am so disappointed that they are gone. We want you back!

      • It may have saved jobs, but it undermined the major reason I listened to the station. Wildershow in the afternoons and two great morning shows. The morning shows are available on the air at other stations.

        Like I would do with any retail chain, restaurant, or other service provider when I feel it necessary to let my voice be heard I will offer my opinion to management. Then follow up by saturating that place with my absence.

        That is how business understands the customer impact – supply and demand. Does it really help to supply an inferior product that the people don’t want just because it’s less expensive? I haven’t abandoned Christian radio…I’ve just changed providers.

    • To quote Todd Wells from 7/21 post:

      “Like I would do with any retail chain, restaurant, or other service provider when I feel it necessary to let my voice be heard I will offer my opinion to management. Then follow up by saturating that place with my absence.

      That is how business understands the customer impact – supply and demand. Does it really help to supply an inferior product that the people don’t want just because it’s less expensive? I haven’t abandoned Christian radio…I’ve just changed providers.”

      Amen brother!

  5. Dear Scott & Lauren,
    My prayers are with you & your families. I understand the situation you are in as our family experienced the same 2 years ago. The only way to get through each day is to walk by faith.
    You are right God is good and remember he will never leave you nor forsake you!
    I will definitely miss your show!

  6. Wow, that was a shock! There seems to be a lot of shocking things going on lately though.
    Just want to say I have enjoyed and learned a lot from listening to your show. Will be praying for you and I know God has another place for you both where you will have an impact for Him in this world as you have been doing all these years. Thank you for your voice of truth and for sticking to what you believed even though you got beaten up for it because it wasn’t popular. I know you will continue to do that wherever God leads you. God bless you, Lauren and your families.

  7. You will be a missed voice of reason on the radio! I’m a relatively new listener but always loved your show and the message it gave and taught. You gave me a new interest and insight into the world around me… in politics specifically… 🙂

    Lindsey Johnson

  8. My prayers are with you and your families. I will miss your show. You taught me a lot about government issues, and how I can make a difference.

    God has something better in store for you, and I know He is going to take care of Lauren too.

    Tina Marie Olson

  9. I am heartbroken. The Scott Wilder Show is a staple of my daily routine, one by which I am educated regularly on the things that matter to the Believer. We have lost part of our family today. Although I know my gut reaction is an emotional, knee-jerk one at this point, I can say I will tune my radio to pretty much anything but KWRD in the afternoons. They’ve lost a loyal patron in me.

    Scott and Lauren, I commit to pray for you both and for your families in the days ahead. I KNOW God will provide, and He will reward your obedience and dedication to Him and to us as the body of Christ.

    Godspeed, my friends.

  10. Wow! I am a faithful listener to your show and have fallen off over the summer due to school. I am in shock as I know you two are as well. I want to let you all know that I am praying for you and that this is not the end. I will keep you and your families in my prayers. You are right Scott. Sometimes these things happen so we can have an opportunity to show our kids why we believe in Jesus. This is for you two HIS way of moving you on to something better. Be encouraged and who knows maybe it’s just a little breather to give you some family time.

    GOD bless you,


  11. SHOCKER!
    Scott and Lauren;
    Now I know why you said on the air that yesterday was a tough day. I didn’t listen to the end of the show, so I don’t know if you announced that you would be off today, but when I tuned in today, and found you were not there, it was like walking off a cliff that was not there just yesterday.
    I am sorry for you and all of us fans that you are off, at least for the moment. Cream always rises to the top, so I know you will land on your feet. But, I am sorry that a strong, sensible voice has been taken off the air. Scott, you will be missed too! (Ha, ha!)
    Seriously, I will be writing to the station to inform them of my displeasure…in an appropriate fashion, of course, but I just believe that yours was the most popular show on KWRD, and should have been saved, despite the ‘budgetary’ reason(s). The station will be so much the lesser with you gone, and I hope the powers that be see that very soon.
    Lauren, I have long thought of your voice as the most beautiful of the airwaves. It is like listening to a musical instrument. Nice laugh, as well. I do hope to hear you and Scott on the radio again very, very soon.
    Much continued success to you;
    Key Largo

  12. sad sad sad…. so very sad. No one to yell at or laugh with on my drive home. It’s not the same.

  13. Scott and Lauren,

    I became a follower of Christ back in 1998. Since then I have been listening to you and Lauren faithfully. As weird as it sounds, I associate you both with my early walk as a new believer and have you to thank for steering me as a “babe.”
    To say that I’m heartbroken over this news is an understatement. I was laid off for budgetary reasons as well back in 06 while I served as an associate pastor. The pain was unreal. However, I was on staff for only 3 years. You and Lauren have given so much to this ministry and now it has come to an end. I think we both know all of the verses to quote during a time like this so I’ll just say that I love you both. I’m praying for you and your families and I know that God must have something amazing in store. I’ve never been more impressed with a radio talk show in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever respected someone without meeting or knowing them personally as I’ve respected you. This may sound ridiculous but if you ever need to talk to someone for any reason please email me to get my cell number. I’m a regular guy, no one special, just someone that cares. God bless you and your families!

    Tom Dugan

  14. Scott – this is the email I just sent.

    I will no longer listen to the WORD FM as long as the Scott Wilder show is cancelled. The Wilder show as the ONLY reason I listened. I also will not listen to KLTY during this time as well. Althougth I did not always agree totally with Scott, I appreciate the show and what he and Lauren did to inform us of what is going on in the polictics of this country. If it truly was for budget cuts I will assume the station will suffer worse for cancelling this great show.

    Adana Wilson

    • Wow Adana, you really showed them! – (That was sarcasm) It’s a business. Get over it. Funny how the listeners think that they really matter. Your opinion doesn’t matter or you’d have your own show.

      • I agree Adana. They may have cut the Wildershow for budgetary reasons, but I think they may have misunderstood the fall out and what it really means for the advertisers. I too will no longer listen to KWRD and have found my other favorite shows from that station available else where.

        Your opinion does matter, and like many others of us who understand how this really works I’ll be waiting for the non-compete to expire so we can hopefully find the Wildershow else where in DFW and support the budget of a different station.

      • Hey Atheist, I think it might be your uninformed opinion that doesn’t matter. Let me educate you. Radio is a business. Their goal is to make $ by getting advertisers. Advertisers only come if the station has listeners who will hear the advertising. So…listeners leaving results in advertisers leaving which results in less $. Adana, I like Todd, have done likewise and will no longer listen to KWRD because of their “budgetary” decision.

  15. Hi Scott and Lauren,
    I have been listening to your show for about a year now and have turned a lot of my friends on to The Scott Wilder Show. You have the voice of reason when there doesn’t seem to be any with the current administration. You kept me informed and hopeful.
    I do know what you will be going through because my
    husband lost his job almost a year ago. It is by the grace of God that we have made it this long without his income. We know that God is in control and that he has our best interest at heart.
    Bless you both. You will be missed and I think your station is making a HUGE mistake.

  16. Scoot & Lauren – I’m so sorry, so shocked. My husband Mike & I will be praying for each of you and your families.

    Following is the email I just sent to John Peroyea:

    To say that I am shocked is a gross understatement about the loss of The Scott Wilder Show.

    I have been a daily listener from the first week in 1997. I love the show and am deeply disappointed in your decision to remove them from the air. I listened to both Scott & Lauren on KLTY before they moved to KWRD. Because of that I, like many in DFW count them as friends.

    I am so deeply upset by this turn of events. Scott helped all of his listeners think. We in America who are Christian and conservative are being attacked on all sides and Scott, on a daily basis helped to fight the good fight.

    I hope you reconsider your decision.

    Faithful listener,

  17. Scott & Lauren,
    Sorry to hear you’ve now joined the ranks us who’ve been canned by The WORD! But at least we’re a fine looking bunch, huh?


  18. Scott,

    I will look forward to the day when you’re voice will be on the air again.

    Now, your quote for the day:
    Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

  19. Hi Scott & Lauren,

    I am so surprised; I just don’t know what to say. Your show was one of the best on the radio. When I think of you two, I think of thoughtful debate, gentle correction, inspired community service, joyful laughter, courageous truth telling and loyal service to God. I think those traits are a recipe for success in whatever you do.

    I’m sure God has a plan for you and your families that will only strengthen your faith and increase your impact for the kingdom! I look forward to hearing about your next venture.

    My prayers are with you. God Bless you both.

  20. I feel sick. I can’t blieve they would cxncl u. I know this must b hard, at least ur not w/out hope. God has to have better things ahead for u & Lauren. I love ur gift of understanding & explaining politics to the laymen. Please let us know ASAP when u get ur new gig. I know it will b soon. God Bless u & keep u n His care. Faith H.

  21. Scott it will be an honor to pray for you and your family. I think the radio has made a big mistake and i have emailed them, i will no longer feel the need to turn on the word fm.Theresa

  22. Scott & Lauren,
    I too was blown away today by you guys not coming on the air! I know by reading what has already been posted that you guys are missed. I have already written my email to the “Powers that be” at the station letting them know that prior to today, I either listened to The Word or KLTY at work. I will no longer be listening to either.
    You helped me alot during the elections and “made” me do my research so there was no one to blame but myself for my vote. (no I did not vote for the current President!)
    You and Lauren will be in my prayers as well as your family. God Bless you both for all you have done for us as listeners all these years!


  23. I am so sorry, Scott. Your ministry was tremendous. I pray this is but a short pause. After writing Bible study curriculum for 6 years, I too recently lost my job. I’ll be praying for you. – Cory

  24. Scott & Lauren – I’m so sorry, so shocked. My husband Mike & I will be praying for each of you and your families.

    Following is the email I just sent to John Peroyea:

    To say that I am shocked is a gross understatement about the loss of The Scott Wilder Show.

    I have been a daily listener from the first week in 1997. I love the show and am deeply disappointed in your decision to remove them from the air. I listened to both Scott & Lauren on KLTY before they moved to KWRD. Because of that I, like many in DFW count them as friends.

    I am so deeply upset by this turn of events. Scott helped all of his listeners think. We in America who are Christian and conservative are being attacked on all sides and Scott, on a daily basis helped to fight the good fight.

    I hope you reconsider your decision.

    Faithful listener,

  25. Scott,

    Sorry to hear of the recent announcement. We’ll keep you and Laren in our prayers. See you at church on Sunday.

  26. I just sent this to the station:

    Please forward this to the appropriate person. Today I was on Facebook and a friend posted that the Scott Wilder Show had been cancelled. I understand that there are reasons that I don’t understand. I am not a friend of Scott’s and have never met the man. But I do know he is the only name from your station that I can (or could have) named and now he is gone. I have listened to the other folks you have…but they haven’t kept my attention long enough to learn their name or personality. I am sure I will listen to you again in the future, however, you just ended the best brand you had (in terms of a person)

  27. Scott, we will miss you. I will also REALLY miss Loren’s Sports Journal. You guys are great. I am sure you will both land on your feet. God’s blessings on your next ventures.

    • At least we got a good dose of the journal on Friday. The Wildershow went out with a laugh, for now.

  28. I am in total shock! I hardly even know what to say. You guys are my mainstay. I’m not always near a radio during your show, but everytime I’m in my car, YOU are who I want to listen to. I automatically turn to 100.7 during that time. You can trust that many, many people will be praying for you guys and your families. We trust that God has a wonderful plan for you.

  29. Unbelievable! I’ve listened to you guys since you started at KWRD. I was perturbed when they replaced Dave Ramsey with Dr. Laura, but this takes the cake! Scott and Lauren, I credit you with making me 100% more aware of the “rest of the story” for all of these years. I agree with the other writer who said it was like walking off a cliff this afternoon when I tuned in and you weren’t there. I kept looking down at the dial like I had tuned into the wrong channel.
    I’m definitely writing KRWD with my opinion of this HUGE mistake–especially during such a critical time in this country when we need to be aware and informed of what’s really going on in Washington.
    Some of KRWD’s programming changes over the last year or so have been incredibly questionable–replacing good informative programming with “milk toast” programming. No disrespect to Janet ?, she seems very knowledgable and informed, etc.–but she’s not YOU!
    You’re both in my prayers and can I just encourage everyone that has and will comment here to PLEASE MAKE YOUR FEELINGS KNOWN TO KRWD! This COULD BE CHANGED if enough of us tell them how we feel!
    I knew something was amiss when you gave the secret of “Lauren’s Sport’s Journal” away yesterday. I KNEW IT–by the way!
    This isn’t the end–just a SHORT segway.
    You and Lauren have been so faithful to speak the truth and have sown lots of good “seed”. It’ll come back to you 100 fold–I know it!

    • let me say a word about janet (the woman now doing the show)…she’s a friend and a very good person…i have known her and her husband charlie for a dozen years. she’s been given the task of doing this. it will not be like i would do it…just like when i started it 12 years ago, i did it the way i saw fit.

      i remember when i replaced the Bible Answer Man…boy, you should’ve heard the complaints…(i guess i should be very glad that in those days there weren’t blogs…gosh, there was barely the internet!)…

      so take it easy on her…i like her and would not want to be handed task of doing what she’s been asked to do. she’s a good person and a hard worker and whatever they decide and in whatever she does, i wish her only the best.

    • The Word lost me also when they lost the Dave Ramsey show, and I immediately started listening to him on 570 a.m., but I would still flip back over at 4:00 when Dave Ramsey was over and catch the Scott Wilder Show. Now I have no reason to switch over so I don’t.

  30. Scott and Lauren,

    Thanks for being there on the drive home each day. Man at the White Hhouse, Kerry Shackelford, and the way you handled the crazy people that tried to get under your skin where always the highlights after a long day at the office. We’ll pray for you guys. After just going through a lay off I know the feeling and will just encourage you to see it as an open door to the next great thing God has for you. I wish you had be able to share this on the air..not so nice of the station to pull the plug in this fashion. I too have sent a note to the station with my disapproval with the decision. They’ve lost a great deal of listeners with tbis very bad decision imho….

  31. me & my family are praying for you both, & your family’s..
    my dad is a wonderful pastor who is the most Godly man I know & he introduced me to your show! i just spoke with him on the phone & we prayed for you & Lauren & your family’s.. my dad said is there a phone number where i can call and encourage him? 🙂 I love my dad!
    we love you too! the Lord is in control, so I’m ready to see what he has in store for you both!
    God bless,
    Laurie Leigh

  32. Scott,

    They can take away your studio but, they can’t take away the Job God has given you to do. Your voice needs to be heard so God’s word can be heard. THIS IS THE TIME TO TRUST GOD! Way too easy to praise Him when things are going good. Can you still praise Him now?

    There’s many ways to make a buck. But I think between Podcadting or Blogtalk Radio God can still use you for a greater purpose and Word of Mouth by Word of God can pay dividens. Trust God, Be still and know He’s with you and knew this Day was coming.

  33. I will surely miss you on my drive home every day. I loved the insight that you were able to provide on daily issues and how they affect us as Christians. You, Lauren and your families will definitely stay in my prayers. God is good and he has something bigger and better for you to work on.

  34. I was napping on my day off and just woke up a few minutes ago when my wife told me the news. I can’t believe that your show was axed for ‘budgetary’ reasons. That’s not ‘budgetary’, that’s something more and the ultimate source of that is the pit of Hell. Scott, be assured your work is not in vain because you did it for the Lord, not for men.

    I lost my job at a company that I had worked at for 10+ years, back at the first of March, but God has faithfully supplied another job. He has required more of me, but it was already due to Him. God is faithful and in agreement with a previous commenter, He will have something even greater in store for you. Trust in Him, for He is truly all we need. I will listen wherever you land, or try as best as possible to support anything you do in the name of Jesus.

  35. I’m shocked and saddened. You guys are too talented to not be on the air in short order. Please let us know where to tune in.

    Email sent to John at KLTY and someone at KSKY (ddarling@ksky.com).


  36. God, I know that you are holding Scott and Lauren in your big hands. I pray that you would keep lighting their paths, one step at a time, in the way they should go from here. Comfort them in the knowledge that so many people are praying for them. Wrap your arms around their families and reveal yourself to them in a wonderful way in this hard time.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  37. Scott and Lauren,

    I am so shocked right now. I feel that the two of you have been under attack for some time for speaking the truth, but I never dreamed that Salem would cave. I am no longer a fan of theirs and will anxiously await your next move. Keep the faith.

  38. I had been thinking about this for sometime and had plan to call and say it on air, but I didn’t (and Scott would have never let me talk this long without interrupting). For all those that didn’t like what Mr. Wilder said, they should have just changed stations. To all those that called and said that they thought it was a Christian station and were shocked that Mr. Wilder would say some of the things he said, I wanted to say “write and/or call the owners and voice your opinion,” after-all, that’s what Mr. Wilder was doing, just voicing his opinion, he wasn’t speaking for Christians or Jesus. I didn’t agree with a lot of what Mr. Wilder said, I thought it was very negative sometime and sometime I agreed with him(not often) and wished everyone saw things the same way. Well, it looks like the powers that be decided that it was time for Mr. Wilder to go(calling the owners might have worked)and I’m sure say will that he got what was coming to him. Maybe it was because of Mr. Wilder’s ways, words and works or maybe it was just time for a change. Maybe it was because the LORD has something else for Scott Wilder to do! I PRAY for ALL and look forward to the next season.

  39. I used the link to send an email. I pray this cloud has a silver lining. Your ability to communicate your ideas and debate with others is top notch. Better than many I see and hear on the national level.

  40. Scott,

    My family will be praying you and Lauren. You will get thru this event in your life and will be a stronger person. Joshua 1:9 says Be Strong. Do not be discouraged or dismayed for the Lord is with you wherever you go.

    God Bless,

  41. I just sent ol’ John Preyorea an email to express my disappointment. I can see that they were telling the truth about the budgetary cuts as the reason, because the person on there now is so weak and horrible. She must be paying them for the air time. Weak. No more of that station for me.

    Scott and Lauren, I encourage you to patiently endure. I know you will.

  42. This is shocking and sad news! I emailed the link you left and received a “canned” response…didn’t like the vibe of the response (“I won’t sleep until they are all gone” – referring to the infomerital content). Eager to hear where God will place you next! Please let everyone know where to tune it!

  43. God will open another door for you both,, you are a voice for our Lord and his people needs to hear you, I know he will provide…

  44. Our letter to the powers that be:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We are very upset that The Scott Wilder Show has been cancelled! Our family has been devoted listeners for so very long. We enjoyed his insight into today’s topics, and usually agreed with his views one hundred percent of the time.

    He is an amazing broadcaster who always spoke the truth, and didn’t back down in his beliefs … as Christians, we respected that. Scott and Lauren had a unique rapport, and came across as so real. They made us think, as well as laugh. They also taught us many things throughout the years, especially concerning politics.

    We are sorry to say that we will no longer be listening to KWRD-FM. In all honesty, The Scott Wilder Show was usually the only reason my family tuned in to The Word. Three o’clock to six-thirty was one of the highlights of our day, and I’m sad that we will not have that to look forward to in the future.

    This decision will undoubtedly affect KWRD-FM in a very negative way. We’re just three people, but from the comments on the internet, there are many many more that feel the same. It is our hopes that whomever made this foolish decision will reverse it, and bring The Scott Wilder Show back. Wherever Mr. Wilder ends up, we will be there to listen and learn from his dead-on point of view, refreshing honesty, and straightforward candor.


    Kenneth, Sandra, and Rachel Garber

    Joshua, Texas

    • Kenneth Garber,

      Well said!


  45. Mr. Peroyea just got an earful from me via email. I’ll be praying for you and Lauren. The two of you are warriors, and you will bounce back. I look forward to it.

    And for those who might think that being a Christian means always speaking softly: sorry, but you’re wrong. Sometimes, we must speak loudly and boldly to be heard.

    Go in peace,

    • Amen. Jesus didn’t go into the temple and quietly and politely ask the money changers to leave!

  46. I cannot believe there was no notice of this – Scott and Lauren, you have encouraged me to donate to those in need, challenged me to put into practice my beliefs and to share with others my convictions unflinchingly. If the station was having budget challenges WHY didn’t they give the listeners the opportunity to donate to keep their strongest conservative voices on the air who are truly making a difference in the lives of listeners across Texas and in Oklahoma where I live? I left a message asking just that. We should not just sit back and accept this – we need your voice of inspiration and challenge.

    • Because in all likelihood, the “budgetary” excuse was just that, an excuse. I firmly believe the overarching reason was that Salem foolishly caved in to the forces of “political correctness”. Sadly, this is all too common today. Just look at most of the Christian television networks for confirmation. Scott & Lauren we are praying for you. “Be watchful, stand firm on your faith; be courageous; be strong.” (1 Cor. 16:13)

  47. I forgot, Lauren & Scott…Jeremiah 29:11! It depends on what Bible you read, but God Knows the plans he has for you…

    This is the verse I’ve been standing on since my 12 yrs of employment ending June 30, 2009.

    Praise God for this new season!

  48. Scott and Lauren,

    I turned my radio on today as usual to listen to you and to my surprise…someone else was talking. So I thought maybe Scott is on vacation. But they never said “I am here for Scott” so I picked up my phone while driving and called. I said…”where is Scott today?”…the voice at the other end said…”Scott and Lauren are no longer with the company”. I truly gasped and replied…”well that is a big mistake!!”. I couldn’t even continue to listen and will never listen to the Word again unless you both are there. Scott…I am so sorry…you kept us abreast of all the politics in a Godly fashion. You and Lauren are already missed very much. You have lots of people praying for you and your families and I know God is good and has plans for you both. Just hang in there. Don’t get ahead of God! Keep listening to His whisper in your ear! This too shall pass…promise!

  49. I wondered what was up when I tuned in on an errand this afternoon. It didn’t hold my interest (no offense to anyone, it just wasn’t your show) so I popped in a CD. I am so sorry to hear of this decision and your families will be in our families prayers. God is indeed faithful and our own family has witnessed this many times in the past 14 years.

    We will be keeping up with you and waiting patiently for your return, wherever that may be. May the Lord bless you and your families and may you feel His peace.

    Alicia Cornell

  50. Scott and Lauren,

    I am praying for you and your families. Another bigger better door will open. Remember Isaiah 41:10.

    God bless,

  51. I’m having trouble believing this. What a shock! I think I was listening on the first day of the Scott Wilder Show and have listened most days since. Unbelievable. I just called into the “Lauren Show” yesterday.

    I will be praying for both of you and your families, and I will miss you until you are back on the air.

  52. Scott and Lauren, Your show will be sorely missed. I have listened to you every day on the way home for almost 7 years now. Whether you agree with Scott’s opinion or not, this show was invaluable outlet for real issues in our nation and not the usual triviality that fills the airwaves. It also gave a unique Christian viewpoint. You both are almost friends, yet I don’t ever recall seeing a picture of you. I could myself laughing out loud along with Lauren last night during the Sports Journal, which is how these types of shows should be, engaging enough to get the listener involved. God Bless you both, and hope that the path God takes you both down keeps you in touch with all your loyal readers. We will certainly pray for you.

  53. Ugh! What is wrong with this world!!!! I am so sorry for you and your families…..the minute I heard that lady’s voice on this afternoon, I knew something bad had happened. As someone who has recently gone through a career change, you will one day see why all of this happened and so many new doors will open up for you. I hope you feel the love and support of all of your fans – I have listened since ya’ll were on KLTY too. Don’t let the “I’ve been fired” label get you down….have a 48 hour pity party and come Monday morning, build your plan and get after it. It is KLTY’s loss —- and some one else’s future gain. I never even thought about going to that station unless ya’ll were on……I bet your advertisers will follow you too. You are going to be great and better than ever, and your kids will admire you all the more for the way you handle this difficult situation. I will say a prayer for you every day, and please know you will be missed. I hope you start a podcast asap!!! God will continue to bless you…..just wait and see what he has in store for you!

  54. Yes, I will definately keep updated on where ya’ll go!

    Even though I was never one of those who called in during your show, I enjoyed your show very much while traveling in the afternoons. It was a refreshment indeed!

    God Bless You Both!

    Praying :o)

  55. There is a great deal of sadness in my heart at the news of the end of your show. You have been there during some really rough times in my life, with knowing of course, and my prayers will be with you and Lauren. Know that you are missed, and loved. There is a saying my sister came up with one day,it is a great source of laughter and truth in our family. You only have two choices when your in water over your head – “Swim or Don’t” We’ll all keep “swimming” until Jesus comes.


  56. I was so shocked to hear about the cancellation of your show today. I had the privilige of hearing you speak at one of my Legacy Moms meetings and I am a huge fan of your radio show. Please know that you, Lauren and your families are in my prayers. I pray that the Lord gives you peace during this difficult time and guidance for your future. You will be greatly missed!

  57. Who will I call to tell them I’m headed to Marshall for a Brown Pig, or Porky’s for a Porky Pig sandwich……..
    praying for you, Lauren, and your families.

  58. WHAT?????????

    😦 I too jumped in my car for my ride home and my daily updates, education and encouragement to stand for what I believe and heard an unfamiliar voice.

    What are these people thinking?? My goodness, this world has lost it’s balance all over. I am SO disappointed in this decision.

    I refuse to believe that this decision will produce anything but regret for this station, but more than that, I refuse to believe that you will be off the air for long at all. There are so many venues out there for your show. You are a strong voice of reason and you provide a great service to those of us who need to be educated on the daily issues that impact our lives.

    I thank you so much for all that I have learned from you and Lauren over the past few years. This change is but a stepping stone to something far greater and by the authority of God, I claim it and you must claim it too!

    I will be watching Facebook and Twitter to make sure I am aware of what your new accomplishments will be!

    I pray God pours His blessings on both your families and strengthens you for what is yet to come!

  59. Scott and Lauren…. you are both in my prayers. I was shocked to turn on the radio this afternoon and not find you there. After getting the news later today that you would no longer be on KWRD, I, like many of the others who have posted here, sent an e-mail expressing my opinion to John. I will continue to keep updated and look forward to hearing you and Lauren on the air again soon. So sad for The Word that they did not realize how this will impact their listening audience. I will no longer listen to this station at all.

    Praying God’s best for you both and your families.

  60. Will be praying for your family and for Lauren’s. My husband was laid off last year and was out of work for over a month. During that time, the Lord continued to provide in sometimes VERY surprising ways – – – and bottom line, we came out financially a few dollars more than what we would have had when he was on his job. Then, last month, he was laid off AGAIN (just short of a year on this job)… and so far, the Lord has come through again with finances coming in. Both times the Lord used hard work… preaching opportunities, odd jobs, selling things we no longer need, and even an insurance “overpayment” that we did not know about. I said all that to say this: when circumstances happen that are out of your control, then you can KNOW that the Lord has other plans, and will provide… I even read in a book that He will never leave you or forsake you 😉
    Praying for you and yours!!

  61. Scott and Lauren….I’m praying for you and your families AND for a miraculous re-appearance somewhere on Christian Radio.

    My letter to KWRD copied below……

    Dear KWRD Management,

    I am deeply saddened by the news of “The Scott Wilder Show” being cancelled. Since I moved to Dallas in 1998, I have been a consistent listener and occasional caller of the show. It truly is a beacon of light in the way Scott and Lauren have presented the issues of the day and even moved me to support some of the needs presented. It made me aware of the necessary concerns we should have as believers in our culture today. Scott Wilder has taken many bold stands on the air and incited angry calls, but it always got US..your collective audience…to think, wake up, or call us into action. One of the saddest commentaries of today is things that go on in our cultural/political arena that we aren’t able to respond to because we as Christians don’t always have the inside scoop…and I felt we had that with Scott.

    I pray that many prayers went into this decision. I’m sure KLTY will continue to air something in this time slot and I would hope, pray, and beg for a last minute reprieve for the “Voice of Biblical Reasoning”…even cutting it down to 60 minutes as a worst cast scenario. 🙂

    Please reconsider this decision as it isn’t a simple format change from jazz to talk radio…”The ScottWilder Show” is integral to the DFW listening audience.

    In His Amazing Grace,

    Glenn Bolton

  62. Lets all pray for Janet, I believe that’s her name and her phone screener, can you imagine the day they had! I think we all know that Lauren and Scott will be just fine; time will heal the loss and they have many opportunities!

  63. Scott and Lauren you are in our prayers. It seems KWRD has taken the same secular turn that KLTY has been taking for years. God will see you through this and hopefully KWRD will realize that they made a huge mistake.

    The telephone number is 214-561-9673 and you can reach John Peroyea at extension 142. If the voice mail bank is full over the weekend, do not give up! Call next week and call many times asking what the progress is.

    Salem Communications is based in Camarillo, California and their contact info is:

    Salem Communications Corporation
    4880 Santa Rosa Road,
    Camarillo, CA 93012
    (805) 987-0400
    (805) 384-4520 Fax

  64. Scott and Lauren,

    I have been listening to you for about 8 years now, after seeing a WORD bumper sticker on someone’s car, of all things. At first, I yelled at the radio, but then you made me think, and I kept coming back, soon every day. I was transformed from a very liberal-minded, not reasoned person, to a committed Christian and conservative by your show.

    I believe that we will hear you on the radio again soon, and pray for you and your families in the meantime. I will continue to follow you on Facebook and your website. God bless you both.

  65. Not trying to be ugly, but this whole thing is so in line with what’s taking place in our world today. Crud. And I just couldn’t help myself. Below you will find the email that John Peroyea replied to mine and my response to his suggestion above.

    “Right. Nobody asked you to discuss personnel issues. Anyway her show is/was lame. At least now I have a good point of reference for what you think is relevant and more disturbing, interesting. Thank you for your response. I’m sure you’re sending this e-mail copy out to a lot of folks right now. Don’t worry though, pretty soon there won’t be anyone listening, so there won’t be anyone upset, so you won’t be bothered. And since I now know (per your email footer) you manage KLTY, I’ll be avoiding that station too. Thank you for the heads up.

    Blessings back at cha’ big daddy.

    From: John Peroyea [mailto:John.Peroyea@KLTY.com]
    Sent: Friday, July 17, 2009 7:20 PM
    To: Brent Newton
    Subject: RE: scott and lauren

    Dear Brent,
    Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately we are not allowed to discuss personnel related matters outside our own company.
    I would appreciate you listening to Christian Talk with Janet Mefferd who is currently on afternoons on 100.7 KWRD. I believe you will find her program to be very relevant and interesting. The feedback on Janet’s show today has been outstanding. I would appreciate you listening with an open mind and giving her a chance.

    John L. Peroyea
    Vice President of Operations
    Salem Communications Corporation
    94.9 KLTY, 100.7 KWRD, 660AM – 92.9 FM – 95.5 FM KSKY Dallas/Ft.Worth
    Vice President – General Manager

    • Brent, that is the exact, same reply that I received from Peroyea. It’s just an auto-response they set up because they knew they’d be getting flooded with emails in support of Scott and Lauren. Typical corporate mentality.


      • Brent,

        I received the same response.

        I wonder how John Peroyea and the station management would feel if we also started to contact the ministries that are on The Word and copied him on the emails to those ministries.

        Power Point is a fantastic local ministry and Scott Wilder is on their show as the voice. I wonder how they feel about this.


    • I heard some of Janet’s “show” Friday and she just about put me to sleep. I am sure that I can find another station to tune in to during the ride home now . . . 91.3, 91.7, 90.9 for starters.

      KWRD has been making incredibly bad programing decisions for the last year or two, but I truly am surprised by this one.


    • Brent,

      That is exactly the same response I recieved when I called and talked to John. Almost word for word. I thought since I called that maybe I would get an explanation on why this was done. I agree that Janet does not hold my attention. I do not mean to be disrespectful but it was 45 min before I realized what she was talking about. I will not be listening to any ao Salem comm stations.

    • I actually got a different canned response…one that had a line in it about John not sleeping until he had gotten rid of all “informeritial” content on ths station…clearly this is not budgetary in nature!

      • I’m shocked that this happened, but not surprised as anyone who is a critic of obozo is going to be removed.

        KLTY is a station I quit listening to years ago due to their hypocrisy. Don’t listen to them. Please don’t advertise with them or have anything to do with them. They may play Christian music, but the staff and the management running the station are not Christians at all.


        I know this will work out for you – the Lord will see you through. Stand firm and have faith!

        Peace be with you!

        Steve G.

  66. Scott,

    I’ll miss getting in the car on the way home from work and hearing your voice.
    It was bad enough when you took time off or they needed the time to promote something…
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    As a former radio guy, I know the work that goes into putting together a quality show.
    Can’t wait to change the #2 FM preset on my radio to your new station (#1 is 89.7 Power FM – morning drive only).
    Praying for you and your families.


  67. Scott,
    I am so sorry. I just sent KWRD an e-mail asking them to reconsider. I will be praying for you and Lauren’s families during this difficult time. Isn’t it good to know that God is in control through all of this.
    Barbara Miller

  68. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord. And whose hope is the Lord, For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters. Which spreads out its roots by the river. And will not fear whhen heart comes; But its leaf will be green, and will not be anxious in the year of drought. Nor will cease from yielding fruit. Jer. 17:7-8 This is my prayer for you Scott!!!!

  69. I will pray that God keep you and your families in His perfect peace through this time. I know losing a job is not a pleasant thing to experience- no matter what the reason. You all have a tremendous gifts and I pray that God will allow more opportunities to share them as well as provide for your families. Thank you- to your families- for sharing you all with us. Until we hear you on the air again…

    peace. in Christ.

  70. My family and I will be praying for yours and Lauren’s during this time. We are honored to call you both our brother and sister in Christ. You have handled this situation with humility and the grace that only our Heavenly Father can provide. Thank you for the witness of teaching your children the lesson in this, it is inspirational. The Lord bless you both and your families.

  71. I am deeply shocked and saddened by this. The Scott Wilder Show is my favorite radio program for so many, many reasons! No other radio program is as thought provoking or such a deep, rich source of relevant information.

    I will be praying for you and your family, Scott and Lauren.

  72. I turned the radio on today and you and Lauren were not there. I waited for her to say “filling in for Scott Wilder”, but she never did. Then I remembered you revealing the secret yesterday and I began to feel nervous. My worst fears were confirmed when I logged on to my facebook acct. and saw your post.

    Well, 100.7 lost 2 listeners today, me, I listened to you while driving from one location to another throughout the metroplex, and my parrot, whom I would leave the radio on for at home while I was working.

    I would like to say thank you; thank you for being a voice of reason. Thank you for teaching me so much about our government and history and more importantly for making it relevant to me. Before listening to your show I could have cared less about supreme court nominees and what bills were being passed and so forth. Most of all thank you for being the first Christian voice in my life in a long time; I have truely grown in my relationship with Him.

    You and Lauren will be fine, but yes I will pray for you both and your families.

    Looking forward to hearing the 4th of July Tribute and that halarious Obama song in the future.

    Aloha and God Bless,

  73. Here is a little verse I hope that you can depend on during this trying time for you, (although I’m sure you are already very dependent on God’s timing)
    Isaiah 40:28-31

    Big ups Scott we will miss you!
    Hope to hear you back on the air soon!

  74. Scott, God does have great things in store for you. FOX news perhaps? 🙂 I’m deeply saddened and will miss you both

  75. Scott,
    Someone got it right a couple of years ago when they said your (physical) voice is one of the best on radio. Let me tell you, in addition, a few other things that I’ve wanted to tell you for some time, but never took the time to say.

    You absolutely shine at election time. It is obviously your forte and a passion that has ignited many others to be involved in the political process. There is a clarity and keenness to your monologues in that season that sets you apart from many others whose names are better known. Perhaps it is your good fortune that it seems we are now without a downtime for elections in this country.

    You and Lauren are a consummate team and I really hope you don’t part ways out of necessity but that you both will find a way to stay a team.

    You are a treasure and I will SORELY miss hearing your voice, too. The picks at 6, and the journals, and all the stuff you are a part of, including just the daily patter between you and Scott was ALWAYS some of the best of the show.

    a few words about the cancellation/firing,
    I am just guessing, but i’d bet that somebody just doesn’t think you “fit in” anymore. I can’t imagine that there has been a drop in listenership or in ad time/value, but even if there was, replacing you with a similar format without your personality is not going to provide any boost in sales. Either threat of litigation or actual litigation or just somebody getting tired of the liberals’ barrage of criticism has got to be at the crux of the matter. I’m guessing yours is the only show with angry, antagonistic callers on the station. Or it could be those that just don’t think it’s “what Jesus would do” to oppose the direction our radical-led government is going. It really doesn’t matter what the stated reason is, it is a perfect picture of the downward spiral of our spineless population.

    I think you were wrong about John Peroyea. I don’t think he’s interested at all in what we have to say. Or if he is, he hides it really well. But he is hearing it anyway.

    I envy you and Lauren today. Every morning when you wake up (for a while anyway), you will know exactly which name of God to call on, which promises you can sink your faith hooks into, what circumstances you can look at and choose rather to believe what God has said and not what your eyes see. That’s an enviable position to be in.

    Press on, both of you,

    • Dwight,

      Just wanted to add a hearty “amen” to the descriptions you gave of both Scott and Lauren!! You described them so eloquently, and so many of us feel exactly the same way about them. Thanks for your message.


  76. KWRD has been making poor program choices for several months now. This is the worst change so far. I feel very strongly someone will pick you guys up quickly and KWRD may not survive this. We may need to add them to our prayer list. Who knows, you may be needed to save another radio station. James says to consider it great joy, brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. As painful as this is I believe you will come out on top. You both are in my prayers.

  77. Consider politics, Scott… seriously.

    Imagine: Mayor Scott Wilder

    1.) The election is fifteen months away… plenty of time.

    2.) You know Dallas, and Dallas knows you. You have South Dallas credibility and North Dallas appeal.

    3.) Rumor has it Leppert may seek Hutchison’s seat.

    From D Magazine’s Frontburner blog:
    “Republican sources have told me that the mayor {Leppert] is seriously interested in Kay Bailey’s seat. So I called him yesterday to confirm. He was clearly not happy about the leak.”

    4.) Look at the above thread! Ron Paul does not enjoy a more devoted support base. You have a ready-made grassroots campaign in your listeners.

    Take Dallas to Wilderville in 2010!

    • Great idea. Scott, I would vote for you for Pres of USA! Wilder/Lintner 2012? I would love to see a debate btwn you and current Pres Obama. You would have him so turned around by pointing out his contradicting his own previous comments and his baseless beliefs, it would be comical.

  78. Scott and Lauren

    Boy what a surprise. You will be much missed as a voice of reason and sanity in this crazy insane world. I have listened for years and, as with the others above, have laughed, cryed and sceamed at the radio.
    Yours was one voice that I felt I could trust as a true representative of christian standards and values.

    JUst 2 thoughts…. one, men (and corporations) make mistakes, but God never does. He saw this coming and has plans. Don’t you wish that patience was easier to come by?

    Two…. in the back of my mind rings the words of our esteemed President at his displeasure of men who crossed him during the elections…..”we will remember”. It is not a far streatch to believe that your voice was silenced for bringing light to a darkenss many men dont want illuminated. But take heart….. John the Baptist lost his head.

    Rick Round

  79. Michael has an interesting idea…maybe politics is the way to go now. Regardless, I will be praying for both of you, Lauren and Scott.

    I think the station will regret this decision, but we know that regardless of these current economic times, God will provide.

    One thing I don’t understand is why the station won’t fix the interference that occurs south of I-20? I called to report it once, but there was no improvement. Perhaps if KWRD was not so staticky (sp?) south of I-20 in the Arlington/Mansfield area, your audience would be larger. It gets to the point in that area that you hear every other word, so listening to the show is next to impossible.

  80. Scott and Lauren,

    When I moved back to Dallas in 1990 I listened to KLTY. When I heard you were moving to KWRD I followed and have been listening to your show ever since.

    While I have not always agreed with you (you sometimes make my head explode..) I have always appreciated your logical thought processes and ability to concisley summarize large amounts of information. You have actually been able change my mind on a number on anumber of issues.

    The Lord will be with you and Lauren. You are one of the few voices of truth in DFW radio with the ability to communicate God’s word with reason, truth and conviction.

    I’ll pray for both you and your families. I know the Lord will be watching out for all of you.


  81. Such a sad day when we have one less voice to be heard preaching God’s word… you are truly a marvelously competent speaker in helping other’s understand what God’s word is and where this country is going and why… is the station leaning to the left… is that the real reason you and Lauren were let go… were your truths too hard for them to handle… hmmmm… just a thought… couldn’t help but wonder if a liberal is involved in the decision making…

  82. Scott and Lauren,
    I am so saddened and shocked. I started listening to your show about 3 years ago. I found your voice to be refreshing. I feel we need your brutal honesty. You helped me so much with insight on the reasons behind the things I said I believe – you put things into words, in a way that my brain just did not formulate. I appreciate you both and I will be praying for you and your families and God guides you toward your next steps. God will provide.
    In his grip,

  83. So sorry to here of this. Our prayers are with you and Lauryn and your famlies. I have listened to the complete show each day since I found you over a year ago. I appreciate what you had to say, what I learned from you, and your passion for spreading the Word. I will continue to follow the ‘Reading Room’ and if you want a subscription would gladly help during this time of adjustment. I’m positive the Lord is waiting to open the next door for you and Lauryn.
    Blessing, Roger

  84. I am so very sorry to hear that you will not be on the radio anymore! I just loved listening to your show. My husband would just laugh @ me after getting home, as I would be “all worked up” about some political situation 🙂 Your show helped me develop an intrest in politics that I had never had before. I will miss the Truth that you and Lauren speak daily.
    Prayers for your families.

  85. Just had a thought!

    Scott Wilder for President

    Lauren for VP!

    • Lauren for President
      Scott for VP

      • At least both of them are 10 times smarter than Palin (and McCain for choosing Palin).

  86. I still find this whole thing hard to believe, but I have a strong feeling it’ll ultimately lead to much bigger and better things for you and Lauren.

    You and your families are in my prayers and you will be taken care of no matter what…

    Here’s the email I sent to KRWD:

    Dear Mr. Peroyea-

    I am deeply disturbed by your decision to cancel the Scott Wilder Show. I have no idea of all of the “corporate reasons” behind this decision, but I believe you overlooked the most important consideration–your LISTENERS. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that you’ve lost a lot of loyal listeners due to this decision–some that only tuned into KRWD to be educated and updated by Scott Wilder as to the important news of the day. News that affects each of us individually and our children/families in a very tangible way.

    The day in which we are living demands that we be informed and on high alert in order to protect our freedoms and the country so many of us love so deeply. You have, in effect, taken this away.

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid your station(s) is going to suffer much more ultimately than Scott and Lauren ever will. You stand to lose a host of previously loyal listeners due to this very poor programming decision. You’ve made several poor programming choices of the last year or so–replacing Dave Ramsey with Dr. Laura (talk about inappropriate and controversial subject matter), replacing Janet Parshall with Celebrate Women with Deborah Collins (huh?), and, of course, replacing Scott Wilder with Janet Mefford. No disrespect to Ms. Mefford, but she’s got some HUGE shoes to fill and I fear it’ll never happen.

    I have to ask–do you really “think” about your listener base before making such changes? Your programming is becoming very mundane and “milk toast” to say the least.

    I have no doubt that Scott and Lauren will land on their feet no matter what, but if you have the courage to lay aside whatever other “corporate politics” or “budgetary” factors that may have played a part in this decision and put your listeners first, KWRD will be all the better for it.

    Please reconsider your decision. “Listen” to your listeners. You’ve taken away a very important “lighthouse” that has helped many of us navigate through these crazy and sometimes dark days of confusion and mis-information from Washington. Scott makes us “think” about what’s really important and ultimately eternal with regard to the days we live in…what could be more important to the Body of Christ?

    Denise G.

  87. Scott and Lauren,

    My wife and I are in shock. . . I have listened to you both since becoming a believer back around the time you started, have been a weekly advertiser and consistant doner to your on air ministries.

    You and Lauren had become a nightly ritual for us. My wife is now a bigger self proclaimed fan than I . . . We will pray for you and your families.

    By the way, I was let go back in January for political, oh sorry . . . I meant budgetary reasons as well. Oh, did I mention that I was the top salesperson in the region. . .

    May the Lord use this opportunity to amplify His Truth and expand both of your territories.

    In Jesus precious name! Tom & Janie

  88. Unreal. This show is needed, and is one of the few voices of reason on the radio.
    Scott and Lauren you and your families are in our prayers. Thank you for your ministry for all these years, I pray that God has a bigger plan for you and an even larger audience.
    In Christ,

  89. WHY all the disdain against the radio station re: Mr. Wilder’s departure? KWRD is, and up until today I believe most of us thought, was a great station working to promote traditional family and Christian values. Isn’t it highly likely that this could be a blessing both to Mr. Wilder as well as KWRD. Ecc. 3:1-2 tells us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…” Mr. Wilder has been gainfully employed for more than a dozen years with the same employer (which is probably longer than 90% of his listeners) and now he in a sense is being ‘uprooted’. He has had a great ‘season’ at KWRD, made some great friends and done some pretty great things, BUT doesn’t anyone think that GOD is Sovereign and in control.

    And that HE too wants the very best for Mr. Wilder and his family. I truly believe that GOD is preparing Mr. Wilder for what HE has prepared for him. HE is testing his faith so that it can grow deeper and stronger. Removing the dross so that the gold can be refined. Recall, we are in a horrible economic time with NO signs of immediate recovery. We are being attacked from the inside-out, from the President down with some of the most massive and sweeping legislation our country has ever seen re: Abortion, HealthCare Reform, Hate-Crimes, et al. Satan is alive and well and wants more than anything to conquer us from within. To turn brother against brother and sister against sister.

    That is so contrary to what GOD wants and what Christ came down from Heaven to die for. So let’s all get behind KWRD, Lauren, Mr. Wilder and all fellow believers and join together for the good of His Kingdom…for His glory. For a house divided amongst itself cannot stand. But if we come together and bind as One, that cohesiveness, that light, like a city on a hill, cannot be hidden. Shine your light for Jesus. I know Mr. Wilder will be just fine if he simply continues to focus on the holiness and providence of GOD. Thank you Lord for sharing Mr. Wilder with us all these years and for providing for his family through the gifts you alone provided. I’ve no doubt Mr. Wilder will be successful in whatever endeavor he so chooses as long as he continues to co-pilot the Wilder ship with humility and graciousness and allow GOD to pilot. To GOD be the glory!

    • Sterling is right!
      I am quite sure the company Scott and Lauren worked for had no other choice but to lay them off.
      True Christians would never attempt to destroy a Christian radio station by writing to their advertisers because someone got laid off. WWJD?
      We must never forget who is really in charge. God the Father. Satan is working on people right now and trying to get them to hurt a Christian radio station and company through people’s anger or dismay.
      Let Scott and Lauren heal from their job losses and God will guide them to their next calling.
      I will still listen to my favorite ministry programs on KWRD and other stations I like, and hope those with dark hearts will do some serious reflecting and praying before trying to harm my favorite ministries and a station I have listened to for so long. I liked Scott Wilder sometimes and listened to him occasionally, but one person does not give me everything that I need each day from KWRD and other stations. Stop spreading your bitterness and ask the Lord to grant you some peace. Several of you are already under Satan’s thumb. You will end up being ashamed of your behavior.

      • AMEN Tim! You said it!

        I understand that some are sad that the show isn’t on the air. I’m sure it was more than a show for Scott and Lauren and they will heal.

        I’m sure this wasn’t Scott’s only source of income and he will be fine. Turn your anger towards the station and the owners to prayer for all.

      • Tim,

        Just so you know, I don’t believe anyone’s intent here is to “destroy” KWRD. It’s simply to voice our displeasure at what we believe to be a mistake on their part. If we stand idly by and do nothing, then we gain nothing. However, if we are able to persuade the station management that they’ve erred, we gain Scott & Lauren back.

        If, after many years, my local grocery store opted not to stock my favorite soft drink, I would contact their management team, parent owner, vendors, etc. to make the point that I was disappointed in their decision and request they bring it back. If a significant amount of other shoppers did the same thing, management just might change their minds.

        If on the other hand, I was the only one, managment might not think twice about it. And that, my friend, is the point…to get management to rethink their position.

        Albeit he wasn’t the first to say it, my dad taught me a valuable lesson: Ask for what you want. If you’re told, “No,” you’ve lost nothing. However, if you’re told, “Yes,” you’ve just gained what you desired.

        Simple. Truth.

  90. Scott:

    I sent you an email about an offer to help me find a bank that a California firm is looking to purchase.

    I realize it sounds kind of strange and maybe a long shot, but you never know. Please call me or email if you want to hear more about this.


  91. Scott,

    I think someone else mentioned it, but you and Lauren might want to consider contacting KCBI to see if they’d be interested in discussing your show. They have a 3-5 p.m. time slot in which they only play music. I’d love to see you guys there instead.

    Press on in His strength,

  92. A little over a year ago I found myself in the same situation. After 18 years in my line of work the boss walks in and says they can’t afford me any longer. I did not panic, but trusted that this did not take God by surprise and He had a plan. In the past year I have not missed one mortgage payment, car payment or any other bill – God supplied EVERYTHING! In two weeks I will be opening my own business doing something I like as opposed to what makes the most money. I will make my own schedule and answer only to God. No longer will I have to make excuses for my employers lack of integrity, but can build my own business on the highest integrity – the kind I got from my Father. Keep your faith and trust that God has a plan and will see you to it if you are patient and wait on His timing. Will keep you in our prayers and look forward to seeing where God takes you from here!

  93. Unbelievable! However, nothing shocks me anymore…

    Scott, you are right…God is good…All the time…HE knows what HE has in store for you…it will be an interesting time for you to discover HIS next plan.

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    Jeremiah 29:11

  94. The decisions made by KLTY will come back to haunt them. I am so happy that you both serve a God who is in all the details of your lives and will orchestrate a tremendous victory through these circumstances. I can’t wait to see His plan unfold. Scott and Lauren, know that you are loved!
    Blessings and Hugs,
    Toni in Dallas

    • Could it be that the aweful things that Scott has said over the years has come back to “haunt” him?

      Just wondering.

  95. oops, just a little mis-type there. Sent an email to KWRD!

  96. I just found your post on Facebook. Now I realize why you weren’t on yesterday afternoon when I got in my car. I thought you had just taken the day off. Wow, it is unbelievable. I too have enjoyed your show over the years and learned so much from it, especially how to talk through an issue logically and passionately, but in Christian love. It is sad and disheartening to lose someone of your caliber. And Lauren was such a joy to listen to also. Her laughter and smile over the air added so much to your show. As so many have said, this is a blow to the airwave family, but especially to yours. I am praying that the Lord will quickly reveal His best for you as you are obedient to His call. There’s only one other show I listen on KWRD, but since they seem to be eliminating the quality programming, that broadcast will probably be gone soon also. It will take me a while to not automatically reach for the 100.7 preset on my radio in the afternoons. God bless you and Lauren. We hope to hear from you again soon.

  97. I have listened to Scott Wilder on my drive home each afternoon since he began in 1997. I was off work Friday afternoon and did not hear the show. I went to the web site today and I am very disappointed to learn today that the Scott Wilder show has been cancelled. I will miss learning about world views from the conservative perspective and will search the dial for something similar on my drive home each day, although none will compare in my opinion. If this show returns to your station or any other radio station, my radio will be turned in there.

  98. Scott, forget the Mayor’s job, that won’t help me I live in Arlington…”Lets go for Congress, Hutchison’s seat!” “Come on Scott, don’t just talk about change, make some!”

    Anyone know where I can get some bumper stickers printed? “Wilder for Congress”

  99. Scott & Lauren,

    I have listened to your show from the beginning and remember both of you from KLTY. Friday afternoon I wondered what in the world was going on and I kept looking at the clock thinking, “Where’s Scott?”

    Whatever happens, know that God has much bigger plans for both you and your families, as He promises in His word; bigger than you would ever dream or ask for. Stay the course and hold tightly to Him. He is faithful to keep His promises beyond all else. “Count it all joy! . . . ”

    I hope that you both have another show in D/FW very soon because I will miss you both!

    In Christ,

  100. Scott, Lauren, my prayers and my families prayers go out to you and yours in this difficult time. I know God has something greater planned for both of you.


    • because lauren and i spent the day cleaning out the office…we’ve been a little busy…sorry for the delay on your thoughts….

      • We have lost a valuable tool in our arsenal. They have lost their jobs. And your concern is about when your post shows. How selfish. Shame on you…

  102. Scott and Lauren, I have been very upset to hear that I won’t ber able to listen to your show during the “bosses’ half hour” drive time home. Your show was always so informative and motivational. I was privileged to get to hear you speak at PWBC at a recent PowerLunch. Below is the letter I sent to the station (and received the canned email response back)…

    I can’t believe that The Word needed to cancel The Scott Wilder Show for budgetary reasons. If given the chance, I bet Scott and Lauren could raise their own advertising support through the station if the word got out about it.

    Scott is a unique talent in today’s society, bringing a strong Christian perspective to the current events of the day. His perspective has always been consistent, true to our faith, intellectually stimulating and challenging, as well as humorous. He has also helped to raise significant dollars for various ministries along the way.

    It would be interesting to see if this show could be funded in the same way that NPR and other public radio stations are funded. Please don’t let this voice of reason be silenced, in a time when our government is already seeking to do the same.


    Phil Mitchell

  103. My point on this is simple.
    1. My family and I will of course be praying for you and your familes.

    2. I will no longer listen to KWRD and as soon as I get into my truck I will be deleting that radio station.

    3. I will NOT recommend this radio station to anyone and will tell everyone I know not to listen.

    4. I spent my day looking forward to my drive home and listening to y’all – now somebody has chosen to take that away from me at a time I need it most.

  104. I’m so sorry to hear this. As a fellow Christian, I respect your principled stand on issues and willingness to give callers a hearing. I’m very, very sad to hear this as you were a strong Christian voice for me daily. But, I also know God will move you to a place where you’ll continue to thrive.

    Many blessings and we’ll pray for you, Lauren and your families,

  105. I am stunned beyond belief. I feel as if a very close friend has died. I’ve listened since day one simply can’t imagine my afternoons without it. Even when I’ve been unemployed at home I still had to listen each afternoon.

    Budgetary reasons make no sense unless of course they’re selling “Wilder Towers” and shutting down the “live” broadcasting all together. I have personally supported advertisers simply because I knew they were on your show. Somehow I felt I could trust them since they supported something so good.

    You both and both your families are both in my prayers and my families prayers. I look forward to what God has in store for you next, regardless (not irregardless) of what happens in the next few weeks if you need anything just let us know. This community will be ready to support you.

  106. Scott,
    I am so sorry to hear this. I know that you know, that God is faithful. Currently I have more close friends that are unemployed than not. I am straight commissioned sales and lost 80% of my income in August. After the initial shock subsides, what we know in our heads and to an extent in our hearts, God makes REALLY real in our hearts. HE is our source. I’ve seen a friend with a 6 month financial cushion go for 15 months without a job – with money still in the bank. That’s God. Generally when our comfort zone is disrupted, it’s because God is doing something great. Praise Him in tribulation and remember all that He has done. You and Lauren are in my prayers.

  107. Here’s my two cents! I love you two and cannot wait to hear where God will place you next in order to educate us and keep us on the right track!

    I am completely shocked and saddened that this day has come for KWRD. If there was actually a budget issue pertaining to the Scott Wilder show, I believe that it would have been easy enough to amend simply by stating so and conducting a fundraising effort like so many public radio stations now do around the country.
    I have to believe that this was politically motivated and because of that and the loss of Janet Parshall’s program, I won’t be involved with KWRD from this point forward.

    In the age we are living in, it’s imperative to have sound, bible based perspectives on world events and on the decisions that are reshaping our country. By taking these two valuable programs off the air, you have lost character and integrity in my view.

    Carol Self
    McKinney, TX

  108. Scott & Lauren,

    I am shocked!! You have been a constant voice to help my education regarding faith, politics, and the Christian worldview. I am deeply grateful to your committment to your show & your listening audience. I will be praying for you & Lauren including your families. God is so much bigger than this and HE will provide for your families. God must have something greater in store for you & Lauren. Trust Him!!!!

    Friends In Christ,
    Jana Schieber

  109. Scott, I’m so sad for both your families but for mine as well. I greatl appreciated the opportunities that I have had to listen, share and learn from you on a daily basis. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and so very greatly missed. Friday was so great, hearing you fess up to the great fish journaling escape by Lauren and yourself; I laughed hysterically, something sorely needed in my day. As for the budgetary cuts; I will be curious as to how, why, when and where else! I’ve made more contributions in the last year to more programs/organizations, etc. as the result of listening to your show then to anything else I’ve had contact with anywhere in years. I just don’t understand. Advertising budgetary vs. Political; the watchdogs need to investigate? I for one am not convinced budgetary. Let us know where you go so we can follow!

  110. Scott and Lauren,

    I am utterly shocked! Your show is the only reason I even started listening to the WORD FM. I like some other shows, but you and Lauren made my hour plus ride home bearable. How can a talk radio station get rid of it’s most celebrated and recognized show for “budgetary” reasons? One of the reasons corporations love Talk Radio, is it is the cheapest format to put on the air, with the highest return of advertiser dollars. This does not make business sense, unless they are planning to change the format of the station.

    What amazes me with the canned response, is that Mr. Peroyea, nor Salem Communications does not seem to comprehend listener loyalty.

    I will be praying for you and Lauren and your families.

    I sent my email about two hours ago and just got a response back. It looks like the canned email has been expanded, probably due to the large number of emails received. I post it here for all to read.

    Dear Ronald,

    Thank you for your comments. I am sad as well about losing Scott &
    Lauren, and know that they will both be fine wherever God places them
    next. Unfortunately we are not allowed to discuss personnel related
    matters outside our own company; I am sure you understand that.

    Most radio companies today have been faced with financial challenges
    like never in the history of radio broadcasting. Some of the largest
    companies have laid off as many as 7,000+ employees, and with some
    recent announcements, more are certain to follow. One of the three
    Christian Talk and Teach stations right here in DFW is now going out of
    business, selling to a company that is going to program rock music on
    it. Two separate national radio companies yesterday were taken over by
    their lenders. We also are doing changes that we do not like doing, but
    we will survive. I would appreciate you listening to Christian Talk with
    Janet Mefferd who is currently on afternoons on 100.7 KWRD. I believe
    you will find her program to be very relevant and interesting. As with
    any change of personality in a timeslot, there will be differences.
    Every air talent has their own styles. I am sensitive to your concerns,
    and simply ask you to consider giving this new host a fair chance to
    gain your listening. The feedback on her first show yesterday was
    plentiful and extremely positive.

    We have already cut the KWRD “infomercial” Consumer Magazine in half,
    and soon, it will be moved to night time. Over the last 6 months KWRD’s
    infomertial content has reduced from 27+% to less than 6% in total. Our
    mission is to reduce it to zero.

    Soon, we will be adding some additional, very well known and highly
    respected Ministry programs at various times. A few programs will move
    slightly, however the Christian teaching lineup will be the strongest in
    KWRD’s history. We are committed to making 100.7 KWRD a pure, relevant
    Christian Talk and Teach station, and are making progress in doing so
    rather quickly.

    If you wish to speak with me directly, my personal direct number is
    listed below, and I would be happy to talk with you anytime.



    John L. Peroyea
    Vice President of Operations
    Salem Communications Corporation

    94.9 KLTY, 100.7 KWRD, 660AM – 92.9 FM – 95.5 FM KSKY
    Vice President – General Manager

    6400 Beltline Road Suite 120
    Irving, Texas 75063
    Direct Phone line: 214.561.2142
    Direct fax line: 214.561.2143

    • Janet Mefferd – Anchor from SRN Network – husband is the Executive Director of Operations of the SRN Network… must be nice to have family in the company to insure you have a job and audience… however small it will be…

      “Interesting and Relevant”… is John P stating that Scott and Lauren were not? I can’t think of two individuals who were more IMPORTANT, interesting and relevant…

      And John P goes on to say they will be adding well known and highly respected Ministry programs… once again is John P stating that Scott and Lauren were not?

      And how much do all these new changes cost… it would be interesting to see what all of these changes actually do to the bottom line…

      Personally, I’m not buying it… Perhaps a nationally syndicated show is where Scott and Lauren belong and this will be there opportunity to get the Word out to a larger audience…

      We’ll be praying for this…

      • I agree with Diana. As for Janet’s show, I tried to listen a couple of times, but if it’s about the budget … clearly they’ve gotten what they paid for.

      • I am not buying it either. I think that Scott and Lauren were hitting at some hard topics that needed to be discussed and somebody put the squeeze on somebody.

        We must pray that God will intervene and quickly.

    • Yep, that’s the one I got…verbatim save the greeting.

  111. My husband and I are at sixes and sevens! Throughout our courtship and, more recently, our marriage, we have called each other in the afternoon with: Are you listening to Scott right now? And greeted each other in the evening with: Did you hear that lady/guy/etc. arguing with Scott? Then we have talked about the content of the show as we started dinner. We even listened to your show on various stations as we traveled through Kansas and Nebraska last week, so you will certainly be sorely missed thoughout the Midwest as well. Please, please let us know as soon as your show gets picked up elsewhere which we know will be soon. Praying for you both…

  112. Everyone’s emails apparently are having an effect on Mr. Peroyea. I received a second one from him, that sounds like he is worried about this. I also found him a bit condescending, but I tried to be sure my reply to the email below was cordial and polite, but firm in my resolve.

    Dear Ron,

    If your decision is to tune out to the other wonderful ministry
    programs we offer tens of thousands of listeners each day, it is your
    decision. If you choose to not support companies that advertise and
    support one of two remaining Christian Talk and Teach stations in DFW,
    it is again your choice. I point out to you that not everyone that
    listens to our station or even other Christian stations may share your
    particular listening choices or preferences. You choosing to not listen
    to the great ministry programs on KWRD that have brought tens of
    thousands of people to the Lord from your own words appear to be the
    result of your own personal anger, and these decisions you have
    expressed really do nothing to grow God’s Kingdom, but actually attack

    Our company is doing what we must do under these trying economic times
    to further the Kingdom. If you feel that boycotting advertisers or your
    attempts to destroy a Christian radio station will help you, again that
    is your choice. I see nothing in my Bible where it says anything like

    I will indeed pray for you Ron.


    John L. Peroyea
    Vice President of Operations
    Salem Communications Corporation

    94.9 KLTY, 100.7 KWRD, 660AM – 92.9 FM – 95.5 FM KSKY
    Vice President – General Manager

    6400 Beltline Road Suite 120
    Irving, Texas 75063
    Direct Phone line: 214.561.2142
    Direct fax line: 214.561.2

    • I have to agree with Mr. Peroyea, being mean isn’t the Christian thing to say or do. If you choose not to listen then don’t…sounds like..”I’m taking my ball and going home.” Companies make decisions all the time that effects the employees and the general public, that’s business. So we should all let go and let GOD take care of things.

      Scott and Lauren will be just fine, their source is God, not the radio station.

      Mr. Peroyea, I pray for you and yours as you receive emails and calls that are NOT Christ-like!

      • i think ur missing it, ronald. but, scott and lauren will be ok. may we all cotinue in our prayers for them and their families, as well as the many who are experiencing similar.

  113. I couldn’t help but wonder this morning whether or not the KWRD website had changed and thought I would hit the search engine with the name Wilder… there were many items that came up and one of them hit me as something John P and the rest of the crew didn’t even take into consideration… this excerpt is about an e-mail Scott received soon after starting at KWRD… and he has only gotten better since…

    “Back to my e-mail. It’s true, I was broadcasting on a Christian radio station, but look deeper into what she said: I enjoyed listening to you because you were non-threatening. You didn’t preach at me. You talked about current events. You mixed biblical principles into whatever you were talking about. You made me start thinking.

    I hope that means that she knew God was important to me. I hope it means that she knew that I wasn’t about to compromise my beliefs. I think she also sensed that she was important to me and that those beliefs weren’t just one narrow part of my life; they were the filter through which I viewed the world around me. Something she heard from me (and, believe me, no one is more surprised about this than I) was attractive to her. She wanted to know more.

    I don’t want to have a Sunday faith. I want to have a faith that informs every aspect of my life every day of the week. I want it to be something that sets me apart, at least in terms of how others see me. I want that faith to remind me that my “Christian worldview” should never be just a “Christian world” view. I think this is what it means to be salt and light.”

    Thanks Scott for sharing your everyday faith and teaching everyone how to use their faith everyday…

  114. Scott and Lauren, I have been listening to you guys for years and I have learned so much from you! I can’t tell you how many times I have listened on the way home from work. I even called in once with a story and you put me on the air. God won’t allow your passion for the truth to be wasted. He wants it to be heard! Praying for you both and your families!

  115. I totally in shock over this. Scott and Lauren, you have made my drive home and many “Bosses Hours” an informative and pleasant experience. I have been a faithful listener since 1998 when I discovered you all on The Word. I can not believe that Salem would cancel your show as I believe it is probably one of the higher listened to show on their station. I know that the Lord will open doors for you, you must keep all of your listeners informed. Dallas/Fort Worth needs your type of talk radio. You all are in my prayers, I am so disappointed.


    Faithful listener.

    Deb Borrell Tregre

  116. FYI – 2nd Communique –

    Sorry John,

    It’s just hard to believe that last year you added 1 full hour to the Scott Wilder Show and now abruptly pull the plug! It indicates to me, the listener that you stand for something other than Kingdom relationships.

    After you sift through all the correspondence from the fallout of your actions, perhaps you’ll be moved to humble yourself and undo this incredibly ridiculous business decision.

    Praying for you,

    Dear Carol,

    Thank you for your comments. I appreciate hearing from you, and you are polite about a change that obviously saddens you as it saddens me as well.

    Our company is doing what we need to do in these rough economic times in order for us to continue to further the Kingdom. We offer many people ministry programming all day that they rely on, and God willing, will continue doing this forever.

    Thank you for continuing to listen and support our station during these unusual times that America is totally faced with.

    We will continue doing our best to deliver the finest Christian Talk and Teach programming we can. Unfortunately our decision regarding Scott and Lauren is a final one out of necessity. I will share with you that I asked them both if they would be willing to work on special projects with KWRD and possibly other company owner stations as the opportunity may arise from time to time, and they both said yes they would.

    God bless you Carol,


    John L. Peroyea
    Vice President of Operations
    Salem Communications Corporation

    94.9 KLTY, 100.7 KWRD, 660AM – 92.9 FM – 95.5 FM KSKY Dallas/Ft.Worth
    Vice President – General Manager

  117. Dear Friends,

    You will be missed. There is obviously a backstory to this foolish decision. You, Scott, are an irreplaceable benefit to thousands of believers, as well as seekers and lost sheep. If this was about money, then I am disgusted with KWRD. If this was about your unapologetic stance on the Truth or speasking your mind on appropriate living from a Christian worldview, then I am even more discouraged. You have made me a better person. You, Lauren and your families will be in my prayers.

    I ask one thing from you both, continue to shine!

  118. Wow…I am shocked at this news. I wondered what was going on Friday afternoon.

    I have listened to you for at least 2 years now. I wanted to thank you, Lauren , and Dwayne for showing a true commitment to sharing Christ on the radio as well as partnering with missions around the world. I have learned a lot about sticking to my beliefs about marriage, right to life, courts, etc. in politics, and most of all how that enables me to witness to people. I just started getting involved in your movie nights and enjoyed meeting everyone.

    I appreciate all your preparation and insight on your show and will miss everyone there. I hope to hear you soon on the radio, and I will be praying for all of your families. You still have all of our support!

  119. …still praying for you and Lauren and your families. Also sent an email to the station asking why they would replace a “thinker” with “yawns” (re: Friday’s program). Not a very wise move on their part. If it’s really about money – there’s going to be a lot less of it with the direction they are going.

  120. I posted the following on Scott’s facebook:

    Contact the ministries that buy air time too!!! In addition to protesting this to the Management of Salem and the advertisers that Michael Sissom graciously posted for us, we also need to let the ministries know that we will not be able to enjoy their programming because we are not listening to the station anymore. If each ministry received thousands of emails, letters and calls, they would quickly be concerned about spending their ministry dollars on a station that had a mass exodus of listeners. Each program buys time to be on the air. This is air time that the station does not have to pay for content to produce nor do they have to try and sell advertising. It is free money to the station.

    We can effect change if we unite in our boycott of KWRD, KLTY and KSKY and if we contact management, advertisers and ministries that buy air time.

    • Hold on there. Please look at my email carefully:

      Dear KWRD 100.7 FM Advertiser,

      KWRD 100.7 FM, a Dallas radio station on which your business is advertised, recently cancelled The Scott Wilder Show (3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F) for budgetary reasons. In our current economic climate, like KWRD, I’m sure you have to make every dollar count. That’s why I’m emailing you… to help your marketing department get the most from its advertising dollar.

      Effective immediately, I will NOT be tuning into KWRD between 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F. You need not seek my business there; I won’t be listening. Until The Scott Wilder Show returns to the air on KWRD or another station in the Dallas market, you’re likely to catch me listening to news and “traffic on the 8’s” on KRLD 1080 AM. I’m not trying to be mean to KWRD; I’m simply telling you I mean it when I say I will no longer be listening to KWRD 100.7 FM, 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F.

      Warmest Regards,

      Michael C. Sisson

      Scott WIlder Show Fan & Consumer


      1. I did NOT say I would not listen to KWRD at times other the 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F. Neither did I suggest others boycott KWRD, KSKY, or KLTY.

      2. I did NOT say I would boycott Salem Communications’ advertisers. Neither did I suggest others boycott Salem Communications’ advertisers. I only told Salem Communications’ advertisers that, in the absence of THE SCOTT WILDER SHOW, I will not hear ads they run on KWRD 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F.

      3. I did not suggest contacting any of the ministries that have programming on KWRD.

      In my opinion, boycotting KWRD, KSKY, KLTY, or their advertisers, or contacting the ministries with programming on Salem Communications’ stations IS OVERREACTING. Simply telling Salem Communications’ advertisers the truth…that, in the absence of THE SCOTT WILDER SHOW, you won’t hear ads they run on KWRD 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F adequately emphasizes our discontent & may cause KWRD to reconsider.

      • not listening from 3-6:30 is boycotting -atleast that time slot.

  121. Scott,

    I’ve been so blessed to have been listening to you since I moved to DFW 3 years ago. Your voice of reason has been my main source of info about politics and goings on around the world. I hope that voice is not too long gone from the radio waves. The world needs more voices to speak truth.

    Thank you for being the blessing you have been, I pray for big opportunities for you and your family.

  122. Wuh…..? Back up. What?! Incredible! Terrible, terrible decision! Scott, your show is the ONLY program I listened to on KWRD. It is simply one of the best shows in radio, period. I would opt to listen to you (and Lauren) over any of the big national programs (Rush, Prager, Hewitt, …any of them. And I enjoy them too!). I certainly hope when you land, you’ll still be here in DFW or on a national program. Your work is awesome. It is such a pleasure to listen to such clear thoughtful Christ based discussion on important topics to Christendom and America in general. I will mourn the loss daily as I’m forced to listen to something else.

    If Mr. Peroyea thinks that he will retain listeners because we are about supporting HIS choice of radio ministries, he has made a grave miscalculation. If the same kind of thinking is applied to KSKY and the rest of Salem’s stations, Salem is doomed. The decision to put KSKY on two FM channels was a waste of resources. If this is truly a budgetary problem, Salem needs to fire some finance people instead of their strongest talent.


    God Bless You Scott and Lauren

    Scott Cross (a fan for many years)

  123. I couldn’t believe it when I tuned in on Friday and heard some announcer prattling on a story about the world’s oldest mother DIE-ing. (The announcer’s way of speaking.) I care about what the POTUS is DO-ing or not DO-ing. I missed the big secret reveal on Thursday, sadly. Fitting that it was a day devoted to missions. Scott and Lauren, you will be missed. Your voices shone the light of truth in the darkness. I have used your “highest level of association” when speaking with people who are not happy with their choice, now that the honeymoon is over.

    RIGHT TO LIFE (preborn, born)
    I can’t recall what the others were, now. 😦

  124. Scott & Lauren. I am so sorry that your show has been cancelled. I have been listening most days for the past year or so and have been really pleased with your honesty & integrity. This is the only program I listen to on this station as I normally listen to KCBI in the mornings. I will miss you two & your show very much. I’ll keep following you on Twitter & come see you on your website. Hopefully you will find another radio station to alight. My prayers will go out for you both & your families.

  125. I, too, received a response… more of a diatribe really… from a rather overwrought John Peroyea. I won’t share it word for word, but I think you can get the gist from my reply to him:

    Mr. Peroyea,

    You’re a man who has made an ill-advised management decision, is getting lambasted for it by listeners, and now has simply lost all perspective.

    Where in my email did I say anything about not listening to your other programs?
    Where in my email did I suggest boycotting your advertisers?
    Where in my email did I attack KWRD or seek its destruction?

    The answer to all three questions is “nowhere!” Yet, because I had the temerity to tell your advertisers the chance to reach me as a KWRD listener between 3 pm – 6:30 pm, Monday – Friday is no longer yours to sell, I’m somehow attacking KWRD, undermining the growth of G-d’s kingdom, and serving the interests of Satan?! Seriously?! Do you really think maligning your station’s listeners is the best way to deal with the fallout from your decision to cancel The Scott Wilder Show?

    Because I’ve retained something you’ve clearly lost, namely the presumption of good in those with whom you disagree, I’ll chalk your libelous email up to the strain you’ve placed yourself under, and leave it to your senior management to consider whether you’re really up to the demands of your position with Salem Communications.


    Michael C. Sisson

    cc: David Darling
    Edward Atsinger III

  126. This makes no sense to me! My afternoons will not be the same. Thanks for all of your hard work and attempts to keep us informed about everything that is going in our country. I am praying for you and hope that God opens new doors for both you and Lauren. With greatest appreciation.


  127. Scott & Lauren,

    I am broken hearted and shocked because you have been a voice of sanity and Christian values almost everyday for me. When I would get off work, I couldn’t wait to start my car and turn the radio on to listen to you. You have inspired me on days when I needed it most and made me feel secure, knowing that you are using your talents and abilities to speak for me in a world that is broken. God bless you; you and your families will be in my prayers.I will await your emergence from this to something bigger and better.

    “…I shall come out shining.” Job 23:10

    In His hands,

    Dean Baxter

  128. Scott,

    I don’t know what to say except that I’m shocked, disappointed, and a bit disillusioned by the decision to let you and Lauren go. I don’t know all the ins and outs, but all things considered, I think it was a bad decision. That said, I know that God never allows an opportunity to go to waste and knowing that makes me somewhat excited for you both. I believe God has something perhaps even bigger and better for you and Lauren and I will be praying for you and your families as God works out the details for the future. I’ve been through similar situations and have even hit bottom a few times, but God is faithful and has always brought beauty out of ashes. I don’t begin to understand the hows and whys of God’s will, but I know that He’s sovereign and that He wants only the best for His children. My prayer for you is that He will sustain you and give you His peace that passes all human understanding as you wait on Him. We can be sure, however, “…that God, Who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again.” (Philippians 1:6 NLT)

    May His peace and joy be yours in abundance as you seek Him daily.

  129. In my opinion this is a bad call. I do listen to 100.7 for a few programs, but the Scott Wilder show is what got my attention. I am a faithful listener between 3 – 6, while I do not always listen to the other programs, I do tune into the scott wilder show.

    I will not tune into the station during this time to listen to any other broadcast that is put there to fill the time slot!!! I agree with the comment above that I will not hear any advertisements that are on during that time and therefore will decreae the effectiveness of the advertising money spent during this timeslot until Scott and Lauren are back on the air and I will tune into that show and timeslot regardless of what station it is.
    Thank you and God bless Scott and Lauren.
    Lynn Turner
    Farmersville, Tx.

  130. I just found out the news…
    I am sad, very sad.
    Praying for both families.

  131. Scott,
    I was completely shocked when my husband tol me the news. Just shocked. I absolutely LOVE your show. It’s a highlite of my day. You speak the truth and I’ve learned so much from you and Lauren. I will be praying fervently for you guys and your families. It just makes me sick. What a loss! What are they thinking? Do they realize how many listeners they will lose? God must have something big to do in your life. Please keep us updated.
    In Christ,

  132. Scott-

    Know that my wife and I’s prayers are with you and Lauren. We had the pleasure of meeting you at the Princess Bride show and have been listening for quite a while. You converted me from listening to the filth from the Hardline on the Ticket, and have been a blessing to my life since I made that change. I have been greatly encouraged by your show, am extremely saddened by your departure, but am exited to see what God has in store for you!

  133. Hey Scott….maybe now the time to build Wilderville, please give me an address, I’d love to move in right away………in fact the moving van is packed and the driver is just awaiting directions.

  134. I am so so sad right now. I loved your show. My co-workers and I were fortunate enough to be able to listen to you every single afternoon. We will miss your voices, and hope to hear you again very soon. We are praying for you and your families.

  135. I just called the KWRD studios and asked who the Sales Manager was and his name is Ezio Torres, and he is also the Sales Manager of KLTY. If the same email format is applied, his email address would be ezio.torres@klty.com. I just sent an email to that address saying that I will not support the advertisers on KWRD or KLTY due to the firing of Scott Wilder and Lauryn.

  136. Scott,
    I keep thinking that this could not have happened at a worse time! We need your informative voice on the air, right now! There are SO many things happening, and so many of us relied on your show, tuning in every day, to get our updates. You helped us think through difficult topics. You made us laugh! You gave us hope. You will be missed. I have listened to your show for years, off and on, as we are in the military and sometimes we listened online when we were out of Texas. I can’t imagine my afternoons without the Scott Wilder Show. I will be praying for you, your family and for Lauren. God has something greater in store for you, and we can’t wait to find out what it is! May the Lord richly bless you during this time.

  137. Anyone interested in a “Bring Scott Back” bumper sticker with his logo on it? You can use it to cover any KWRD bumper stickers you already have on your vehicle :). Maybe if they see the outrage and fans motivated, they will reconsider.

    • LET’S DO IT!!!!

      “Save Scott & Lauren!”

      • I’m in!

      • i don’t put bumper stickers on my truck, buti would for this! MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS U AND LAUREN AnD UR FAMILIES!

  138. Scott,

    Dang it! I’m so disappointed. You’ve been a great Christian world-view voice regarding current events and issues of the day. Of course, my “conspiracy theory” mind-set starts to churn regarding this move. Regardless of the reasoning know this: He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.”

    I was devastated once by a similar unexpected job loss, but my reputation within the company was such that I was offered another (better paying job) within 3 days. My salary doubled within 3 years and my goegraphical move was about 120 ft. I attribute all of that to my surrendering the situation to Him and praying that I would not get bitter, just better. He works wonders when we give it up to Him.

    You are dearly loved out here, so please know your advocates will be flooding John Peroyea’s inbox with email. Consider it all joy my brother – and keep the faith.

    Tim Michael
    Ft. Worth, Texas

  139. Scott and Lauren,

    I’m heartbroken. You were my favorite two djs at KLTY – Lauren, I actually skippped one of my classes in college to hear your entire “last day” show. I was so happy when I found you both again on the Word, and listened faithfully every day on the way home from work. After becoming a mother I was blessed to be able to stay at home and didn’t hear you as often, but I did tune in when I could. Last year I had to return to the work force, and “getting” to hear you again on the way home almost made it bearable when I was so sad about having to leave my children. I said, “well, at least I get Scott Wilder again.”

    I am known to quote you as an authority on every subject, so I will be depending on your blog and facebook to keep me on the right track! I am just crushed that I have to go back to listening to music on the way home again now.

    I have always prayed for the two of you, but will step it up now. This is God’s plan for your lives and we may not like it, but it will be the best thing. I just hope we, your faithful fans, will be blessed again by Scott and Lauren soon.

  140. I believe that there are times of trouble and there are times utter devastation. And I am here to say that this is a devastating time for the KWRD listening area. Scott and Lauren have been the voice of reasoning in this time of trouble!!! It is devastating to the ppl who want and need the the voice of truth in a world that believe in lies. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD OUT LOUD AND CLEARLY!!!!! BRING SCOTT AND LAUREN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Scott, I am so disappointed. Your show has been nothing but a voice of truth. I am so sorry… You will be dearly missed. God is good, and your family is so blessed to have you, I know he has great things for you.love and prayers to you and your family.

  142. Scott and Lauren,
    I will be praying for your families. I’m comforted to know that God will work this out in his time (easy for me to say). I’m also comforted that you are freaking talented, so you will be back on the air soon. What will I do during my drive home? Dang.

    All the Best,

  143. I have listened and looked forward to my afternoon drive home for years now. It is has been such an education. I have learned to appreciate the importance of knowing who is representing the people in Washington.

    I am praying that you and Lauren will be back on the radio to continue to teach us about God and country.

    Please keep your loyal followers in the loop so we can continue to follow you whatever God has in store. God will provide, keep your faith. God bless you both and your families.

  144. Scott and Lauren,

    I am so sorry for what has happened, but want you to know that I am praying for the both of you and your families. You have helped me to understand politics when my husband gave up on me. I thank the Lord for the both of you and what He is planning on doing. He never makes mistakes, we just sometimes get in His way. Thank you for your committment to serving our risen saviour, Jesus and being concerned for His kingdom, may the Lord Bless and keep you both safe in His loving arms. I look forward to hearing you again soon, no one can silence God’s voice, no one!

    In Him,

  145. I just found out the news. It’s a SAD DAY for the Word 100.7 FM. They lost a great show and a reason why a lot of people tune into the Word FM in the afternoon.

    Scott and Lauren, you and your families are in my prayers. I know GOD has something greater and better for all of you. I hope that it will be something that us fans get to enjoy and experience!

    All the best,

  146. Scott & Lauren,

    I was a daily listener to your show. I will NOT be listening to the station now as your’s was the only reason for me to tune in on my drive home.

    My prayers will be with you and your families, and that you will find another forum to continue being the VOICE OF REASON!

    Setup a paypal donation account on this blog, so those of us that can will support you in the iterim.

    God’s Blessings!


    • hank, you know i don’t believe in money for nothing…but i happened upon some of my photos i have taken over the years…and i will have an opportunity for people to get those if they want them…i like them…and we have about a hundred of signed and numbered limited (100) editions that we will post here by the end of the day….you will be able to set your own price…

  147. I’m so very sorry for you and Lauren and your families. My days won’t be the same without you both. I certainly hope that KWRD feels regret for what they’ve done and how they’ve just lost a good chunk of their local listening audience. I’m from Tyler and listened to you over the internet. I guess radio is going to start airing “canned” chatter now. Perhaps a website for subscribers with your musings is in order. You and Lauren have much to contribute all will not be lost.

    I’ll be praying for you all.

    • make sure you are following us not just hear but also on twitter (twitter.com/wildershow) and are going to scottwilder.com daily…we’ll keep you updated…and i will still post ‘the reading room’ with things that i find interesting…

  148. I have never been moved to post a comment on any site, so please….all of you who love to correct, have mercy on my first try!
    Scott and Lauren, my prayers are with you and your families! The service you provided is beyond measure. You have inspired, educated and been a perfect example of what an American Christian should be thinking about. The last show I heard for about 15 minutes; I was laughing until tears ran down my face….Lauren’s hunting story….I had no idea it would be the last one I heard on what was once the great Scott Wilder show. Thank you for your service, sacrifice and committment. I look forward to whatever it is that God has planned for the 2 of you.

    • Marilyn, first, thank you for your very kind words…and secondly, i am honored to be your first comment on any site…lastly, i think you did great! i think you might like this kind of thing…

  149. Scott and Lauren,

    I was on vacation last week and returned on Friday. When I turned on the show I noticed you and Lauren were not on. I thought perhaps you had the day off. I then saw your post on facebook and was shocked, upset and saddened. You guys have been part of my drive home for many many years. I feel like I know you, although we have never met. I wanted to say “Thank You” for speaking truth in times where speaking truth is not always the easy thing to do. I can’t think of another radio talk show I would rather listen to. You have always been informative, entertaining, relevant, thought provoking, and the list goes on… I think it was a big mistake to let you guys go and have already voiced my opinion to John P.

    I will be praying for you both and your families. I am hopeful to hear you on the air soon wherever God has in mind.

  150. Scott, I am so shocked to see you and Lauren go. I enjoyed the show so much and I would never have known so much of what was going in politics if it wasn’t for you. You informed me on so many things, gave the real facts and gave a Christian perspective on the issues that I appreciated so much. I will say prayers for you, Lauren and your families. I pray you will be back on another station soon. I definately let the people at the station know what I thought about you and Lauren leaving and how much I loved you both! Blessings to you!

  151. Very sorry to hear this…. perhaps you could start a christian on-line show video and all. We will be prayng for you always and that the Lord will quide both of you to new positions that will continue to be a beacon of truth that will light the way to Christ.

  152. I am very sad about the decision to let Lauren and you go. Your show was informative and I learned a lot from listening. I will keep both of you and your families in my prayers. But I am sure the Lord has much better plans for you both. God Bless

  153. Scott & Lauren,

    I am deeply shocked and saddened to learn about your firing from The Word. I have been a listener for most of the time you have been doing your show. I was a baby Christian way back then and did not always agree with your views, but God gently grew me from a liberal “lefty” to a vehement right-wing Christian. Now, I am happy to say that I agree with you atleast 98% of the time, if not more! I have become addicted to your show over the years so much so that, whatever news of the day was going on, I couldn’t wait to turn on The Wilder Show, to hear your perspective. I knew something was up when you gave up Lauren’s Sports Journal last week and I told my sister so, but I wasn’t sure what until today. I know God has great things in store for you both. You are hard-core, on-fire, true-blue men and women of God and He takes care of His own. Please know that you have many, many people who support you and who are lifting you up before the throne. God bless you, Sandy
    P.S. I hope there will be an outpouring of people who will be emailing and calling The Word about your dismissal…as I for one will be doing.

  154. Wow, Scott. Was traveling last week…tuned in this afternoon and thought I had the wrong station. Still stunned. Really pray you can stay in this market. One of the most entertaining, seriously considered thought shows on the air.

    I went through a layoff in 2007. Of all things, prayer from friends, family and my own devotional focus was the key; you interview better, kids are more secure and it should be a very significant time of spiritual growth.

    His Peace and Perseverance,

    Brad Lundy

  155. Scott,
    God knew of this day before you did. It is not a surprise to Him. But, He has great plans for you. My husband has been laid off since 2006 but God has always provided and surrounded us with amazing family and friends. Throughout this time I have stood on Heb. 13:5 and 2 Cor. 9:8. I read both in the amplied bible. May you stand strong in His peace. Know how much He loves you and has a great plan for your life. May your every need be met according to His riches in glory.
    In Christ, Tina

  156. Dear Scott and Lauren,

    I’m just devastated to hear that you are off the air. What a shock. I tuned in Friday and it was weird because it was a different show but nothing was being said about what happened. And that replacement show is boring, I couldn’t listen more than a few minutes. The Scott Wilder Show was a lot of things, but not boring.

    I loved your radio show. I tuned in every day after work for my one hour commute home. I looked forward to that time every day as a respite from the beat down that we get from the rest of the world. I always looked forward to hearing what you had to say about current events. Honestly, your radio show was my main source of keeping up with important news. I’ve been listening since the days when you said that if Al Gore won the election that you were going to dance the Macarena. Glad you didn’t have to do that! I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve learned to use logic and facts to debate with, not emotions and misinformation. It is through your program that I began donating to Food for the Poor many years ago. Also Bible League. I still keep up monthly donations to each of those.

    I never called in because that sort of thing makes me nervous. But just being a daily listener for so many years made me feel like part of the family. I regularly use some of your phrases like ‘sometimes freedom smells like cigarette smoke’ or ‘I reserve the right to be wrong but I exercise that right as infrequently as possible.’

    I will miss you both very much every afternoon on my way home from work.

    You can tell Salem for me that I won’t listen to kwrd again until they give Scott and Lauren the respect that they deserve. We are a devoted audience of listeners. It is poor management to pull the plug on such an important radio show with no explanations at all. We deserved better than that.

    God works in mysterious ways. Maybe he has a bigger venue for you. I’ll be waiting to see what God does next and praying for you as the spirit leads.

    Cynthia Wilson

  157. Scott and Lauren, I must was not listening the day that this happened but have been since wondering who this woman is that is not in YOUR time slot. I moved to DFW 3 yrs ago and have been listening to you nearly everyday ever since. There is no reason, no programming that would now cause me to listen to KWRD. I am praying for you both and faithfully expect to hear you on the air soon. My prayers will continually be sent up for the both of you. Blessings to both of your families. The WORD has made a terrible mistake here and had lost one listener for sure.

    Scott, you say the things I want to say and you have educated me more politically in these 3 years than any class I have taken. I don’t twitter but I will be definitely following you on FB. Lauren, your voice will be missed. The perfect balance to Scott’s “in your face” style which I love. I will be writing a letter to the station as well. I am very disappointed and saddenned. There is nothing else out there that could equal the work that that the both of you do. What a great team! It’s been a pleasure. God Bless.

  158. I guess I will be the third TINA to chime in on this….

    I have so much to say.. But the words just don’t seem to be there. It isn’t oft that I am speechless, But here I am.
    Who ever has said that this is like a death in the family was correct… Now the greif begins.

    I have talked to John P on 2 different occassions… And I really am stuck. This was a BAD, BAD call to make in getting rid of the Scott and Lauren Show. I miss hearing Lauren for the mid daypart. And listening to the CUPFILLER ad just doesn’t sound right.
    Lauren has the voice of an angel.. and those sweet tones are missed.
    First they expand the Scott Wilder show to an hour…. When they did this.. they put on the most awesome “JANET” in the Planet.. Janet Parshall. Now, If any Janet should “replace” Scott.. it should be Mrs Parshall. Janet P just blesses my socks. But they gotta monkey around with that…. The shows they have on now in the 2-3 pm time slot just AINT THE SAME…. But I marched on like a trooper….
    But now Scott and Lauren are gone from the 3-6:30 times… John, I really think your being penny wise to be pound ( dollar)foolish.
    It is not too late to reconsider…. right Scott???
    Even tho I would want to throw stuff at the radio at times when I’d be listening… Scott was right on the money most of the time.
    Maybe some one could come up with a T-shirt with his top 6 principles…. ( I did get the number right.. yes?)
    But it is up to us the listeners to take his bully pulpit.. and carry on…. This means when you know of a TEA Party event… GO to it. When there is a protest at a Senate office, or Congress…. GO, Make your voice heard. If the gauntlet has been thrown, I guess it is time for us to pick it up and run with it! When there is a fax or phone call, or Email to your rep.. Do it!!!

    What the devil means for evil…. GOD can , and does turn it all around for good.

    Sorry… turned into Dennis Miller there…
    :::off my soapbox for a few seconds::::
    God will Bless Scott and Lauren.
    I am thankful that God showed me that station about 2 yrs ago.
    We have to praise God.. regardless!!!
    Phil 1v3

  159. Scott,
    I just wanted to let you that you have been on my heart ever since I found out what had happened.
    I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I and many others like me will miss your show, dearly. Many times over the years I wanted to call you to let you know that I agreed wholeheartedly with many of the things that you stood for. I wanted to call and defend you to those that would impugn you and call into question your character and your stand for righteousness. I am sorry, now that I did not. Please, I humbly ask you to accept my heartfelt apology.
    You will be sorely missed. You are a REAL man. You are a strong, Christ- minded man that is willing to take the hard hits on behalf of Jesus Christ and in this culture and at this time in history there are so few left. I appreciate the fact that you were always willing to stand for what you believed no matter the consequences. I, also, appreciated the fact that you were not afraid to challenge people and their thought processes or lack thereof, in some instances. I appreciate your passion for righteousness and thank you for your stand on behalf of the weak and those that could not defend themselves.
    Thank you for fighting the good fight. I believe and I am praying that where this door is seemingly closed, another door WILL open. I don’t believe that God has given you your sense of fairness, your willingness fight, ability to stir people’s passions and your genuine love for people for nothing. Look for unexpected doors to open. God has you and your family in the palm of His hand; He will never leave or forsake you. You have sown too many good seeds and it is about time for the harvest to come.
    I am sending a special thank you to Lorene for being an outstanding armor bearer. We could all take lessons.

    God Bless you, your family and Lorene.
    With Complete Sincerity,
    Cathy Stiles

  160. And we were listening when you warned that times would come when men are influenced and will make wrong decisions. I feel this is one of those. We know budget cuts are not the issue because you and Lauren were one of the best things on that station. I doubt over such a long time you’d have a 3 hr spot if it weren’t.
    I credit your show with helping me see many issues and stepping up my involvement in the political world around me as a Christian. I always appreciated the unique relationship you and Lauren have and it translated on radio as well. I have not been able to go to many events, but do plan to keep up with you both and pray diligently for your families.
    Thanks for all you have done. I am anxious to see what God has in store now for you ( and us too).
    God Bless

  161. Scott and Lauren,

    I too am completely shocked and very disappointed in the decision by KWRD to cancel your show. I have been listening since 2001 when we moved to the metroplex for my wife to attend Christ for the Nations Institute.

    I agree with the sentiments of many faithful listeners of The Scott Wilder Show who have posted before me that this program was simply the best in radio. It was my absolute favorite (hands down), and I looked forward every day to listening. I also recommended your show to people all the time. Man, I just have to say again that I am really bummed!

    I will be praying for you both, and your families – that God will provide, meet all your needs in abundance, and open the right door of opportunity for you both to continue your awesome ministry through education, encouragement, and enlightenment. You guys are extremely talented and interesting. And, what a great team you make.

    One last thing – I thought I heard you (Scott) mention last week that your family received some discouraging personal health news (please correct me if I misheard). My prayers are with your family on this front as well!

    I can’t wait until you guys are back in action. Until then I will aimlessly scan the dial on my way home from work for an engaging radio program, knowing all the while that most just cannot and will not ever measure up to the Scott Wilder Show.

    The kindest of regards,

    Matt O.

  162. Scott,

    A follow up request for you and Lauren. Please consider posting a couple of things for your faithful listeners:

    1) A list of all the Wilder-isms you have quoted over the years.
    2) A list of all the music clips you used regularly – man they were the best!

    Thank you for considering!

    Matt O.

    • …and, of course, as many of “Lauren’s Sports Journal” entries as possible (with audio)! Those were very entertaining!

  163. I am devastated… just like freedom smells like an ash tray sometimes God’s will is clearing out your office. I hope where ever you and Lauren land we will be able to listen to you. Please let us know where that will be when it happens. Take care and remember that this too shall pass…

    maybe you could throw up a podcast and have Lauren laugh in the back ground calm down for you guys. I would pay for a subcription to listen (just a thought). Thanks for years and I will say a prayer for you and your families.

  164. Here is the email I received back after I let them have it. I don’t believe boycotting the two stations is “overreacting” because this is just 1 of several bad broadcasting decisions they have made! Taking off Dave Ramsey, Adding Dr. Laura, taking off Janet Parshall and adding those “motherhood” shows (which are all well and good but they only cater to a certain market and I think that is wrong)

    Dear Whitney,

    An estimated 35000 to 40000 people have been laid off in our industry in the last 18 months. No company is immune from this dismal economy, and I know of no company that relishes having to make these tough decisions and changes.

    I ask you to consider continuing to listen and support our station during these rough economic times that America is totally faced with. With one of Tree Christian Talk and Teach stations in Dallas-Ft. Worth going out of business and selling to become a rock station, all Christian radio stations need the support of our community. Besides the couple of hours of talk in afternoons, we still have a great number of hours each day of Christian teaching and ministry programs that tens of thousands of listeners rely on us for, and we won’t let them down. Why would you want to turn your back on programs that preach the Gospel and serve thousands of listeners per day Whitney? I hope you give that some thought please.

    Janet is not Scott. Scott is Scott. Whenever an air talent is replaced, the new talent will have their own styles and talents. Janet is not attempting to be Scott, nor will she; she is being herself. The feedback on her show from the masses has been terrific so far. We have had more positive input about her new show than complaints about the change. I liked Scott and Lauren a lot; they were good people and talents. This company decision along with many others were made totally out of necessity I can assure you, through plenty of thought, discussion and prayer. We are sorry that you will miss Scott; we will too.

    I wish Scott and Lauren well, as they are friends. They and our company parted on good terms.

    We will continue doing our best to deliver the finest Christian Talk and Teach programming possible.

    God bless you Whitney,


    • i agree with u, whitney. it’s not overreacting. it acting. can’t wait to hear or see u and lauren again soon – see u tuesday

  165. I went through KWRD’s advertiser list last night and found emails for most of the advertisers. I sent a canned email stating the following…”Effective immediately, I and many others will NOT be tuning into KWRD between 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F. You need not seek my business there. I won’t be listening to KWRD from 3 pm – 6:30 pm, M-F, until The Scott Wilder Show returns.” I had a response this morning asking why the show was cancelled. I responded with this URL. I hope this helps out. I ONLY listen to Scott’s show on this station. I PRAY the LORD blesses Scott and Lauren for all they have done…maybe a bigger, better station?

  166. I am stunned! You and Lauren were my source of perspective and Christian truth on the issues of our day. It is a shame that your passion for the truth obviously made some uncomfortable with their own beliefs. I agree with others that God is in charge and has used this time to prepare you for greater good. I was just laid off July 2 and know that is His path for me too. Blessings to you both and your families. P.S. I will be sending these sentiments to Mr Peroyea.

  167. Scott and Lauren, you are in my prayers. Thank you for your service to all of us who listen. Below, is what I have emailed to John P at KLTY:

    To the Decision Makers,

    I am so incredibly disappointed in your choice to cancel Scott’s show. You should know how difficult it is to get a Christian perspective in the media, over the years I have relied on this program to keep me informed on important issues. It would be wise of you to rethink your choice here. I listen to this program at least 4 days a week and now I am left without any resource to replace what the show offered. I would have no problem financially contributing to keep this program on the air, for goodness sake we as a Christian community have limited
    media choices as it is! I am just stunned, simply stunned! What a horrible decision. I only pray that someone wiser will employ Scott and Lauren and quickly get them back on the air. In these horrible times we need The Scott Wilder Show now, more than ever.

    • I’m in agreement with financial donations to keep Scott and Lauren on the air!

  168. I can not believe that your show was cancelled! This was the highlight of my day. Scott is the best talk show host on the radio today! He’s as good as Sean Hannity and more caring and lets the guest speak and both discuss the issues. Lauren brightens up the show and brings in some laughter along with her insights. I hope someone at KWRD realizes the huge mistake they just made and corrects this asap! Please put them back on the air! I was wishing that ya’ll could have went even to XM or Sirious. The show is just that great!! I’ll be praying for Scott, Lauren and KWRD!

  169. Why not run for President?

    I will miss your show. It was great.

  170. I’m still a little shocked about this… I found out Sunday when I logged on to finally download the Lauren deer hunter sports journal entry. I had meant to do it for months and finally remembered while I was at home and had a few minutes. I couldn’t believe it. I have listened almost every day since 1998. Scott provided a great Christian worldview outlook on the issues of the day. Never exaggerating the issues or minimizing them. He was respectful and will be missed greatly.

    Scott, good luck with your photography and take comfort that many fans are and will be continuing to pray for you and Lauren.

    BTW, any chance of finding that audio file anywhere?

  171. It may just be my hormones (I’m expecting baby #1 in 8 weeks) but I can’t help but cry!! I have been listening to the show for a little under a year and don’t know what I did before your show, I mean, I had no way of keeping up with conservative issues and was really in the dark about so many things concerning our country.

    I had a bad feeling something like this would happen eventually; a few months ago 100.7 lost signal in Tyler, and that’s when I had to start listening to the show online.

    Thank you for your show, your enthusiasm and genuine care for people, and of course for always offering us ways to get involved and help others. So many people around the world can hear the Truth because of your show and people, like me who wanted to donate towards the cause. You always offered an opportunity for us to get involved. You will be missed!

    God Bless,
    Tyler, TX

  172. Hmmm… The advertiser page doesn’t work anymore on the station website… Wonder why???

    • It must have been a temporary thing. Working now…

  173. Scott and Lauren- I will be praying and not just for you. I will be praying for everyone, becuase we are living in a time and world where the truth is hidden. I am afraid that your being let go is a conspiracy of sorts…maybe not by your superiors, but by a greater source of power that desires to hide the truth. I have appreciated your honesty and guidance through the years.

  174. I really am sad to find this out… I am going to miss your show a lot. It made my drive home much more bearable.

  175. I have been a loyal listener for years, as you provided a show I truly looked forward to each and every day on my drive home.

    Prayers for you both, and please keep us updated.

  176. I just want to say how much I miss listening to you every day…your voices were very conforting to me. I was in Florida last week watching the Sotomayor broadcast and I couldn’t wait to come back to TX and hear Scot’s comments about it…so sad! I hope you get a new station soon.

  177. Dear Scott and Lauren,

    I just heard the bad news and I am really going to miss your show! I wrote to the station and asked them to please reinstate your show! You have much to offer in the way of logical reasoning in this crazy world. I’ll miss your sarcasm, succinct phrases (“about made my head explode!) and humor, especially Lauren’s crying/laughing while reading the hunting story!

    For those folks who say they won’t listen to KWRD at all anymore, I definitely understand the anger. But, don’t forget that they do air Focus on the Family, which is a wonderful thirty minute show twice daily on that station. Unless, of course, that has changed recently, too?!

    The best news in all this is that you both are solid believers in the Lord Jesus Christ! So, you know that you know, that you know, that God is with you and for you. Just keep walking with Him day by day.

    Most sincerely,
    A loyal listener

  178. So sorry to hear of this, you both will be missed. But God has a purpose in all things. I will pray for you both, that this will not be an end, but a new begining. You are too smart and talented (even when I don’t agree with you) to be out of work for long. MAy God bless you,

    p.s. Scott, now you can run for public office and be one of he few with integrity.

  179. Scott,

    How sad it was to get in the car, on my way home from work, and no you…I was out last Thursday and have not tuned in until today and what a disappointment when I heard another show in your place. Wondered if they were a ‘fill-in’ for you; however, never heard the lady say she was filling in for the Scott Wilder Show. I did send an e-mail to the link you provided above to share my sadness and disappointment. I pray that God give you wisdom and direction in the days ahead. As he said..He will never leave us nor forsake us. I know you know that and I know God will show Himself strong on your behalf in Jesus name. Loved your show and you did make a difference…thank you!!!

  180. Scott and Lauren — we will be praying for you and your families and keeping tabs on where you land next. We will miss the afternoon entertainment and mental challenges!

    We would like to share with you the email we sent to the management at the WORD:

    Dear John Peroyea and whomever else this may concern,

    We have been listening to THE WORD 100.7 for about 7 years now, and the reason we started listening was because of the Scott Wilder Show. Since then, there are a couple of other programs that we have come to enjoy, but we will no longer keep the radio specifically on 100.7 as we have in the past. We do not know the reason why you cancelled the Scott Wilder Show so immediately, and without any notice, but we hope you will reconsider because it was the main reason we listened to your station.

    We know budgetary concerns were cited, however it seems with the popularity of the Scott Wilder show that they were certainly bringing in their fair share of profits for your company. It seems more likely that there may be some political pressure behind this move, because of the strong stance that Scott has taken against our current president of the United States. We would certainly like to believe that a station whose purpose is to further God’s Work and speak truth would stand behind a person who has done just that, and not fold to local pressures and politics.

    Scott and Lauren gave us a Christian perspective on the news and politics of the day like no other show that we have found on the radio. They challenged us to think about issues in a more responsible way (whether we agreed with them or not), while teaching us to look at the bigger picture, all while entertaining us and keeping us laughing on a regular basis.

    We will be following Scott’s “show” no matter which station he eventually lands on, so we truly hope you reconsider your decision to cancel this program.


    Joel and Laura

    • Joel & Laura:

      I think I noticed less adds during the show over the last few months…

      Scott & Lauren will be fine…the station wasn’t their source…GOD is!

  181. Scott;

    I am grateful to have listened to you the last 10 years or so. In fact, last week the Lord impressed upon me how wonderful it was to be able to hear Scott and Lauren discuss real world issues and have a strong christian worldview presented at all times.

    To the Wilder family;
    Trust in the Lord. The Lord always takes care of godly men that put the Lord first in their endeavors. I trust the Lord that your father/husband will be used to do a great work again!

  182. If budget was a problem, why not cut the shows that didn’t make a difference? Why cut the one show that helped so many people…not just in North Texas but around the world? As other’s have said, The Scott Wilder show was the only reason I listened to the radio station. Nobody worked harder at their work than Scott and it showed each and every day. Seems like in these times of government bailout and control, the more we can promote good, honest hard work the better.

    I guess sometimes life doesn’t make sense and this is one of those times. God bless you Scott, Lauren, and your families. You’ve impacted so many lives in such a positive way.

    – David

  183. Scott and Lauren,
    I was totally lost when I got in the car at 4:00pm and you weren’t there…I listen on the drive home and turn you on in the house and listen till the end each and every day….you educated me in the goings on in our government and I became a wiser, more aware citizen. You guys were a part of our families, our routines, our work days, are lives and will be sorely missed. I know God has great plans for you both….and His plans for us are always 100 times better than what we could ever plan for ourselves…..I’m sure we will hear you on the air again…you were the only reason I tuned in to KWRD.
    Keep us up to date with where you are…you DO have a huge following. Can’t wait to see the glorious outcome!!!! Love the Lord with all your heart because He loves and cares for you!!!! Kelly

  184. The afternoon drive home is not the same without you and Lauren. What a disservice to the voice of Christian radio and to a huge number of missions to have removed your show. Thanks for your integrity, for the voice of truth in the face of harsh criticism, and all the Wilderisms. My favorite seems to apply to this situation. “Right is right, even when no one else is doing it. Wrong is wrong even when everyone is doing it.” You will be missed.

  185. Scott & Lauren,

    I am utterly amazed. Your show was the only one I listened to on KWRD besides occassionally catching Focus. I’m in the car alot and I listen to talk radio continually when I’m not on the phone. My wife often says all of my friends are on the radio. That’s not really true, of course, the fact is, when you listen to people on a regular basis, you feel involved in their lives. Scott, you are, in my opinion, the most prepared, intelligent, articulate, and well grounded host I believe I’ve ever heard. I’ve often wondered why you wouldn’t allow your show to be syndicated nationally. I’ve heard you say you wanted to have a local show. I figured you just didn’t want the stress and pressure national advertisors tend to apply. Just know that there are alot of people out here that love you and miss hearing you. I’ve listened to you all the way back to the KLTY days when my family and I first came to know the Lord. God Bless you as you go on to whatever He has for you.

    Rusty Chapman

  186. Scott and Laren,

    I dreadfully miss your show in the afternoons. I no longer look forward to my hour drive home. I didn’t always agree with you Scott but you challenged me daily and because of that I am a stronger person. I wrote to John Peroyea expressing my disappointment. He wrote me back with an explanation that I have no other choice to accept, so I do. I can’t say I will continue to listen faithfully to The Word as I have in the past but I do still want to support Christian Talk Radio. My hope is that you and Laren will be back on the air very soon. In the mean time, I will pray for you and your family and as always trust that God is in control. Take care. Love you both.

  187. could not believe you and lauren weren’t there when I turned on the radio – I kept pushing the button – cause I thought my radio was broke. May God open doors for you to continue your work.

  188. Scott and Laren:
    What a shock – I have been listening for a few days noticing your absence, but thought you all might be on a mission trip only to find out that is not the case. Just last Sunday, our Pastor said when things seem to be going wrong – look to see what God is doing. Well, He certainly must have something in store for you – prayers are with you both. I always appreciated the Christian views on political matters. You both will be greatly missed.
    Sharron White

  189. Scott and Lauren:

    My afternoons are not the same without you! I pray you and your families are doing well in adjusting to this big change. I also hope and pray you will both be back on the air soon – providing for your families and doing what you love.

    I’m keeping an ear out!

  190. What was it Ross used to say, “God never looks down from heaven and says, ‘Oops!'” so it seems this was on his radar and likely part of his greater plan for you, Lauren, and your families all along. I have no doubt, no, not one, that this is indeed for a greater purpose. While that is working itself out we’ll be praying and trusting that you’ll be able to actually see how God provides all that you’re going to need. It happened to us in the 80’s and God has since that time FOR SURE restored the years the locust had eaten. (I read that again just this morning!! Joel 2: 12-27)

  191. Scott & Lauren:

    What a devastating loss… you will be truly missed. I too only tuned to 100.7 for YOUR program (I listen to other Christian radio throughout the day) and I am shocked and saddened that you are no longer there. It looks like they are losing many listeners over this decision. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

  192. Scott and Lauren,

    I did send an email to John Peroyea sharing with him how sad it is to not hear you guys in the afternoon. I can’t tell you how many times I sat in the car waiting for a commercial break only to run into my apartment and start listening in the kitchen! My prayers are also that God will open up the door that is meant for you both and make His plans clear to you…I also pray that those plans include you both being on the air very soon!

    God bless and keep you both and BRING BACK THE SCOTT WILDER SHOW!

  193. Scott & Lauren

    I thank you for your service to radio and for providing a Christian perspective on the issues of the day. I have been (had been) a listener for over ten years and will truly miss your show. My prayers are with you and your families. I know just as you do that the Lord will provide. God bless both of you.

  194. Here’s my letter to John:

    “I miss the Scott Wilder Show already and completely fail to understand why you’d fire Scott and Lauren.

    I listened to their show every day, always on the way home from work and often online as well.

    Sad, sad day for your network and for the thousands of listeners who felt a personal connection to Scott and Lauren. I simply will not listen to your station during the timeslot previously known as “the Scott Wilder Show.”

    Our family will be praying for both of yours.

  195. Scott:

    Just a short note to say how disappointed I was to find out of the cancellation of your show. Christians have got to THINK about the relationship between politics and morality and the loss of your voice is a real loss there. I have really enjoyed listening to you on the way to law school. I was also recently laid off from my job (I’m an older law student in an evening program), and will miss your efforts to challenge shallow thinking. Very best of luck and God’s blessings on you.

  196. Scott & Lauren,
    I have listened to you guys for many years and I trully miss the program. It was the most insightful show that I had ever found on radio with a christian world views. Hope to here good things for your families and yourselves as time passes. Remember, God has a plan and he will guide. God Bless! Thank you both for the service given to millions of lives that needed to here the truth. Again, THANKS!!!

  197. I am simply shocked that the Scott Wilder Show was cancelled! I have listened to the Word for many years now, and I have really appreciated the stance that Scott and Lauren have taken in the world of politics and religion. Too many of us do not take the time to become better educated with the world around us. We simply take a more passive approach to what is happening…AND LOOK WHERE IT HAS GOTTEN US! Christ DID NOT take a passive approach. He was quite aggressive in His stance with His beliefs. I feel that He wants us to follow in His footsteps, and I think Scott and Lauren did an awesome job at doing just that! I will listen to find out where Scott and Lauren will go next…as I know that when God closes one door, He opens a door with much more opportunity. KWRD has just lost a loyal listener. Scott and Lauren are in my prayers.

  198. I have e-mailed the e-mail addresses listed on http://www.thewordfm.com to both their main mail box and the sales mail box informing them I will be calling all of their advertisers telling them I will no longer be trading with them due to this decision and that I am moving up the dial. I suggest we all do this. That’s the only place I can think of we can reach out and get their attention for this horrible decision. Scott and Lauren, better things are coming your way!

  199. I, too, am stunned! The Scott Wilder Show was certainly one of the better shows on Radio. Not only did you keep me informed of what is going on in this crazy world but you did it with style and with a Christian Worldview. I simply cannot believe the station did this. I pray you will find another venue soon because you need to be on the air and we need you to be on the air. You are in my prayers.

  200. The only reason I’ve listened to The Word FM for the past 10 years was for Scott and Lauren on The Scott Wilder Show. It was the only way I could keep up with real news from a Christian perspective. I’ll go back to listening to The Word when Scott and Lauren are back. Until then, I agree with Cindy’s posting.

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers for something much better!

  201. I listened Monday to KWRD on my way home and found some other show on KWRD. I thought maybe Scott had a day off. But still, no Lauren. Oh well. Then Tuesday and Wednesday – same thing, same show, no Scott, no Lauren. Not even a mention of either. What is wrong? So I pulled off the road on my way home Wednesday to search on my iPod.

    I was floored with what I found.

    I haven’t agreed with Scott on several issues over the last 12 years (yes, I have listened that long). But, I truly loved the show. It made me think, it moved me, the show inspired me, it made me laugh. I told my wife – I was really in a funk over this. I think I will still listen to the Bible Answerman in the mornings, and to Dobson in the mornings, and to Bill Bennett on KSKY. But only because I value what these folks say. The rest of the KWRD & KSKY schedule will not have me around. KWRD may have saved some expense with syndication (yes, I realize that the shows mentioned previously are syndicated), but Scott’s show was different. He felt like one of us – only well informed.

    I understand that times change and these are hard times. But from my perspective, I think KWRD has made a serious blunder that they will live to regret. The Scott Wilder show is what first got me to listen to the Word, and it may be what makes me leave.

    If KWRD really believes they are right, then they should hold to their guns, but remember “Classic Coke”? They can reverse a bad decision.

    You will both be in my prayers.

    Thank you both for lifting me up all these years.

    PS. But what a bummer to know that Lauren didn’t really write her sports journal.

  202. Ditto all the shock and disappointment everyone else has posted. I am another huge fan of yours who will be praying for you and Lauren and your families. Yours was one of the most important shows on the radio. Looking forward to hearing you and Lauren again.

  203. Scott & Lauren,

    My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your families.

    This is such a loss!!!
    I cannot tell you how much I will miss you both!
    I am sorry for you and sorry for all of us who love to listen….

  204. I am shocked, stunned, and saddened.
    I will pray for your families and for your next transitions to be miraculously perfect for all of you.
    What a drag. But with Jesus behind you, you will be more than okay. He will never leave or forsake you.
    Miss you guys.

  205. Hello, Mr. Peroyea. While I am sure that you don’t remember me, I worked with you briefly as the Event Director at the Biblical Arts Center. I am saddened and upset about the Wilder Show. I just returned from vacationing in Cancun and was so excited that I could listen to the show on the way home from the airport. Much to my surprise, of course, he wasn’t there. I have questioned the decisions of the Word, most of all, the decision to air Dr. Laura….I mean, “what were they thinking!?!…and now, the decision to cancel Scott and Lauren….

    I have lost a great deal of respect for the station. I will never listen again…unless they return…

  206. Hi Scott:

    Thanks for yours and Lauren’s notes of encouragement for us. I know this turn of events is hard on you and your families. You showed Christian care by reaching out to us, who have been with you during your 12-year run with KWRD. I look forward to seeing what new door God has opened for you. You and Lauren can relate to Joseph when he comforted his brothers with these words in Genesis 50:20: “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” I’m not saying that KWRD had any evil intentions against you, but your enemy, Satan, does. He will do anything, and use anyone, to lessen your witness for God to us. You and Lauren were very gracious in your comments about your situation. Keep close to God in prayer and in His Word, and keep on His armor, and you will come through this just fine. My prayers are with you and Lauren.

    Many blessings:
    Vicky Pool.
    Grapevine, Texas.

  207. I sent an email to John Peroyea telling him that your show was the only one I listened to on 100.7 and that I would not be listening to that station anymore. My exact words were. “Not listening to 100.7 anymore. Loved the show.” I received a nice reply from him stating the obvious. Blah..Blah..Blah. I did not mention politics at all and within the email he stated this:

    “I want to assure you that we will not be changing from our political positions as a station or a company. Count on this!”

    This was also underlined. Kinda making a statement if you ask me. I also told him that everything was going smooth, at least from the listener side, until Scott started putting the heat on about Obama’s stances. The next thing you know he’s gone. Good luck Scott. You are better off not being there.

  208. I encourage everyone to share their view on what happenned with John Peroyea. I know I did and he needs to hear from more of us so he knows that Scott & Lauren were a asset to this station. God chooses special people to spread his word and I truly feel that Scott and Lauren did this everyday without fear and with true conviction.

  209. I encourage everyone to share their view on what happenned with John Peroyea. I know I did and he needs to hear from more of us so he knows that Scott & Lauren were a asset to this station. God chooses special people to spread his word and I truly feel that Scott and Lauren did this everyday without fear and with true conviction. I got the same response as well when I emailed him.

  210. I am so saddened and surprised to hear this news. I have listened to you every day on the radio for years while riding home from work every day. I thought it was very strange the day after you left when I turned on the radio and you were not on the air. I first thought you were on vacation but knew in the past, you always had someone else fill in for you. I kept checking every day this week and didn’t get to check your website until today. Scott, I loved (and agreed) with your perspective on every topic and I always loved to hear Lauren’s laughter. I have often shared your views and comments with other members of my family and friends. You already are and will be missed so much! I will be praying for you and your family and you are so right – God is good – all the time! I know that He does have a “plan” for you and His plan is wonderful! Keep strong in your faith and you will teach your children so many things!!!

  211. We listened for about 7 yrs and it was quite a shock on Monday when I get in my car and not here Scott and Lauren. It’s not the same without you all. It was such a blessing to be able to hear you all on a daily basis. My husband sent an email over to the station, but not sure if they have replied back. We love you and will keep you and your family in our prayers.

  212. christian right RIP

    • stay classy, bob.

  213. I have listened to your show since the summer of 1997. I have really enjoyed it and have recommended it to friends over the years. Keep God first and everything will work out. I will pray for You, Lauren and your families. I hope to hear your show or a similar version wherever you end up. Thanks for all the years SO FAR of insightful talk radio.

    God Bless you,


  214. I did write Mr. Peroyea yesterday. He responded initially and to a follow-up question. I’m happy to share with you, ScottLauren, but not sure it’s best to paste the whole thing here. Thoughts?

  215. My email comments to John.Peroyea@KLTY.com and ddarling@ksky.com: They will be missed. I can go back to listening to Hannity on WBAP in the afternoon now.

  216. I am deeply saddened to hear of your firing. I must say that I am not totally shocked. I have been a faithful listener for the last seven years. I recruited many listeners but stopped listening about two months ago. Your demeanor over the last year has changed. I have been surprised at the way you have responded to those who disagreed with you. It was painful for me to listen. I have to admit that it took me a month to completely stop listening because of how much I had enjoyed you in the past. Several times that I am aware of long time callers would call in and address your attitude and you blew them off. Admit it or not, you have changed and no longer meet my desire to listen to Christian Talk Radio. I pray that God will renew you and provide you with a new job. You are a very gifted man but the new Scott Wilder isn’t like the old one. Please listen to your critics. That can be very valuable to all of us.

    • when times are serious, tone gets serious…when times get desperate, tone changes. as a nation we have never been closer to socialism. that may be alright with you but it’s not alright with me. when president bush was standing up for life, it brought out a certain response from me. when a new president moves to include abortions in the new tax payer funded health plan, it will get a strong reaction to anyone who is pro-life. i am. so it does.

      i have never molded myself based on compliments or complaints…i don’t expect to begin now.

      perhaps that is why i was fired.

      i wish you the best…and harbor no ill feelings about what you think are your observations of ago times vs. recent times. your observations are your own and the deserve respect, which i have for them and for you.

      and, not that i am keeping track, but you seem like you might…you might have noticed you are in the extreme minority.

      not to suggest that that invalidates your opinions…perhaps you are right and everyone else is wrong. i have been in that position myself.

      best to you…

      • Scott, it is my opinion that you were let go because you were standing up for Truth. You were that voice of Truth shining bright in an increasingly dark, dark world. Praise God! Please don’t ever back down! We desperately need you. God bless you for standing up for Truth! As a former abortionist (one who murdered her own child a long time ago, before I knew Christ), I now VEHEMENTLY oppose abortion!! That IS my issue – the most important issue for me. And I am SO proud of you for standing so strongly for Life as well as other issues. I have been just sick over your dimissal; I feel like I have lost my best friends (you and Lauren)…the Wilder Show has been a staple in my life for the past 12+ years…but I know God’s plans will prevail. Hang in there Scott, God is NOT finished with you yet, brother!! God bless you, Sandy :o)

      • That is exactly the response that I expected from you. You have made it sound as though I don’t care enough about my beliefs to be rude and discourteous to those with whom I talk. That is exactly the reason I quit listening to you. You cannot handle criticism. You are quick to try and make your critics look like they are not willing to take a strong stand for the things they believe in because we don’t think that the way to disagree is getting in someone’s face. Maybe I am in the minority about my opinion of you but being in the minority certainly doesn’t make me wrong for my beliefs.

    • i would also note that, if you have listened for the last seven years, you have only heard me under an administration that i agreed with most of the time. obviously, praise is sweeter to the ear than protest.

    • Dear Jim Ballard
      As an atheist I find it interesting you made the point of Scott´s bad behavior. I liked calling on the show, baiting him, and getting a nasty response which I then invoked at work when evangelical buddies try to witness to me. Wilder´s rudeness and beligerance made my case of atheistic non belief so much easier, much easier to impune and dismiss all belivers.

      • stay classy, bob in garland-sachse

        • Bob in Sachse/Garland – I would like add you onto my daily praylist if that would be ok with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I pray that God will bring you to His understanding and not mans.

    • jim, i’ve been listening for about 10 years. he is scott. not that he needs me to defend him, or evn wants me to for that matter, the truth hurts, espically when a person refuses correction. stay up scott – ur GOD’S man for many future endeavors, i’m sure.

    • why would someone who quit listening to me because of all the things you say were your reasons seek out a brand new blog of mine to read and comment on?

  217. I am so sad to hear this news, and certainly going to miss geting my education on the latest politics-are-dancing. I will pray for you guys. Do what you said – trust in the LORD, for He is good. All the time.:)

  218. Scott – Have listened for years. You are a combo of Solomon and John the Baptist. A voice of reason, wisdom and courage, crying out in the “wilderness”, “at such a time as this”. For those who associate “good” Chritianity with inabiling, appeasing, any thing for peace, manipulative words and tones, they have not read their Bibles to read for themselves that Jesus ALWAYS, ALWAYS called a spade-a-spade, as did John the Baptist. Jesus called the Pharasees, snakes and vipers. He called Herod a “Fox” – Satan a Liar and Father of Lies, etc, etc. Tough Love – Real love ALWAYS speaks the truth with grace, in love. Accountability and protecting lines of respect, bring out the very best in people. You are a gifted, splendid example for the blind, sheeple of our nation swalling every morsel of propoganda that is fed through the mainstream news media, moment by moment. The truth you speak with courage is a glaring contrast, difficult for many to take. I have wondered for a long time how KWRD has held on to you, as I recognized long ago that it was only a matter of time before you would be offered a national radio show or even television show. You can trust, that God will take the mistake that Salem Communications has made and bring great good from it for you and for HIS glory. (Perhaps you and David Barton from Wallbuilders should team up…A show or possibly even a running mate ticket…) God bless you, your wife and family. And, God bless, Lauren and her family. (We have many mutual friends, perhaps we will meet in person some day)

  219. For a while now, I’ve been wondering when some radio executive would be wise enough to give you a national show. I choose to believe that you are on a little vacation right now, and that soon you will be contacted by a blowtorch of a station that will spread your magnificent insight all across the southwest. I look forward to that day…and I will pray for it. I miss you and Lauren!

  220. Scott,

    I feel like I have lost two members of my family because you and Lauren are not on the radio. I started listening to you 11 years ago. In that time, I came to value your insight and integrity. I trusted you. I will pray for the both of you and your families. I hope that I will be hearing your voices in the near future.

  221. Scott, it is my opinion that you were let go because you were standing up for Truth. You were that voice of Truth shining bright in an increasingly dark, dark world. Praise God! Please don’t ever back down! We desperately need you. God bless you for standing up for Truth! As a former abortionist (one who murdered her own child a long time ago, before I knew Christ), I now VEHEMENTLY oppose abortion!! That IS my issue – the most important issue for me. And I am SO proud of you for standing so strongly for Life as well as other issues. I have been just sick over your dimissal; I feel like I have lost my best friends (you and Lauren)…the Wilder Show has been a staple in my life for the past 12+ years…but I know God’s plans will prevail. Hang in there Scott, God is NOT finished with you yet, brother!! God bless you, Sandy )

  222. Following is a copy of my note to Mr.John Peroyea. My prayers are with you and Lauren and your families. God Bless and keep you all.
    Sherry P

    I am not sure why KWRD cancelled Scott and Lauren. I hope it was not in fact “budgetary.”
    I cannot see how cancelling such a popular show could help your budget.

    I won’t say I will stop listening to KWRD over this. I still tune in for the morning drive. I will, however, stop listening on my drive home.

    I did not always agree with Scott but I always respected what he had to say. I consider him a man of intelligence and integrity. These are rare and therefore valuable qualities. Lauren is also terrific. She is smart and funny. Her comments clearly show her dedication, faith, honesty and personal integrity.

    Whether you accept it or not, KWRD has suffered a tremendous loss. It seems strange to me that you would make such a choice.

    Since KWRD is one of my presets, I have checked in hoping for some indication of what happened with Scott and Lauren. I have heard the woman you have in their timeslot – briefly. I have never heard her take a call. I hope for your sake that changes.

    I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my prayers as I look and listen for news of where Scott and Lauren end up so I can again spend time listening to them.

    Sherry Phelps
    Wylie, TX

    • sherry,

      thanks for your kind words…may we be worthy of such…we will be here (scottwilder.com) and on facebook and on twitter…lauren is now set up to blog at scottwilder.com so you can find both of us here…

      again, thank you for your words…we would both like to be on the radio here again…we’ll see what the Lord has in store…

  223. Hello Scott & Lauren,

    My husband & I are so sorry to hear about this!! We will be praying for you & your families. It’s so hard to understand…we will miss hearing your passionate views about so many various & important topics. We were always looking forward to listening to you…in fact, you made my husband’s afternoon at work fly by! THANK YOU, Scott & Lauren for all your service! And, thanks for laughing at my emails reminding you that it’s okay to leave off “President” when referring to Obama because hey, Oprah called him by first name several times! Please take care & remember you have an “extended family” praying for each of you daily. God Bless! Emily B. Denton, Texas

  224. Scott, I’m so devasted to hear that the show was canceled. I just sent the following email to the radio station to share my thoughts on their decision.

    You canceled the “best” Christian radio talk show in the entire country.
    Scott is so intelligent and informing, lots of us couldn’t wait to tune in everyday he was on the air. He and Lauren were part of our lives each day.
    Whatever reason it was for the cancellation, it was your biggest mistake ever!!
    Bad decision on your part…I think you have just lost a huge portion of your listening audience.
    I probably won’t listen to 100.7 much anymore, my main reason is no longer there.
    In all due respect, Scott Wilder’s listener’s legacy will go on… we will seek him out and follow him to his next calling.
    After all, he is a truly gifted man and in our troubled world today, we need to hear people like him.

    Bewildered & Disgusted,

    Patti Carter
    Waxahachie, TX

  225. “Makes my head explode!”

  226. You and Lauren will be greatly missed. I’ll be praying for y’all and your families. God is good.

  227. I am very upset. I listened to you everyday on my way home from work. I will be praying for both of you and your families. I am sure the lady that took your place is a nice person, but I tried to listen today and it was very boring. I will not be listening to the station any longer. You are the only reason I listened. I learned so much from you. Sometimes I got mad, but I still listened. But sometimes you changed my point of view.
    God Bless and hope to hear you on another station soon.

  228. I will not listen to the station anymore… I was always in a hurry to get in my car after work so I could hear you… I was so upset…I have gone back to Country music now… I miss you more then works can ever say and thought you had such a good strong view point…. I pray that you and your family will be ok… and please know you are loved and care for.. thanks for all the years and experience you have given and all the MOST interesting stuff… I agree with you I believe on every issue… God Bless you always please keep me inform of what you will do… ALways Alice

  229. At first I thought maybe someone was filling in for you. The lady on the talk show after 5 PM is boring. I miss you Scott and Lauren. These Christian radio shows keep getting rid of my favorite shows. I hope and pray you get something bigger and better very soon.

  230. I am shocked and deeply saddened by your removal from the KWRD. The fact that it was so sudden makes it even worse. There are so many things I miss from the show and hope you will be back somewhere soon. I too, have no reason to listen to KWRD. I listen to a few programs on KCBI and KVTT but you guys were my reason to listen to KWRD. I also loved it when you went on at 3:00. I would listen to Point of View on KVTT and then switch over to listen to you. I will pray for your families and that someone will have the sense to get you back on the radio. Keep us posted as things develop. This makes me so sad for so many reasons.


  231. How many times can we say we are shocked. My first thought is that in this day and hour we cannot “afford” to silence the voices of reasonalbe men and women who have the wisdom and the courage to embrace the truth and stand in the market place while the rest of us hide behinde our steering wheels. Thank you both for your courage and I hope you sense how much you have meant to our lives.

    • Wrong is wrong even when wrong IS wrong.
      Thanks for the memories! Hope to hear you on the radio soon, or maybe a local TELEVISION show…
      God be with you and Lauren.
      Bruce Sadowski

  232. Scott and Lauren,

    All I can say is I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found out last Friday through a friend, that I referred to listen to you guys during the election, that the show was canceled.

    I have been so upset all week and feeling all alone! I have been so busy with VBS this week that I hadn’t had a chance to log in. After reading the posts tonight I know I am not alone. A lot of the things written are exactly how I feel.

    I get depressed going home everyday thinking about not hearing you guys anymore! I just keep thinking this is a bad dream and you will be back again! I really hope you guys come back somewhere and soon! Please come back together you two are the perfect pair!

    I think it is great that you are responding to some of the comments (especially when you disagree! I can almost hear you talking again) Someone made the comment about making a podcast, maybe you could do a best of and sell that. I know I would buy it! Please include clips from the last Thursday you were on the air. I at least have fond memories of laughing to tears the last time I heard you guys! If I knew it was going to be the last time I would have stayed tune til the end!

    This sounds so silly but it really feels like a death, but I know God has something planned as many have already said. I really hope it is bigger and better than KWRD ever dreamed of being! We need more people with your knowledge and courage speaking out in the media!

    I will keep praying for you guys!

  233. I last heard you an Lauren discussing how you write Laurens sports journal. I laughed so hard and thought to myself, aren’t they going to get in trouble for this. I suppose that’s not why you two were let go. I appreciate the service you guys provided over the years, I agreed most of the time but your comments were always insightful. I hope you and Lauren find a new project to work on together.

    • we weren’t i trouble for that…we both knew that entire show that after the show we were going to be fired…but couldn’t say any thing about it on the air…that was hard…ijust thought for the last show it’d be fun to tell the secret that made the sports journal stuff even funnier once you knew it…

      • Why couldn’t you say anything? What.. you don’t get a chance to say “goodbye” to your fans?

        • nope…couldn’t…sorry about that.

          • Sorry, I just don’t understand. It would have lessened the blow a bit more if we could have a small “heads up”.

            You were going to be fired anyway…. Maybe that is the difference betwix the 2 of us….

            I would said at the very end that this was our last show on this station.
            Now I am annoyed all aver again. knowing that you guys knew before the show was over…..

  234. Dear Scott and Lauren,
    I have beenw wondering about you two, I listened to you each day on my way home from work and kept waiting to hear the new person say “In for Scott Wilder” You two have made me think more about politics and the running of our country than I had ever thought about in my entire life (I’m soon to be 60). You helped me understand so much! You and your families are definitely in my prayers. This station made a HUGE error.

  235. Scott and Lauren,
    I will be praying for you both and your families as well. It’s not over till God says it’s over. I believe what Satan meant for bad God will turn to good for you both.

    I must say that I felt so connected to you that indeed it feels like a death. I know because I lost my father (88 years) just before father’s day and the feeling is similar. I say that because my father was a strong Christian man that always stood for the principles he learned in the Holy Bible. We were very close as I have been his caregiver for the past three years. Daily we would discuss issues that were presented on the show.

    We had the pleasure of meeting you, Scott, when I took him to his last outing at the Studio Movie Grill for “White Christmas”. That was so much fun. He spoke with an electrolarynex, and still managed to get humor into his conversations. You took time to speak to him and myself about your father. You made us feel like we were your good friends. Thanks for that.

    As is stated in Colossians 3:16 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom…with gratitude in your hearts to God”. Thanks for your teaching and admonishing, we need all God’s wisdom we can get…..

    I’ll be waiting for the email as to where you’ll be on the air next. It’s not the same out here without you two every day. I no longer listen to KWRD from 3pm on.

  236. This is what I just wrote in an e-mail to KWRD: “I am just finding out that The Wilder Show was cancelled. I have to say that I
    am in total shock! My husband and I often individually listen to this show when
    we are driving home from work, and it was Such a Wonderful Show!! Where else am
    I going to get to hear from Kelly at FreeMarket or the guy from the White House
    Press Corp (sorry I don’t remember his name but he was sure good!) on a regular
    basis? I really hope that your station will reconsider…this is a HUGE
    loss!!!!!! “—– Scott, I wish you and Lauren the best and trust the Lord will be taking care of both of you and your families. All the best.

  237. Please keep us posted as to where God leads you next. As for the WORD FM – I will be notifying Mr. Peroyea and the advertisers during your segment that they have lost a long time faithful listener and that they will be flooded with my absence. Keep your eyes on HIM! I’ll be praying in agreement with all your loyal listeners that GOD will take this stumble and turn it into a stepping stone. Where ever God takes you we’ll be waiting!

  238. This is what I just sent Mr. Peroeya and the contacts for The WORD FM. – My prayers are with you – JC

    To whom it may concern:

    I have been a faithful listener to the Scott Wilder Show on KWRD for over 8 years. Your decision to cut the Scott Wilder Show comes with great shock and disappointment. Unfortunately the only reason I listened to the station was for the Scott Wilder Show and due to your decision I will no longer be tuning into KWRD FM. I enjoyed the show and the biblical principles it applied to politics and events that affect all of us. It will be missed greatly. I think it is only fair that your advertiser’s are made aware of my decision as well. As for the time being will be tuning into AM talk radio and optimistically awaiting The Wilder show to be picked up on another station.

  239. Wow. I am crushed. And dumbfounded. I was a little slow on the uptake, thinking for a few days you were traveling and would be back with stories about the mission work done. But no, and I just can’t believe it. What on earth is Salem thinking? I listened to your replacement before I realized you were gone and had to flip channels, wondering why someone so uninsightful and bland was hosting for you.

    I desperately would like to know where you land – and I have no doubt you and Lauren both will land well – because I am a better citizen for having listened to you the last five years.

    In an effort to look at the bright side, I will be able to get current on C&W music again because my dial won’t be set to 100.7 in the afternoons.

    I’m praying for you and Lauren and your families; anxious and excited to see what God has lined up for you both.

    • let me post something i have posted before…

      let me say a word about janet (the woman now doing the show)…she’s a friend and a very good person…i have known her and her husband charlie for a dozen years. she’s been given the task of doing this. it will not be like i would do it…just like when i started it 12 years ago, i did it the way i saw fit.

      i remember when i replaced the Bible Answer Man…boy, you should’ve heard the complaints…(i guess i should be very glad that in those days there weren’t blogs…gosh, there was barely the internet!)…

      so take it easy on her…i like her and would not want to be handed task of doing what she’s been asked to do. she’s a good person and a hard worker and whatever they decide and in whatever she does, i wish her only the best.

  240. Can’t believe you guys are gone…I was listening this week & just thought you were on a mission trip again….so I googled you today to make sure…and saw all this. Wow….I will miss your voices. You filled a void. Blessings to you both.

  241. Scott and Lauren, I’m blown away.
    I have enjoyed your program and been an avid listener for over ten years. You were my companions on my drive home. My drive home is not the same now its rather long and dreary. I may not have shared all of your opinions (most though) but, you always gave me food for thought. I even had my son (he’s 30) listening. You are missed. I look forward to listening to your program again and soon.
    God Bless you both and your families.

  242. Scott,

    This is unbelievable! It’s a huge loss to the DFW area. I have enjoyed and appreciated your insights, your commentary, your interactions with so many people from “movers and shakers” to “everyday Joes”, and the dedication you have to making a positive difference. You have helped bring to light many important issues, and you’ve examined nuances to topics that many people haven’t considered.

    I will indeed be praying for you and your family. I’ve faced the sudden and unexpected loss of employment myself once, and so I kind of know a little of what you’re going through. Remember this: God was not surprised, and He has a plan to see you through this. He will not only take care of you and your family, He will bless you for your faithfulness if you just trust in Him.

    Please keep us posted on what you’re up to and where you “land”. You have a huge group of people out here who care about you! Thanks for all you’ve done over the years.

  243. Hey Scott, I am shocked to hear that you and Lauren were fired from your Christian Talk show. I have listened to the Scott Wilder show just about every day for the past three years. You have strong convictions that are communicated to all walks of life and have undoubtedly changed many peoples way of thinking as you challenge all who listen to determine if they’re beliefs truly line up with God’s Word. I will indeed pray for both you and Lauren and your families. No doubt God has an open door waiting for you. Seek and ye shall find. God Speed.

  244. Scott and Lauren,
    I tuned in to the 100.7 yesterday (Thursday) and was totally blown away that someone else was in your time slot. You helped me to understand political issues and how important it is to know where you stand and why. It makes me sad that I took your show for granted. Please know that I will be praying for you both.

  245. I am shocked and sad. I came back vacation and you and Lauren were gone! I’ve listened for the whole time you’ve been on the air (11-12 years?), and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you at 3 events.

    Thanks to your show I’m a better Man, Christian, Citizen, Husband and now Father. I’ve said as much on your show and to all of my friends. I’ll be praying for you and Lauren both!

    -The Sutherlands

  246. Scott and Lauren,
    I have no doubt that your faith in God is strong and will see you through this part of the journey because it has been evident over the airwaves! Mountains are high where we can see amazing things but we must be watchful of the cliffs. When we’re “forced” into the valleys, we then have the shade trees to protect us from the “heat”! Ps. 23:4 …Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me. Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me (provision and protection).
    Scott, I have learned so much from your show and your mind! I appreciate the way you “see” things…I believe it’s a gift and you have used it to bring honor to the Lord and His Truth. I also know that those (very few) times when I didn’t agree with you, I had better know why! LOL!
    Lauren, your spirit is pure and I love that about you. (I was usually “rooting” with you when you disagreed with Scott!)
    I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and your families, but I also know that where you were was the “good thing” that you probably wouldn’t have left on your own. Now God can place you where He wants you next. Rest in His Spirit and use this “free” time to enjoy what you don’t always have time to enjoy…(thankfully!)
    I pray that God will work in and through you and your families and that His power will be displayed to all through this experience. May your faith be strengthened, your hearts be comforted, your minds be filled with the knowledge of Christ and that God will meet your needs in abundance! I miss you too. Godspeed. Cindy

  247. MY hubby and I are shocked and sad to loose your voice and thoughts on the air waves! Just a couple of weeks ago I thought how nice it would be if they syndicated your show. Needless to say I couldn’t believe this happened!!! We will lift you and your family up in prayer.

  248. Scott………… I am speechless. I no longer have a reason to listen to that station. I loved your show. It was a great way to get great information and moral point of view. As i write this i pray for you. Trust in GOD, i am sure he has wonderful plan ahead for you and Lauren. God Bless

  249. I just wanted you and Lauren to know that my 6 year old son and I listened to you every afternoon on our way home. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked, “Mommy, why do you keep saying ‘Mmmmm-hmmmmm’?” I would have to explain that I was agreeing with what you were saying. Your show and topics gave me so many opportunities to talk with him about truly important subjects and WHY they were truly important subjects. Even though he’s only 6, I felt it important to discuss these things with him in ways he could understand them and in a casual way on our drive home. Your show opened my eyes to so many things, you encouraged me to become informed and involved politically and you offered a wonderful way for me as a parent to plant little seeds in the mind of my little guy. For that, I thank you and Lauren and I anxiously await your return to radio.

    • meredith,

      i am humbled and honored to have had any positive impact on your family…

      please go to scottwilder.com … lauren and i will be blogging there…and if you follow us there and here at fb and twitter, we’ll stay in touch and you will know the next step as soon as we can tell you ….



  250. I’m still upset about losing your show. My ride home is just not the same. I loved hearing about the important issues of today and especially bringing to light the morally indecent causes brought on by the President. Not that you were ever bashing him, but that you showed us how we as a community should know what a political candidate’s beliefs and agendas are and how they will affect us before we ever vote for them.

    I miss you guys and keep on plugging away for spreading what you believe in. Keep up with being the Salt and Light to the people who will listen. We still need to have freedom of speech.


  251. Like many others, I’m shocked & bewildered.

    Since I couldn’t listen at work, I looked forward to my commute because I could listen to the show on my way home.

    Scott, I’ve said this before on-air (as you and Lauren were gracious enough to frequently take my calls), you are (by far) the best analytical/critical thinker I’ve ever listened to. I often use your real-life examples to educate my liberal friends. Rarely can they ever dispute, let alone refute, your arguments. Rush, Hanity, Levin, Gallegher (sp?)…are all good, but you are the BEST!

    Please keep us updated as we keep you, Lauren & your families in our prayers.

    Jer 29:11

  252. I am saddened by the cancellation of this show. Scott and Lauren have been the only reason I listen to KWORD.

    I will be praying for you both and your families that God will have his perfect will in your lives and lead you where he wants you to go; “for my God will supply all your needs from his riches in glory”. Phil 4:19

  253. I miss you guys so much! Through your show, I’ve learned how to have a voice in the political conversations at work, and how to speak boldly about Biblical principles. Thank you. I am praying for you and your families.

  254. Scott and Lauren,

    I just found out about what happened late yesterday afternoon (had been out of town recently & the last day I was able to listen was part of last Thursday). I am shocked, devastated and very sad that the Scott Wilder Show will not be on the air on KWRD any longer!!!!!!! I spoke to you yesterday and conveyed my initial feelings about all of this to you. Thank you for taking time to talk with me. I’ve now had some time to sort out my thoughts a bit and to read part of the comments posted here. (I’ve gotten only up through mid-July 21st–wow!!! What support you guys have!!!! I’ll keep reading after I’m done posting but feel led to post now. Those commnents have to help you both to feel better!! We are all behind you 110%!!!!)

    I feel like I came in at the end of the party here and missed the main show, but that’s how it worked out. I want to say a few things about all of this:

    1. First, I wholeheartedly agree with so many of the things your listeners have already said so eloquently about you guys and your show. I have listened to your show regularly since my family moved to the DFW area in September of 2006, and the moment I tuned in, I felt like I was home and already had known you two for a very long time. (In Southern California, I used to listed to Frank Pastore in a similar talk program on KKLA in the afternoons, and I felt as though you were his soul brother in so many ways.) I felt like I had joined a wonderful Christian family in this Dallas area and was so happy!! I have been highly impressed with your capacity for taking complicated issues and distilling them into manageable and memorable bites for the listeners. I have always been greatly involved in politics and have so enjoyed having you and Lauren there on the air to have thoughtful discussions about the very important political and social issues of our day, and to point the way to a thoughtful Christian perspective on those issues. Every day for the past years as I have heard the news unfold, I would tune in to hear how you would discuss the issues and how you would help us to intelligently digest them. I will SO VERY MUCH miss that outlet!!!!! Throughout the last presidential election season (which as you know covers years, really!), I always tuned in eagerly to hear you cover the campaign issues. I have vivid memories of where I was when I listened to you discuss important topics. These discussions have so greatly enlarged my capacity to intelligently discuss these issues with friends and family. Thank you for that!! As I said when you came to speak last year at my church about the Bible League, you are an articulate, intelligent, compassionate, Biblical, no nonsense voice in the DFW area for conservative Christian values, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a person. As much as I enjoyed listening to Frank Pastore in LA, you and Lauren surpass him in value and ability, in my opinion, and I am saddened beyond belief that I will not be able to tune into your program each afternoon on KWRD.

    2. I have enjoyed Lauren’s increasing involvement in the show over the past few years and have such a high regard for her and her abilities!! Thankfully, I was privileged to meet you, Lauren, at the last movie night I was able to attend (where we watched basketball when the Rangers game was rained out!), and I thank the Lord for that opportunity. You and your daughter were so sweet to me and my son, and I feel like I am losing a very good friend by not being able to hear your lovely voice on KWRD any longer! Lauren, you have a wonderful and calming radio presence and a very good ability to think on your feet and dialogue with Scott. What a great team the two of you are!! No wonder you have worked together for about 22 years in various capacities–I know you won’t really be ditch digging together in the future, but what a humble spirit you have to say you would be glad to do so.

    3. The missions work you both have done on the program has been so valuable for the Kingdom, and it has encouraged me so many times to support various ministries which so need our support. Gosh, I’m sitting here recalling the last couple of years’ support the Lord led you guys to raise for the Bible League. (I was blown away by how many bibles were sent last fall from your show’s listeners!!) I remember vividly your comments about the Dallas listeners being the most supportive in the country in ministry efforts. What a blessing! The Lord has used both of you mightily in his work in that regard, and I thank you for responding to His call and for being so faithful. I pledge to continue to donate to the Bible League because of the good work the Lord used you to begin in me with that wonderful ministry, and with so many others. Having you come to speak at my church last year about the Bible League was such a blessing–thank you for being such a servant.

    Okay, setting aside my favorite topic of politics and current issues, I want to focus upon the most IMPORTANT thing I believe I’ll remember about what you’ve said on your show. That concerns spreading the Gospel to others in the world, near and far. You have stated so often that there are so many other organizations, both secular and Christian, who will send food and other relief around the world. But you stated repeatedly that spreading the Gospel, sending Bibles to those who don’t have them, is “an inside job. It is our job to do. Non-believers won’t send Bibles. We need to do so. Support that touches someone’s physical needs is important. But without the Word, it is all for naught, and it is up to US to provide the eternal bread of life. IT IS AN INSIDE JOB.” (Now that, of course, is only my paraphrase of your admonitions.) You know, Scott and Lauren, that is one of the greatest truths I have ever heard. And when I donated a talking Bible last month, I was washing my dishes as I listened to you talk about that ministry, and I remembered your words, and I called right away to donate a bible because I know that is “an inside job–our job to do.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that prodding and message–the Lord has used you mightily in such an eternal way.

    4. Here’s a silly one, but one I want to share. I love the way you say the word “fantastic.” I’ve found myself saying it with that same pronunciation in deference to you, and that’s fun to hold a part of the show with me in that way! (I think it’s the way you place the emphasis on the first syllable when most people emphasize the second syllable that is neat and unusual…) And I’m laughing right now as I remember you and Lauren discussing the burning topic last fall of the proper way to pronounce the word “thanksgiving.” Does one properly put the emphasis on the “thanks” or on the “giving” portion of the word?! That was a lot of fun to hear…so I think you can see it’s also some of lighthearted moments I’ll miss the most, where I felt like I was joining in with some friends on some fun discussion. Yikes, I will soooooo miss listening to you guys in the afternoons! (What about free Fridays to phone in? Lots of fun…)

    5. I’ve always respected how you handled the issues and the callers and have respected your capacity to dialogue cogently and intelligently on so many different important topics. I felt led to call in several times on different issues, and I remember that the first time I called in was about a legal issue, and though you are not a lawyer, you carefully and correctly outlined the salient legal issues that were involved in the topic. Very good job. And it’s always been so great to hear Lauren’s friendly and lovely voice answer the phone when I call in–just a great thing! Lauren, you’ve handled it all with such professionalism and aplomb–wonderful job!!

    6. Particularly with this last election, both months and months before, and ever since, you have so well-identified and discussed the multitude of issues surrounding our country. I have looked to you for intelligent discussion of all issues surrounding the election and the Obama administration. I’m now remembering one day when you said that as long as the Lord allowed you to be on the air, you’d be holding Obama’s (and other elected officials’) feet to the fire and discussing the issues in a straightforward and non-biased fashion. I was so grateful for that! Now, a very sad thing has happened and KWRD management has attempted to remove that talk show platform from you and Lauren. I know the Lord is in control, that He allowed this to happen and has even greater plans for you. But right now, I’m grieving for the loss of the pulpit He has allowed you both to have, and I’m going to work through this grief and not just sweep it under the rug. I know you and Lauren must be doing the same.

    7. Yikes, I’ll so miss your segments with Kelly Shackleford, our man at the White House! Those were very informative and enlightening. Very sad indeed to see those go away.

    8. And though I’m not a big sports person, I have very much enjoyed the sports journals, Lauren and Scott, and I did wonder what was up when I heard a portion of the show last Thursday and heard you reveal the “secret” behind the sports journals. If I’d only known…

    9. Mostly, what I’ll miss is all the great commentary, all the great calls, all the great insightful thinking about the important issues of our day from a Biblical, conservative Christian point of view. There just is no one out there to take the place of what you and Lauren have been doing, Scott!! I just know the Lord will place you somewhere else where you can have even greater impact for the body, but until then, I will grieve the loss and send my deephearted and heartfelt love and gratitude to you both.

    Okay, before I make this the longest post in history, I’ll sign off, with more in my heart to say, and lots of prayers for both of you and your families. I commit to daily prayer for all concerned, and later today I will e-mail John as so many others have, and anyone else I can identify from the posts above in management, to air my views to them.

    God bless you both!!!! I’ll keep following on Facebook and Twitter and this website and wherever else you may be. As we end our church service every week, “The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face to shine upon you and grant you His Peace.”

    I’ll so miss listening to you guys!!!!!!!! Take good care, hang in there at this difficult time in your lives, and as it says in Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” I’ll be praying for you to be back in a public capacity (if that’s the plan He has for you) lighting up the DFW area with your wisdom and insight as soon as possible.

    God’s richest blessings to you both,
    Kris Ludwinski

  255. Scott,
    First of all I’m sorry you lost your job. However, given the change in the tone of your show, it doesn’t completely surprise me. I’ve listen to your show for a couple of years during my drive home from work. Prior to the start of the recent election it was a show I often enjoyed listening to. However once the election started, the tone of the show changed for the worse in my opinion. It became increasingly difficult to listen to your show and the attitude and arrogance in which you dealt with callers who disagreed with you. After the election, it got only worse. In my opinion, it changed from the “Scott Wilder show” to the “Anti-Obama show”. Never have I heard you put a negative spin on any and everything this one man would do. Right after the election, there were times I felt like you wanted an armed insurrection against the outcome of the election. I don’t agree with President Obama on many issues, but I don’t think he’s evil incarnate. Listening to your show, one would think he was.

    Lately, I would only drop in from time to time and listen for a bit hoping to see if there has been a change or maybe a non-Obama topic you were discussing. Most of the times it was not. Not that I desired for you to loose your job, but I had hoped station mgt would take you aside and coach you a little regarding the show’s content and tone. Hopefully, you will use this time for personal reflection and evaluation on how you would do things differently. However reading one of your replys upthread to a criticism, it doesn’t sound like you are doing this. I think it may be great for you to read the many positive responses posted on this site. However, remember these responses may be skewed. There are many people who may disapprove of the change in tone, attitude, and subject matter who chose to just stop listening. Hopefully, you will consider my opinions

    Personally, given the change in tone and attitude of the show, I feel your show was becoming less a fit on a christian station and a better fit on perhaps one of the AM conservative radio stations. I hope this can happen for you.

    To those posters considering boycotting KWRD, why? Why would you attempt to financially damage one of the few christian channels in the market? Are you saying there is no other content on the station worthy of supporting? Many of the posters sound like the angry child walking away from the playground with his ball. Scott and Lauren have been blessed to work at a RADIO station for as long as they have. Radio stations are notorious for firing and laying off personnel and radio personalities. Again given the nature of the radio business, Scott and Lauren had a very decent and respectable run. I too hope they find employment elsewhere.

    • “tony”,

      thanks for the note…one of the things that happens when people stay at the same place over a long period of time is that one day can be measured against another…but also one year can be…and in some (rare) cases, you can compare what someone did or the way they did it a decade ago to the way they do it now.

      you are completely correct that it is rare for someone to stay at a station this long…i believe that is because we brought value. and you are correct that we have been blessed. true. i have been at only two stations over the last 20 years…quite rare.

      if i could offer a bit of perspective since you have only listened over the last couple of years…when bill clinton was president, we were quite clear about our displeasure…probably did that in a way that wouldn’t have made you happy. when president bush was in office, many people were more pleased (pro-life, marriage, etc), but there were sometimes when i vehemently disagreed with president bush (mccain/feingold, immigration, etc) and we were quite clear about our displeasure.

      when the tone of the nation changes toward what i believe is socialism…when the current president thru executive order makes tax payer dollars available for abortion and abortion counseling and services (reversing the mexico city policy)…when the current president wants to overturn don’t ask/don’t tell…wants to destroy the free market system…when all of those things and more are taking place, i will do just what i did with the previous presidents…i will be quite clear with my displeasure.

      because you heard me only over the last two years, you heard what appeared to you to be a ratcheting up of tone…when in fact it was nothing of the sort.

      when BHO was elected, i said, “there are some people listening who, because they have only heard me when we mostly agreed with the president, have not really heard me. with BHO as president and his race to the left on marriage and abortion and the courts, there are some people who will think that i am different. i think they are in for a surprise when we see things that are wrong.”

      again, i am not saying you are wrong or that you should prefer who i am…i am just saying that what you perceive as a change is in fact only that there are things i believe that are wrong that must be talked about and fought to the extent we can.

      i wish you the best and hope that you have already found a show that better suits your taste.


      ps some of your phrasing and syntax is oddly familiar to me…and i think much of what you have written will strike those who read your thoughts as familiar as well…

      • Great reply Scott. I think that the new show on KWRD is going to suit Tony’s tastes. At least they will have one listener.

        I find it odd that someone who is obviously not a fan of your show, or even a regular listener, would post such a long and detailed email with so much information.

      • kenneth,

        you might consider that the writer of this is not named tony…

        i agree…i think the new show is exactly what ‘tony’ wanted…

  256. Scott and Lauren,

    You have been family to me. Of course I will pray for both of you and each family. I appoloize that this is the first I have heard of this. I thought you were off on a mission and Lauren was taking time off as well. I want you to know that I relied on you to keep me up to date on the issues. You made it easy for me. I thank you for that. I feel the same way as I did why Dr. James Dobson had a stroke and I was fearful that there would not be anybody to stand and fight for us. I know that is selfish, but if God calls me to do what the two of you do then I will be gald to be the next batter.

    I could go on and on but will stop only to say that I will miss both you and Lauren so much!! Actually, that doesn’t even express the loss that I feel. I truely feel a loss.


    Cindy Bell

  257. Scott & Lauren,

    I will truly miss the both of you.
    You were a Voice Crying in the wilderness…

    I use to listen to you on my dinner break.
    I will definitely keep you in prayer.

    Psalm 91

  258. Am just now finding out about this and am so disappointed to hear. You have been a huge part of my ride home which has prompted me to think, to pray, to act and to just be better. Thank you.

    Remember: God either delivers us from it or delivers us through it. Praying and standing with you through it.

  259. I could not believe it when I noticed you weren’t on air. I called and they said you were no longer there, but that is it. YOU AND LAUREN ARE THE BEST! period! You must come back on the air, or… You should run for president and Lauren for VP. We would all vote for you!!!


  260. Scott,

    I left a comment to you both under Lauren’s note. I really miss hearing you. Will be praying for your families and all of us. We need as many voices of reason as we can get.

    Donna from Madill, OK

  261. John,

    All I can say is wow. The only reason I listened to 100.7 was for the Scott Wilder show. He showed that as a Christian you could have strong ideas and not just be steam rolled over. Bad decision on ya’ll’s part. To quote Scott I will flood your airwaves with my absence and tell everyone I know to do the same.

    Scott and Lauren,

    Can’t wait till you guys are back on the airwaves! God has BIGGER and BETTER things planned for you guys! I have learned so much from your show in the past 5 years I have tuned in. You and your families will be in my prayers. God Bless. 🙂

  262. I am stunned. I’m not sure what this station is up to but I never listened to it before you made your appearance and will probably not listen to them now. You made that station what it was and I’m so very sorry for what has happened. You guys are in my prayers as always. Love you bunches and miss you terribly.

  263. Scott & Lauren,
    I lived in DFW for 11 years and listened to your show everyday on my drive home from work. I learned a lot, thought a lot, and really questioned myself and my stand on different positions. You challenged Believers to think and i’m certain, non-Believers as well.

    I was recently in the area and was so excited to tune in – as I do everytime i’m back in Dallas on a weekday. I was so sad to hear a woman on during your timeslot. Today I learned what happened. I’m so sorry to hear it – for you, Lauren, and your listeners!

    I’m certain God has big things in store. Will be praying for you both and your families.

  264. I have seen times when Scott would be on one of his trips, but after a few days I knew something was wrong. I kept waiting for his show, and then I learned that a poorly planned business decision was made and the best radio show in the country was lost.
    If I was going run a business I would start by providing the best product!
    I tuned into KWRD this afternoon to see if the station had learned from their mistake… no disrespect, but all that was on the KWRD was Blah, Blah, Blah! It tasted like baby food. I don’t want something mentally predigested; I have sent my letters of protest and I no longer have the Word FM preprogrammed into my radio.
    I want a Radio show that will stir me up, drive me out of my safe and secure zones and compel me to take risk and action. Scott & Lauren have my radio button number 1 as soon as they land. And to the Radio Stations in the Dallas Ft. Worth area that may be reading this… I look forward to supporting the Scott Wilder Show sponsors with my money!

    God Bless

    Michael in Terrell

  265. Scott and Lauren,

    Not only have I listened to you since your show began 12 years ago, I used to listen to you on the previous christian radio show you DJ’d.

    I am sure I speak for many folks when I say that is is a very sad time in Dallas/Ft Worth. The loss of such an important program, especially at such a crucial time in our history, will be felt deeply. I depend on your program to help me stay informed and have been a devoted listener all these years to hear what was going on in Washington from a christian perspective.

    I will pray for you and your families and for the time when all of us can be together listening again to your balanced news reporting. I know God has a plan for you both and it will be exciting to see what the next chapter holds.

    A devoted fan and long-time listener, Dee

  266. I have been listening since the show started and you and Lauren are a perfect pair. I have been listening just to see if I hear you both on the air again. I am saddened by this news and have you and your family in prayer. The information that you provided daily to all your listeners was educational and informative. Scott you were so right on what you talked about. I think Michael from Terrell says it best. KWRD, WAS the best radio station in the country. I will keep checking in on your website. I know someone will recognize your talents and we will hear you both again on the air.

    Again Blessing and Prayers to you and yours.

    Chris & Mandy…

  267. Scott & Lauren,

    I was dumfounded this afternoon when I left work early, ready to get a full dose of your show, and heard someone else. Below is the email I sent to the station. (other readers, bear with me – I may not have things correct but my thoughts are what counts).

    I am praying for all of you and I trust that The Lord will bring you to your next task, as He does for all of us. Part of being in this human form is to face these kinds of challenges. Please know that I just add my prayers to everyone else’s…. likeminded people who are thinking alike ALWAYS get good results. So I think with a little faith, hope, love & patience, you will come through the other side of this experience stronger than ever.

    God Bless,
    Anna Bofill
    I’m a loyal listener of the Scott Wilder show every afternoon but was out recovering from surgery this past week. This afternoon, I heard Janet somebody one the air, and kept waiting for her to announce “filling in for Scott Wilder”. That never happened. I listened for 90 minutes during my long commute home, and went straight to my computer to find out what is going on.

    I am in shock that this station chose to end the Scott Wilder show for any reason. Especially in this day and age. Listeners need and appreciate the frankness and candidness that this show provided.

    After losing another favorite show earlier this year on another talk radio station, I am especially despondent. I drive 92 miles each way to work on a daily basis, and the privilege of being able to listen to a SANE, FUNNY, INTELLIGENT AND WELL INFORMED show has been taken away from me.

    I enjoy “Focus on the Family” and “The Bible Answer Man”, but I will listen to another station until 6:30 pm central time. I cannot stomach frivolous talk of “vampire fiction in Christianity” with a host who will not come out and state her position until well into the 10th caller. I believe that is unfair and “baiting” the callers. At least Scott Wilder would call a spade a spade, and announce his position before inviting callers to join the discussion.

    I appreciate that Janet somebody has very large shoes to fill and I will pray for her, but I know in my heart that WKRD has made a horrendous decision in this case.

    We’re all struggling in this economy, and I appreciate the fact that you are running a business. But as a Christian Talk Radio Station, I would hope and pray that you would see the forest through the trees and recognize the value that Scott Wilder and Lauren Litner brought to your afternoon listening audience.

    If it is not too much to ask on behalf of your listening audience, please consider a G E N E R O U S severance package to help sustain their F A M I L I E S through this difficult time.

    By the way, I will be watching to see how big a bonus the owners of Salem Communications receive in 2009….. at least Scott taught us all to be vigilant and I am grateful for that.

    Anna Bofill
    Hendrix, Oklahoma / Dallas, Texas

  268. Wow! I can’t believe it!! Am so sorry to not hear you anymore…..listened to you every afternoon after work. I believe you were a much needed show. I pray that all goes well for your families in this difficult time for all of America. God Bless you.

  269. To The Honorable Scott Wilder of Wilderville and Honorable Lauren of Laurenville:

    Thank you!
    What you have ment to the christian community will never be fully measured until we reach heaven.

    You (at times)have taken by the collar and “straightened us out” when we needed it. When we being manipulated by the wisdom of words from a savy President Clinton, you were there to remind us of what the Bible says about the tongues of serpents.

    You (at times) were there to comfront and mend our wounds with comforting words during times of disaster, rather locally or nationally.

    You were there to challenge our arm chair length christianity (my four and no more) by showing us the people in China, N.Korea, India, Africa,were actually praying for “our” success. In fact, That these people only wanted for us the “Great Americans” to pray and send Bibles to them so that they could walk to the villages and give God’s Word to their people. You allowed us to participate in the coming to Jesus movement through these countries. _Thank you

    You helped us remember more properous times – when America was again being thrown to the wolves and abandoned by all the naysayers. When through divine intervention (I believe)God allowed a man to enter the Whitehouse and in his words – said it was ok to dream dreams of a greater America. That Americas was not dying, but that we were destined for greater things because we were a nation built on Biblical values. I loved those Reagan Bits!
    …And I love the John Wayne bits as well!!!!

    You taught some of us and reinforced in others our beliefs that we do not need to leave our Christianity at the church house doors. That our beliefs are like our skin on our body – It goes where we go. So we do not need to sheepish in our beliefs.

    You provided a platform to keep us informed on issues. You nurtured us to become keen voters not robots. You grilled us on why we believed what we believed. You were a piece of steel sharpening a piece of steel so that the Master(Jesus) could use us in His hand.

    I was fortunate to have know both Scott and Lauren and enjoyed the Palin/McCain and other Movie get togethers.

    I was also very fortunate to learn how to make Aunt Mary’s Chocolate Iced Box Pie. My wife really does enjoy it!

    I will be praying for you both and will expect to see God’s grace shine on your families in the days ahead. I have a request that you pray for me as well as I have been unemployed since March through a company restructure.

    I will look forward to your return. And of hearing the stories of Bibles being sent abroad.

    Thank you to both of you for the job well done.
    and of for all the Wilderisms…….

    I am sure your Dad would proud!!

    Thank you,

    The Patriot


  270. Christian Vampire Literature Scott….was the topic for today’s show. Pro’s and Con’s of Christian Vampire Literature…..sigh. LIstened for about 2 minutes and then switched off the station..I guess permanently. I miss you guys terribly. I miss agreeing and occasionally disagreeing with you.

    Seems plausible this had more to do with principles and convictions than it did with budgets. To quote someone whom I hold in the highest esteem: “If its a mic, its on. If its a gun, its loaded. If its a bear, it hungry.” But more importantly, if its Truth, its worth standing for.

    May the Lord bless and keep you guys and your families throughout this trial. The thoughts and prayers of an entire community are with you!

  271. Scott & Lauren, My drive home in the evening is definitely lacking something! I have listened to you both for years. Thank you so much for educating the public. Now more than ever a voice of reason is needed. As I turn the dials it will remind me to pray for you both. God is not surprised by this change and I am sure He has a plan and will provide for you both. He gave you a voice and He will decide where and when it will go forth again. God’s richest blessings to you both. Keep looking up. His ways & timing are perfect.

  272. Scott,

    I turned on the radio yesterday afternoon on the way home from work and thought I would drop in on the WilderShow. When I heard something else I assumed that you were on vacation, at least until this morning when I checked the website. I’m really sorry to hear that you guys got cancelled, I enjoyed our conversations over the last several years, brief as they were. I can tell you from experience that God has a plan and His is always the best, even when it is hard to see in the interim. I will be praying for you and Lauren and please give my best to Kathy.

  273. Hi Scott,

    I will do the best thing I can do for you, better than giving you a millio dollars.
    I will pray for your success and victory. I know Him, He always answers prayer

  274. I forgot to say, I too am very wary of what is happening with our friend Obama. These changes are taking America to a living hell.

  275. Lauren and Scott—
    Great Commission: “Go and tell. . . .” No matter what, let that reign!
    You have a message which cannot be dampened by circumstances. I, like many others, waited to hear, “Scott’s away and you’ll hear about it upon his return.” Your insight, integrity, and consistency brought each of us thought-provoking moments in your dialogue with guests and callers—you must be heard! KWRD’s website looks like a blank slate today. KCBI provides good listening from a theologian’s viewpoint on the drive home.
    I’ll miss you both; do keep us informed. Prayers are with your families.

  276. You always said that the now leaders of our great country would silence public radio it looks like they have started with you. Who will be next? I pray that your voice will continue to be heard. Blessing to you and Lauren.

  277. Scott/Lauren,

    I was on vacation the last two weeks and turned on the radio yesterday to find out some lady talking. Anyway I turned it off. I went to to widershow website and found all this.

    I am very sorry about all this. This is quite sudden. I have been a listener for over 10 years. Even though I don’t agree with you all the time, I have always listened to your show. I guess a guy like you won’t be out of work for a long time.

    Good Luck to you and Lauren.


  278. I’m so sorry and will have both of you in my prayers.. personally, will make my drive home down 75 in traffic much longer!!

    God Bless and I’m sure there are even better opportunities out there for both of you.

    MJ Bush
    Farmers Branch

  279. Heavenly Father,

    Let us lift up Scott, Lauren, and other nameless persons that have helped to support the word , thoughts, and emotions that we have held dear to our hearts in the past and present. Scott and Lauren have been more than a voice for us, they have been our VOICE against the political injustices – be the injustices republican or democratic. Please be with them that they remain true to you and all that is right and please be with each of us that we see you and what is right and please be with the administration of RSS that they see what is right. If it is your will, please continue to bless those associated with the Scott Wilder Show and other helpers and listeners. Please bless this prayer with your gracious ways and your awesome power – Scott and Lauren have been faithful and forthright. We, and I ask this only in Jesus name – Amen.

  280. Scott & Lauren,

    I found your show a couple of years ago and had listened eveyday since. Both of you brought such great prespective, life and laughter to so many issues that should concern us all. DFW has lost two true icons and I feel like I have lost two friends. Many blessings to both of you.

    Ron Sizemore
    Frisco, TX

  281. As a Catholic, I can appreciate your overall paradigm when it comes to fighting the culture wars. Like others said, you did not shy away from calling something evil as evil and something true as true. I would lock arms any time with you to fight the culture wars. I hope to hear you again soon in the Dallas area.

  282. Scott & Lauren,
    We got back in town and tuned the radio to listen to The Wildershow – only to discover what had happened. We were stymied – as we’re sure you both were!

    We can’t even begin to state how much we will miss you on the radio – we’re definitely praying for you all and your families, but we’re selfishly praying for another venue for you where your voice can be and will be heard! Meanwhile, we’ll follow on facebook and here.

    You are welcome to our side of the metroplex anytime!

  283. I just wanted to say how much I’ll miss your show. Even though I never called in, I listened from the very beginning. The first few years were on my way home from work, then after having kids, in my kitchen as I made dinner for my family. I always enjoyed your insight & commentary and was even known to shush my kids so I could hear what you had to say! Thank you for all you’ve given us over the years & you & Lauren will be in my prayers.

  284. Scott and Lauren
    I am totally ‘steamed’ to find out that you guys were fired. It was very tough for me to send an email of ‘regret’ to Mr Peroyea without coming totally unglued. I, like a lot of listeners thought that maybe you were on vacation but something just didn’t seem right. The last afternoon I listened to your show was when you were replaying the fishing, dove hunting and buck hunting stories from Lauren’s sports journal. I nearly ran my car off the road more than once laughing so hard while listening to Lauren trying to make her way through the story without totally losing it. I’m reminded of the Carol Burnette show when Carol, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway did everything they could to make each other lose control.

    I’ve been in Texas now going on 3 years. Prior to that I spent 20 years in the Navy. I was a first time caller when you were discussing the enhanced interrogation techniques and specifically SERE training. Other than some folks on Fox TV you are the only person that I listen to that isn’t afraid to speak truthfully about what is going on in America and still stick to a Christian world view. I will truly miss your truthful and no holds barred insight into today’s political scene and also hearing about your love of sharing God’s word in different parts of the world.

    In my opinion you have the best voice in radio and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you banter with Scott and presenting the weather updates and forecast on my drives home.

    To both of you, I hope that another DFW radio station makes you an offer to bring the Wilder Show back on the air. I will sign up to receive updates from you.
    Praying that God comforts and provides for you and that it is in His plans to have you back on the radio soon. I also hope it is God’s will that the management that fired you comes begging you both to return because he realizes the huge mistake he has made.

    Little Elm, TX

  285. The first day I came across KWRD was because I heard Scott and his wise words. I no longer am interested in listening to the station.

  286. Oh, MY, Scott & Lauren…..even though ALL of GOD’s children knew this was coming….it is happening even faster than I could have imagined. You guys were my sanity check, driving home from “work”, where there is little sanity…..for MANY years now. I was grateful to get to meet you both in person, at the book signing in Plano, for George Foreman’s new book. I have nothing but respect for you & Lauren, for telling the whole truth, from God’s perspective, on every single issue. I love you guys and I will miss you, like no tomorrow, on my drive home from craziness! And I have lived long enough, thank GOD, to know that when a fool, following the ways of ‘this’ world, closes a door to God’s faithful servants and speakers, like you & Lauren, then GOD has something so much better in mind, for both of you! How sad it will be…..for the little man that did not recognize, the TRUTH, and what he had, with you & Lauren! GOD bless the stupid…and GOD bless you & Lauren, mightily, as you both embark on the next ‘journey/calling’ that HE already had planned to start on July 17, 2009!


  288. I am tremendously shocked and angry at the decision to remove you from the air. There is no other show like the one that you presented every day. It was everything a great show should be: maddening, funny, poignant and very very very real! We will do more than miss you. I have stopped listening to the show altogether. I’m actually speechless!

  289. Also, Scott
    Consider Blogtalkradio…its free and we can listen from the internet. I just want anything to happen wher I can hear you and Lauren’s voice. The anger I feel is indescribable. Christian Radio has taken a nose-dive in content. Guess the Obambots came for you after all….Keep your head up and know that I as an African American woman “will follow ..follow you wherever you may go”…lol

    Grand Prairie, TX

  290. I am at a loss for words… I cannot tell you both how much I miss hearing your voices, wisdom and banter on the show. I will not be listening to KWRD any longer. You two were the only reason I listened in the first place. I will be waiting and praying that you end up on another station.

  291. Scott, you and Lauren were the only reason I ever tuned in to KWRD. I was stunned, to say the least, to tune in the other afternoon and not find you there. I kept hoping that you were on a trip~until I read your blog. I guess the powers-that-be didn’t realize the draw that you and Lauren were to their station. 😦 You two missed already.

  292. Thank you both for your years of service to the kingdom and your community. My prayers go to our glorious Lord and provider during this time of upheaval. I don’t know what I’m going to do waiting in the carpool lines or roaming to and fro playing VanMom now!!!! 😦

    Scott–thank you for opening my eyes to the importance of being involved in my community both locally and globally.

    Lauren–thank you for being the salt to Scott’s pepper. Your friendship is evident in the banter you share and sets a good example at times on how to agree to disagree.

    Looking forward to hear what door the Lord opens for both of you in the future!

    God bless you both.

  293. Scott,

    Well my brother, personally I suspect you stepped on “politically correct” toes one time too many. I don’t believe for one minute you and Lauren were let go for budgetary reasons. Thank you for always standing firm, being true to yourself and more importantly true to Christ. I’m praying for you, Lauren, and your families. May God be glorified thru all of this.
    Keep the Son in your eyes, my friend.

  294. Scott,

    I am not shocked that you were fired. Your rude attitude towards callers was unacceptable on a Christian talk radio program. You were sarcastic, condescending, and outright rude to many callers that disagreed with you. When someone agreed with you, then you were very nice to them. Almost like a little boy when he doesn’t get his way ! You are in denial….There have been many people that have said the same thing about you, but you choose to ignore it. You thrive on all the good comments, but you have such a wall up that you will not look at your own shortcomings ! You could get a job working for one of the other radio stations, but I don’t think Christian talk radio is for you, unless you can behave yourself !

    Thank you,
    Cindy Smith

    • Dear Ms. “Smith”,
      Wow, Scott’s been off the air for two weeks and you’re still reading his blogs? You are, indeed, a committed Obambot. Did you get jealous of all the well-wishes and decide some “balance” was needed? Did you decide some “motive judging” from the Pharisee committee was called for?

      Your bitterness and hateful words serve only to reveal your heart. You rejoice when others are cast down. You misrepresent the facts and mischaracterize those who seek to educate and inspire others to stand against the tide of public opinion and the statist media.

      I don’t think you have anything to teach anyone about behavior. Over years of listening to the show I never once heard condescending words, rudeness, or sarcasm from Scott towards ANY caller who was honest in their criticism or disagreement, who did not misrepresent to Lauren who they were or why they called, who responded with honesty when Scott posed questions that might reveal bias, pretext, or insincerity. Conversely when someone was rude or condescending to Scott, he almost without exception just let their vitriol speak for itself. To those who tried to use his valuable airtime to spread the left’s agenda and rhetoric, he did not let it stand without meeting it with a proper response, usually much more gently than I would have.

      But I really don’t need to defend anything Scott and Lauren did. Any discerning reader/listener can see for themselves. What you feel so free to say, your intent to injure and judge and condemn, is not only in bad taste and impolite, it is “outright rude”.

      • Dear “Dwight”, (really Scott)

        This is exactly what I’m talking about. You are very defensive when someone speaks the truth about you ! This has nothing to do with President Obama. I am a Christian and did not vote for him, So to call me an Obama follower is sick and rediculous ! I personally do not agree with many of the things that Obama does, however that doesn’t give a talk show host the right to be arrogant, rude, and condescending to callers that disagree with Scott Wilder ! He got too high on his horse and offended to many callers one to many times.
        Many people have said that his tone about Obama was getting rediculous and hateful and scarey at times ! No, I don’t enjoy that Scott got fired, because I enjoyed listening to him when he wasn’t bashing Obama into the ground. I just loved Lauren and kept hoping his tone would get back to more of a Christian tone, but it seemed to get worse….I remember one day a lady caller disagreed with him and he made it personal then, and said, “Man I feel sorry for your husband”….that was a diverting tactict (that he did quite often)to take her off the subject of what she was talking about. If you asked Dr. Laura or any psychologist that listened to Scott, I’m sure they would agree with me that he is very “Verbally Abusive”.

        I will keep Scott in my prayers, and I know that God will have the right place for him in his career. I do think that Scott has a gift that God gave him to spread the Christian word, but he really was getting out of control with his tone, and that is why he was fired. It’s sad that Lauren lost her job because of his tone. I wish him and Lauren the best ! 🙂

        God Bless !
        Cindy Smith

        • i love that you would think that…and, in that you clearly have no respect for me, i don’t expect you to believe me. but i am not like others who would do that…everything that is positive is actually from listeners…i have faked nothing as we didn’t fake a single phone call in over 12 years of our show.

          i was told early on, “you know you could have a friend call and say what you want them to say…no one would know.” i said, ‘but i would know.’ we never did it…never…and never would. as we have done nothing like that here.

          others, and i could name them…i could give their IP address…i could tell you from what building the comments originated…others are not as honest. and, because someone said ‘no one will know’ and because they do not have the integrity to own their comments, they used fake names…

          i am not ashamed of what i say or write…and i am not going to hide behind a fake name.

          if (or when) i have something to say about someone, it will be perfectly clear that it was me.

          thanks for your prayers…

        • i also didn’t write this (from fb):

          Foster Arne’ Allen “While i did not agree with the majority of what you said…I did have the need to understand, and you explained your Conservative Christian positions very well. I am a die hard Democrat that voted for President Obama. an OBAMABOT! (He ran the better campaign and will turn the tide!) LoL. When your show was cancelled I was disappointed, we need the dialogue that you provided! and we need your viewpoint. you are passionate, a trait very uncommon in men, knowledgeable, and irritating at times,and I liked that about you by the way. Here’s hoping your head doesn’t explode (one of my favorite sayings you used) People Stop saying mean things to Scott. He has a family to support. look forward to hearing you and calling you again to debate the issues that are important. Peace and I am going to visit Prestonwood Church on Saturday at 6pm. Enjoy the time with your family. This too shall pass.”

          • Who knows who “The real Author” is on anything ! When I found out that Lauren did not write her sports journals, I was in shock, that Christian talk radio station would let ya’ll lie about it ! Oh, well, it was funny ! I think Scott and Lauren need prayer and I hope that you guys find another talk show together….I will listen, if you will not start up the negative bashing so much about one subject….and we all know what that subject is ! 🙂 I could go the rest of my life without hearing the name Obama !

            • cindy…
              … really. you didn’t vote for Obama? u sure are defensive enough.
              who’s in denial?

            • QUOTE: “When I found out that Lauren did not write her sports journals, I was in shock, that Christian talk radio station would let ya’ll lie about it !” UNQUOTE

              You’re kidding, right? The way Lauren laughed (great laugh, by the way) when she read through the journal, I thought everyone who listened to the show knew she didn’t write it.

              And, “lie?” C’mon, that was a great gag. You even admitted it was funny.

              One other thing, being from L.A. (Lower Alabama) in the “deep South,” I just thought you should know it’s “y’all” – a contraction for “you” and “all” not “ya” & “__ll.” And, “y’all” can be singular or plural, but “all y’all” is definitely plural. 😉

    • Cindy,

      The majority of the comments here and FB have been overwhelmingly positive. You are in the minority with your opinion. Since you found Scott’s “behavior” unacceptable on a Christian radio station, I assumed you turned it off or listened to something else which begs the question why are you even on his website posting a negative, unkind comment to someone just fired? And the only reason given for him being fired by the radio station was for “budgetary” reasons.

      Instead, why don’t we lift him up in prayer.

      • To answer your questions. I just found out he was fired. I had stopped listening several months ago due to his Obama Tone, and was flipping channels to find another Christian talk radio program because so many commercials were on the other station that afternoon, and didn’t hear him and Lauren on, so listened to that program for awhile, and the reason I found the scott wilder home page was because I was trying to figure out if the whole station had been bought and if all the programs were going to change…I love listening to Jack Graham, and was worried that all of the shows were gone. When I saw Scott’s page, I thought I would post a comment not to hurt him, but to be honest about what I had experienced due to his sour tone that he kept having regarding Obama ! His show was something I very much enjoyed before the whole Obama thing ! No, none of us like Obama, but running it into the ground everyday and being so negative, was very damaging to our world, I think !!!! Instead, we should pray for Obama instead !

        • Pray for obama, indeed. and for all of us. AND, let us be truely discerning to know when someone is taking the time, and courage, to expose EVIL, and help awaken those of us that accept the wisdom God has for us. abortion is SERIOUS!
          and a serious insult to God. enough said! God bless u, scott and lauren.
          I believe that ur ultimate Boss (Jesus, of course) is truely pleased!

          • Steven,

            Yes, you are correct. Abortion is an insult to God, and it is an insult to me and obviously to you and to Scott and Lauren…but Scott bashing Obama for 3 hours a day non-stop isn’t going to make abortion go away !! The hatred that came out of Scott’s shows were very upsetting to me and others….Christians don’t need to behave that way…..yes, lets hate the sin, but also pray for those in office like the bible teaches us to do. Scott took it tooooo far. It was no longer the Scott Wilder show, but the Obama Bashing Show !!! Enough about Obama…there’s nothing we can do about it until the next election !!!!

          • One more thing, Steven….I know this is really Scott….you shouldn’t make it so obvious ! LOL ! Oh, well…you are in my prayers anyway !

        • well, you see, when people like youself try to affend obama, it just makes me sick. Scott is trying to educate the masses and I feel that he was stabbed in the back!!! When you have a man like obama trying to destory our country, someone needs to speak up and defend our rights. He did that and I am very proud of him. Thank you Scott!

        • Cindy,

          I think you are confusing ‘sour tone’ with ‘eternal vigilance’

      • “M. Cockell”,

        May the bird of parasdise fly up your nose, and ya’ll have a nice day.

        God Bless !

        • wow..tremendous display, cindy…

          i will state again that i have never faked a phone call or a post…have never needed to.

          your obsession with someone you despise is almost like you have a vested interest in people feeling negatively about me…like someone who needs to justify something…

          good luck…and best to you,


  295. Scott and Lauren,

    I am just finding out about the change. I thought at first you were on a missions trip or vacation, but the new voice never mentioned the Scott Wilder show. I am disappointed in the change. Yet as for you and your families maybe this will be the best thing that ever happened because of the greatness of the next step in God’s plan for your life. I recently was faced with a possible transition and God gave me this verse and I want to share it with you. Ephesians 6:10

  296. I don’t even know what to say… I’ve listened to you for as long as I have been in North Texas… Fact, I don’t always agree, none the less, you are consistent… You will bounce back… Lauren as well… My prayers are with you…

    Kevin J.

  297. Scott and Lauren,

    As many have written above I wasn’t aware you were no longer on the air. Each afternnon, when I started the drive home, I turned to The Word hoping you would be back from your hiatus. I finally got a clue and went looking for you and found this site. To say I’m disappointed just isn’t adaquate…You both have been such a big part of my afternoons. I looked forward to the daily drive home. You always made me think and when appropriate, take action. Bless you both for your service, insight, integrity and candor. The Word is just not the same…My prayers are with you and your families.
    Many Blessings,

  298. I think the station will miss you when ratings go down!

  299. Dearest Scott & Lauren –

    I am disappointed and saddened to learn you are no longer on the air. I believe management has made a very poor ‘business’ decision. The only shows I listened to on this station were you and the Dave Ramsey show – now you’re both gone so I really don’t have a reason to turn on The Word anymore.

    Moving on, I have truly enjoyed your show over the past 12+ years that I’ve been listening. My son and I enjoyed listening to your show and the wealth of topics you provided for us to discuss and debate – intelligently. I didn’t always agree with you, but
    really appreciate that you caused/allowed me to think for myself.

    You know, it just hit me that this is like just finding out that your much loved brother/sister are moving miles away and visiting is going to be challenging…
    then I realized, you ARE my brother and sister in Christ! You ARE part of my family and I will sorely miss the easy banter between ya’ll just as much as your
    direct frankness in sharing the truth in love.

    We, along with many others, will be praying for you and your families. God clearly has a new direction planned for you and I would like very much to be a part of it. Keep running the race He has mapped out for you knowing that He has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you.

    Thank you for being salt and light – a voice in the wilderness.

    God Bless You & Your Families.


    I Timothy 1:18-19 “…fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience. Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their faith.”

  300. I am so sorry Scott. I will pray without ceasing for you and your family.. There is no problem too big for our God to handle and He will see you to a better door. God Bless You dear heart.

    • I am so sorry Lauren, God Bless you dear. Just remember the Devil never takes a day off and he is trying to punish us with taking you and Scott away from us… Be brave, God will give you back to us in a bigger and better way…There is nothing that our God can not do.. I will be praying for you and Scott. God Bless you both.

  301. Scott,

    I am very sorry to hear of your sudden loss of income and livelihood. I never got a chance to tell you what the real problem was with Obama which I’m sure you already know. He is morale but he is not a born again christian. Something most just took for granted. Unless he meets a Chuck Swindoll or Tony Evans or someone in that league that can lead him to Christ he will continue to lead America from Christ. Boy do we miss your commentary!

    I will pray for both you and Lauren. I believe this must have been just as hard of a decision for the station to make. They are going to loose advertising dollars as well. The WORD probably has other issues…someone there probably resented the following you had amassed and thought it was time for a change….budgetary bah humbug! Why did they increase your airtime only to cut you off totally??? I believe office politics played a role in this decision. You see Scott some people are coveteous, jealous hearted and sneaky. Keep your ears open it will come out sooner or later. But take courage you’ve only begun to soar!!!!!!!!!!

  302. Sometimes God closes doors, but He always opens another.In the Bible it says, “Young lions may go hungry, but Gods people will not go begging for food.”
    So many have lost their jobs, but God is always good and faithful. He can be trusted and will lead you to where He wants you both to be. I will be waiting to listen to you again soon. God bless!

  303. I am so sorry Scott and will be praying for you and your family and Lauren also. I depended on your show to get up to date FACTUAL, TRUTHFUL, FAIR and OBJECTIVE information on the political scene. I will NOT be listening to the WORD radio station in the future. Your show WAS the reason I listened. I am NOT a talk show person really but I got started listening to your show on the way home from work and was hooked.

    Thank you for being salt and light – a voice in the wilderness. I will SORELY miss this and so will many others. I hope you will be back on the air soon! Stunned and speechless. Blessings!!!

  304. I am so sorry that good people that tell the truth is being fired. You and Laruen will be heard again.
    Too many people want to hear what you have to say. Don’t ever give up – I will not stop asking God to bless you two where ever you go. (You will have so much more in a short time, just believe)

    And Thank You Again For The TRUTH – a friend always

  305. I am shocked! You have truly being a teacher, a guide and an inspiration to me. I’ve learned so much from you about life, faith, people and the world. I also had lots of fun listening to your program.
    I will pray for you and your family and please let me know where you will be next. I will change radio stations in a second!
    Be blessed,

  306. I am disheartened and completely aghast at the loss of Scott and Lauren. I almost feel as if there has been a death in my family. The primary reason I listen to the WORD is because of their show. I have to say that I have already been rather disgusted on occasion with the station because of the advertising. I am embarrassed to have my 5 year old daughter even listen to the preaching in the mornings because of all the ads for plastic surgery and debt escape. I am trying to teach her to value her body as a gift from God and that our debts are our responsibility. These ads do not seem to be upholding a moral, Christian viewpoint, and have been enough to make me consider no longer tuning in…the loss of Scott and Lauren may just do it completely.

  307. So I go on vacation and when I get back my two favorite people are off the air.
    I loved your show because you were saying the “Truth” and people were able to voice their thoughts and frustrations too.
    I always tell my children “Right don’t change, If it was right yesterday It’s right today.”
    Continue to walk in what you know…Jesus He is Life…Whole…and Truth.
    Once while going through a difficult time I said to God “Life’s not fair!” He said ” Yes,but I can even the score.”
    I pray for God to guide and lead you as you grow in humility, God will shine brighter and brighter each day. What the enemy meant for evil God can make good.
    I had a bad wreck and while hanging upside down from the seat belt in my car I said “God what ever your trying to say to me I’m ready to listen.”
    He said “Know this I am not a lesser God according to your circumstances.”
    May you feel the prayers of many who are holding you up at this time.
    Blessings From Ardmore.

  308. very sorry. praying. you are great. you are so good at what you do. i have learned so much from you. sincerely your friend in ardmore.

  309. Well, just like a lot of the others above…..I am definitely broken-hearted. I have been gone on vacation since 7/10, so when I turned on my radio for Scott this afternoon, I too was stymied by the strange lady with no mention of being on for Scott and no mention of Lauren anywhere. I thought it was strange, so I went to Scott’s site, only to find the sad news. Scott and Lauren, I have listened for at least 9 or 10 years and I will miss you guys sorely. I listened every day on my way home to Rockwall from my school where I work in Plano. I do NOT know how I will survive when school starts in a couple of weeks. Scott, I appreciated your values, your knowledge, your sense of humor and your committment to helping people think. I will truly miss you both and I will definitely keep you and your families in my prayers.

  310. Scott,

    I cannot believe that you were fired from KWRD and that your show has been cancelled! I have briefly read over your statement, and some of the comments, but I have a hard time believing that it is for “budgetary” reasons.

    I believe that you were fired because of the truth that you speak. And I believe that your firing must have been brought about, starting with when that pastor was telling his congregation not to listen to you.

    I believe that your firing is the result of political correctness and the Obama supporters putting pressure on the radio station to fire you. There are members of our Christian community that truly have race as their highest identify and their highest identify is not as a follower of Christ.

    I believe that you spoke the truth when you said that you cannot claim to be Pro-Life if you supported Obama for President. Just as with some people who join an apostate church because they do not like to be reminded of their sin, Obama supporters do not like to be reminded that they support the most Pro-Abortion President in our history as a nation.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your list of 5 priorities regarding the selection of our President: Life, taxes, the courts, the war, etc.

    I cannot believe that you have not already been hired to host another Christian talk radio show or even to host a show on Fox News.

    I will keep you in my prayers. I know that God has a great plan for you to continue to speak the truth and to be a beacon on a hill and to be salt and light in our communities, just as Christ commanded us to be.

    I look forward to following you and to see the great things that God has in store for you. Keep up the great service to our Lord with the distribution of Bibles and your other mission work. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday at PBC or elsewhere.

    Thank you and God Bless You,

  311. Scott and Lauren, I never called into the show, however, I felt like an active participant. I miss the show. I know that you and Lauren will be back on the air – I await that day.
    I will keep both of you in my daily prayers.

  312. Why did they do it ? And I am not at all happy with the replacement show.
    IS there any hidden agenda behind this ?
    Is there any political reasons behind this.

    I am sure our Lord will open a new way for you and we are already missing your show.

  313. Scott – it was time – you need to move on.

  314. Scott and Lauren,

    Thank you for years of friendship as I would start dinner for my family of seven and flip the radio from Dave to The Scott Wildershow. My kitchen is now silent as I prepare dinner now. No more taking notes as I cook, or calling the White House on speed dial from my cell phone to leave a my opinion or yelling at my radio or calling my friends to tune in to what you saying to a caller (that happened a lot during election time). I feel like I lost a friend and I am trying to get my feet under me. So many times I felt confident on an issue and tuned into you that day and would think….”I never thought of it that way”…NEVER stop talking. NEVER give up being the voice of reason. Let me know where you guys are and I will tune in once again. Until then….

  315. Was very surprised to learn the show had been cancelled. I have listened to Scott and Lauren every day on my way home from work for years. That’s the only program I listen to on KWRD; it is very informative; my one real way of keeping up with current events. If the true reason for cancelling the show was budgetary, KWRD won’t even have a budget if the replacement program continues. I will be praying for both of you, but I will also be praying for the person who fired you. BIG MISTAKE!!

  316. To my friends Scott & Lauren (I’ve listened long enough, you ARE my friends), I almost don’t have words to tell you the empty feeling I have today. Salem has made a grevious error in judgement. I have always thought of you two as postal workers in that no matter whether you’re delivering good news or disturbing news to my heart and mind, you never fail to deliver…always consistent in delivering what we need. I have not missed an afternoon ride home with you in 10 years. What you two do is a calling from the King. Somedays you are jesters, and more often than not, suited up as knights in Gods armour…defending his kingdom. I love and appreciate you both for your ministry in our community. I along with everyone else, will be hearing from you both real soon. If I were a rich man, I would buy 2 hours of air time each day and let you guys do your thing! May the Lord bless and keep both of you. I’ll be listening for you….

  317. Completely shocked! I kept putting the radio on your station, and hearing someone else, assumed you were on summer vacation and changed the channel. I am so dissappointed! Best of luck to you and Lauren and your families.

  318. Here’s a great example of why I always enjoyed The Scott Wilder Show

    I’m sorry but the new show is all fluff. I’m sure Ms. Mefford is a very nice lady, and there have been a couple of interesting interviews but it’s not challenging. Reminds me of Christians just gathering around in their little “holy huddle” complaining about how bad the world is, and that’s about it.

    Non-Christians and others listened to Scott. We were all better for the time spent listening and thinking about issues, not just taking the obivious “Christian” answer.

    I will be writing the station again tonight. I gave it 2 weeks.


  319. Scott and Lauren ~ You will be missed! Blessings to your families and yourselves!

  320. I am so sad and disappointed. Scott and Lauren, you have been part of my life since 2000. I will miss you guys. I feel like I lost my very best friends. God has something BIG for both of you. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  321. Scott & Lauren,
    I miss your show tremendously. I’ve lost a valuable connection for the Christian world view. Both of you, as well as your families, are in my prayers.

    Long time listener,

  322. Scott / Lauren:

    You guys were a voice of reason. The only ones who would dare stand up to Obama. I enjoyed hearing how you would track the idealogies that Obama would speak of and then show us how contradicting he really was. I ONLY listened to KRWD for your show. It will be sad to see their ratings go down now that you are gone. Maybe then, they’ll recognize your importance. My prayers go out to you both.

  323. I forwarded the following message to John Peroyea:

    Since moving to Dallas from Washington, DC two years ago, I have made KWRD my primary radio station. This was largely do to the Scott Wilder show, with Lauren Litner. I just returned from vacation to learn of their termination from the station. I am shocked and disheartened. The well informed, articulate, lively presentation of issues pertinent to our Country and world as lead by Scott and Lauren will be greatly missed. The absence of the Scott Wilder Show truly leaves a hole in the fabric of Christian talk radio in the Greater Dallas area. I know that I am not alone in my reaction.

    In his reply, Mr. Peroyea included the following in reference to the “new” program; “We have had more positive input about her new show than complaints about the change.” I can’t help but wonder… is this indicative of reality… or is it mere “spin”. Either way… the loss is shared by all.

    • I got the same response from Mr. Peroyea, a long letter that says nothing really, just a pat response to everyone. I really don’t believe it was budgetary at all. My ride home from work in the afternoon is now boring, I don’t care for the new show, there is no “spunk” to it. The only thing I listen to on KWRD is Richard Ellis at 6:30 in the morning on my way to work.

      Still praying for Scott & Lauren!

  324. I’ve been out of town and cannot believe KWRD cancelled you! You two were the highlight of the afternoon and I appreciated your insights on what’s going on in this world as well as your humor. You’re both in my prayers. Guess I’ll have to switch to AM radio now. Unbelieveable!!!

  325. I can not believe this!! I have been emailing the WORD asking about you and your show and I get no response…. now I find out what happened and I am so disappointed and I think they are making a huge mistake!! I’m sure there was more behind this…. I agreed with most all of your opinions on every matter, I feel this was political, if you know what I mean, and I’m sure you do…. I will keep you and your family and Lauren’s in my prayers. God Bless you with whatever comes your way and hopefully, you will be back on air somewhere soon and I will be able to listen to you guys again.
    Angela Mitchell
    Ardmore, Oklahoma

  326. I cannot believe that one of the best shows ever was canceled due to budget. I smell something fishy. I think that Scott and Lauren hit on some tough topics and that somebody did not like that, hence, the layoff.

    Anyhow, God is in control and He will intervene. Their voices will not be silenced. I also sent an email to express my disappointment.

    Let’s all pray and watch what God will do!

  327. I just sent another email to station management. I would like to invite the other listeners to Scott and Lauren to read what I wrote at my blog.


    Ron P.

  328. Scott.
    I just got back into the country and was shocked to find you two were gone. I feel that there was more to this. The WORD has lost a listener.

  329. Okay. So, what’s the latest? Is Salem/KWRD about to announce it made a blunder of epic proportions. Much like the Coca-Cola Co., are they ready to cast aside “New Coke” and reintroduce “Coke Classic?” Or, was the decision to cancel the show enacted by the same NBC Executive who lacked any kind of foresight, and canceled Star Trek after only two seasons? (betcha he’s still kickin’ himself over that one)

    Is there anyone at the station man (or woman) enough to say to the (formerly loyal) listeners, “We’re truly sorry. We’ve made a terrible mistake. We beg forgiveness from Scott, Lauren, each of their families and the family of KWRD listeners. Please, all of you, come back.”

    We’re still praying for each of you and your families. Update us when you’re able.

  330. Hey Scott and Lauren,
    I really miss hearing you both on my ride home from work. I tried two times to listen to the “new show” and I couldn’t do it!!! 100.7 lost a long time listner for good. I can’t and won’t support a radio station who didn’t even have the common courtesy to tell it’s listners what happened. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You guys take care and I pray you will back on the air soon because you are being missed.

  331. Scott and Lauren-
    Although I have not listened to you over the last several months due to scheduling conflicts with your air time and my car time, I have listened to you for years and enjoyed your show immensely. I always found you to be comfort in a dark, ever-changing world. Please know that you and your families are in my prayers. I do hope you both get to stay in Dallas and are picked up by another, wiser station. God Bless! Celeste

  332. Scott,

    You and Lauren stood up for what was right and did not back down with the opposition. I am so sorry that you were let go. Salem communications lost a very valuable voice for the Lord. Is is as if the company bowed to outside pressure which I sincerely hope they did not. I sure would like a response from them as to why they did this but am sure I will not receive one. You and Lauren and your families are in my prayers. Please keep all of your faithful listeners informed as to what you are doing especially if you have another program.

  333. Hello Scott and Lauren, Obviously, The Word FM management caved in to pressure from the Pro Obama crowd, who had targeted your show. For years I valued your insite and opinions. Your show was one of the few places where the Christian perspective was voiced on many important issues. I loved your show. I no longer listen to The Word FM in the afternoon. I will miss Laurens “uhaas” and giggles. She was your “Ed McMahon”. I pray that God will return our country to the Bible, the Constitution, common sense, and sanity.

  334. Scott, Lauren……I have been wondering where you two went so I thought I would come to your site. Needless to say I am shocked. I like Janet Medford? but she’s not Scott and Lauren. I’ve learned a lot from you and will miss all the insight. I will add you both to my prayers and anxiously await your next step.

  335. I couldn’t believe it when I turned on the radio that first afternoon and there was no Scott Wilder show. And, no explanation by the station to boot! I’ve really missed your show, and can only conclude that you guys were making too much of a “Kingdom” difference, and the adversary really didn’t like it. Unfortunately, I’ve personally discovered that he has connections within the Church (wheat among the tares).

    Several years back, I left my career in engineering to pursue seminary, and a subsequent role as pastor of a small church in Cape Girardeau, MO. The church had about 5 different church splits in it’s 15 year history. Reader’s Digest version: We discovered my wife had 4th stage breast cancer, right in the middle of trying to work a conflict resolution with our District. So, I stepped down as pastor to help take care of our three young children, and help my wife get through the chemo, surgery and radiation therapy. In the end, the Lord miraculously healed my wife, and she’s now cancer free with a wonderful testimony of what God did in her life.

    I’m now back in engineering, yet have the privilege of leading the service at a local retirement community. It didn’t go the way I would’ve planned it, but I’ve seen God do some incredible miracles in the process.

    I’ll look forward to hearing about the miracles that God brings in both of your ministries in the near future. In the meantime, my wife and I will be praying for you and your families. The Lord will provide in amazing ways, especially in the midst of adversity.

    Your brother in Christ,

  336. Wilder for President! Hey Scott, first of all I want to encourage you “with God all things are possible.” Secondly, I have learned so much from you over the years and I’m one of your fans who agrees with you 100% of the time. I will pray for you and our country. Thank you for enlightening, educating and inspiring me since the late 90’s. Please come back somehow, someway and continue to inform and share your passion with us.

  337. I just got back yesterday from vacation in Pennsylvania. I seen your posts on Facebook and was trying to figure out what everyone was talking about.

    I am saddened and shocked this happened. I love you guys and what you stand for…the Truth. To bad many so-called Christians only wear their Christianity when it suits them.

    I don’t know what we could do, but if you need anything you have my e-mail.

    You and your families are in our thoughts and prayers.

    The Crawford Family

  338. Scott & Lauren,

    I have listened and pointed many others to your show since the beginning, so I want to thank you for the contribution you have made to my life. It is one that I see and feel most in my my walk with the Lord, secondly as a man, husband and father and then as a citizen of Texas and this great country. You have helped me to educate and lead my family, to get in and stay in the conversation about things that matter — at home, at work, at church and everywhere.

    My family and I are disappointed that we will not be able to connect with you the in the “usual way”, but we know God is good. We trust and know that He will continue to use the two of you in great ways.

    We will definitely tag along to your next destination with great anticipation!

    Have a cold Dr. Pepper and hang in there. Remember that you are loved and supported by many, many good people.

    Thanks for everything.

    Jason Penland
    avid listener/reader

  339. Scott and Lauren,

    I am slow in learning of the fate of your show. I finally remembered to look it up online just today!!! I had tuned in each day since you were let go and had wondered why you weren’t back yet. I am so sorry to hear this has happened. I was a fairly new listener and had enjoyed your commentary during the primary’s and election as well as the post election mess our Country faces. I will be praying for each of your families. God will provide a sanctuary in the midst of this storm.

  340. Scott & Laura,
    I was just shocked to find out you were no longer on the radio…I found you about 11 years ago as I traveled from the Lake to classes in Mesquite in the evening after teaching classes all day…you were my solid companion for three years and I am always happy to be in the car when I can listen. You were always so thoughtful and logical and made my journey so pleasant. You were the reason I listened to the station. I follow you on facebook and will continue. I will be in prayer that God gives you a wider audience and that God continues to use you. When a door closes look for the window, it seems the station has made a bad decision!

  341. I’ve been out of town and listened this afternoon. I, like many others, thought you were on a mission trip or vacation. When I checked wildershow.com, it brought me here.
    Your show was the only reason I had 100.7 preset in my car. I won’t listen again to that station.
    I appreciate your thoughtful views. Let us know when you are back on the air. You will be in my prayers.

  342. To say I’m stunned hardly describes it. Disappointed, sad, shocked, in denial — none of them seem adequate. No doubt God will use you somewhere else, but in the meantime I’m grieving. Can I thank you both, Scott and Lauren? Besides all the laughs, besides keeping me informed, you’ve taught me to pay attention to and care about what’s going on in the world. You’ve grown me up, in a sense (tho I’m older than you), by teaching me to understand, think, and communicate more clearly and confidently about what’s true and right, and thereby also taught those around me. And you can’t put a price on that. Thanks for never compromising the truth!!!

  343. Scott and Lauren,
    You both will be missed more than you can ever imagine. I know where ever you land it will be in a place where you can be even more effective for Him. “Someone moved my cheese” as they say and I will move as well when it shows up again. God’s sweetest blessings on you for your honesty and boldness to do and say the right thing. That is what leaders are made of and time will pass and ALL WILL KNOW you spoke the truth. Thank you for everything! Helen
    P.S.You certainly did not let your kids down and that must feel great to have been such an example.

  344. Scott and Lauren,
    I had gone to the show several times, changed the station when I thought you had a substitute, and the lady did not sound that interesting. I was worried the other day when I listened longer and realized your name was no longer being touted as the “show”. I am so sorry you will not be on KWRD any longer. I have been listening to you Scott, since you started, and our daughters are the same age. I will miss you Lauren as well, as you aptly temper Scott! I will pray for an opening in this market for what you do; you have informed me so many times when the rest of the media did not.
    Thank you for your service.

  345. Scott,

    I have been travelling off and on and tuned in over the last week or so, thinking you were either on vacation or on one of your Bible League trips. The longer it went with none of the same bumper music or such, I became concerned. So much so that I went to the web site and noticed the conspicuous absence of your presence.

    While you continue to be a class act, I don’t have to be so kind. How shortsighted of KRWD! The one program that set them apart from being just another “cookie cutter” Christian station, with nothing but syndicated or pre-taped shows is no longer on the air. I’m changing my car button on my way home (during “Boss’s Half Hour”) today.

    I will, indeed, keep you in my prayers and will look forward to offering up my best wishes to you and your family with a hug and a smile at lunch after church one Sunday.

    Your friend.

  346. Scott and Lauren

    Please, know many people are praying for you and your precious families. I had no idea until today that you were not on the The Word FM 100.7. I am sadden along with so many others. I know God has “good” plans for you both and His plans will bring glory to Him and bless your lives.

    God Bless.

  347. Dear Scott and Lauren,

    Well, I cannot say anything more than has already been expressed. I, too have been shocked at the change. May the young lady who is in your spot be articulate and have Godly perspectives and insight.
    I will particularly miss the many holiday shows that you have presented. Recordings of famous Americans are rarely heard but I could always count on you guys to celebrate the 4th and Memorial Day as well as others.
    Thank you – for you know that your work has not been done in vain.

    In Christ,
    Alex Kelley

  348. I returned to Texas last week after living three
    LOOOOONG years in North Dakota. Yesterday I tuned
    in to your station and heard some lady discussing
    the efficacy of marrying young. Something to the effect of “it’s best to marry young because you’ll
    get sexual satisfaction that way and won’t be tempted
    to sleep around.”

    I figured something foul was afoot. Maybe your show
    wasn’t “edgy” enough for the current “moral climate”
    in America. Maybe you needed to spice up your show
    with sexual advice and sellout statements about abortion and homosexuality. After all, it’s not good
    enough that you’re Christian these days…you have to
    be “hip” in the age of the Moral Relativist Hipster Obama.

    Sorry to see you go…your intelligence will be missed.

  349. Scott & Lauren,

    For a couple of weeks I tuned in to The Word and heard the lady speaking. At first I thought it was a commercial. Then after about 5 minutes, I thought she was filling in for you for the day. When I checked in the next day she was on again. My thought was then, Scott is on a mission trip. I then noticed that there was no mention of the Scott wilder show. I finally decided it was time to do some searching to see what was going on.

    Now I know and I feel a little sick about it although I know that God has great plans for you guys. Where ever He leads you I will be there in support. Scott, you have been one of the few voices out there that was able to articulate what I was thinking. You felt like the brother I always wish I had.

    I’m a firm believer in boycotting the things I don’t like and will boycott KWRD until the Lord leads me back for some reason. But for now, I’m removing it from my favorite station list. There are plenty of other stations to listen to.

    To Rick who said that he may have saved 200 jobs by being fired. Could you give me some specifics on that? I’m not in radio but would like to know how that many jobs would be saved by letting Scott and Lauren go.

    Scott and Lauren, thanks for all you have done and will do. We’ll see you soon, I’m sure of it.

    With Prayers,


  350. Can not believe it..I called today, because I thought what happended, and they wouldnt comment. I will email them, you and Lauren are sorely missed.

  351. I have been tuning in everyday, thinking Scott and Lauren were on a trip or vacation. Today after never hearing any reference to the two of you I decided to google ya’ll. I am horrified to find out that you were terminated. I have listened to you all since you first started. I always look forward to the “wilder” time of day. I will keep you and your families in my prayers. I know it’s just business but I believe they made a big mistake! The Lord has big plans for you both.

  352. I always listen to your show when I drive to Texas to visit my elderly parents. As I got into Texas on my last trip, I thought where is Scott and Lauren? I thought maybe on vacation? I mentally made a note to check to see what was going on. Just now, the Lord spoke to my heart to look you up on the internet and try to find out what happened. I am sitting here in SHOCK! I throughly enjoyed your show and I will miss it so much. I looked forward to it and couldn’t wait until I made it closer to Texas to pick it up. I would actually wait to leave Oklahoma later in the day so I could hear your entire show. Then I would listen it to it while I was in Texas. Oh, I will miss you so much! I will never understand why they took you off the air. It just just doesn’t make sense to me. I will keep you and Lauren in my prayers.

    Owasso, OK

  353. Hey Scott,

    I haven’t listened to 100.7 since I found out the show had canceled. I’ve also contacted Mr. Peroya and EVERY advertiser on the KWRD webpage (http://www.thewordfm.com/Advertisers.aspx) telling them I would no longer listen to or support the station (until they bring you and Lauren back…with a FULL apology to y’all & the listening audience). Most of the advertisers were also disheartened at your dismissal, a few even said they were discontinuing their advertising relationship with Salem, and a lot of them, suggested contacting the station, which, as I’ve stated, I told them I had.

    So, my question is how long before they begin to REALLY feel the “budgetary” crunch??

    Any prospect of you & Lauren broadcasting on the internet?

    Love & Prayers

  354. FYI, since I received little to no satisfaction from Mr. Peroya, I sent a message directly to Salem…http://www.srnonline.com/index-contactus.shtml

  355. Dear Scott and Lauren~

    I’ve listened to the Word, 100.7 FM (this is where I always hear Lauren’s voice in my head!!) since 1997! However, I haven’t tuned in regularly over the past month or so because of our summer schedule! I heard someone different in your time slot and figured you guys must be on vacation! When I went to your website and got this, I thought you were joking at first until I continued to read! I am so saddened and utterly shocked! It’s like having a family member just pack up and move away suddenly! Yes, I will pray! But I really hate that you and Lauren aren’t there. It’s just not the same!! Budgetary–how cold and clinical. So, I guess the logic is that letting you go and filling the space with someone unfamiliar will hike the ratings into untold profits! (No, I am not bitter, just really annoyed!) I know God is in all of this and that He is still as big as He is! May He bless you and carry you and your families (and those who miss you terribly too!) as you seek His direction.

  356. I am also shocked when I listened and heard someone other than you and Lauren, I thought oh maybe it is just someone covering for you while on vacation and then it hit me when they did not say the Scott Wilder show,, I am praying for you and Lauren and your families, I really, really, miss your show I so looked forward to it everyday. I am saddened. I know you will be back in the spotlight very soon!

    • Ditto…

  357. I am so sorry, I just cant believe this has happened. I always listened to you guys on my drive home from work most every day and looked forward to hearing your insight and from a Christian perspective. I KNOW the Lord will provide you even a better oppertunity than the one you had and I will be praying for you and Lauren and your families. What was KWRD management thinking???

  358. Scott,

    I am truly sorry for this situation. Since I’ve discovered your show about six-years ago, I’ve been a fairly regular listener, and I’ve even called you a good dozen times for some good counterpoint discussion.

    I’ve never agreed with everything you’ve said, I’m not a Christian (so obviously there were always differences of opinion) but I definitely took your show’s opinion as a real thermometer of what your constituency had to say on matters of importance (in general) and I found your show gratifying and open for relatively good discussion.

    I am saddened to see your show off the air – but I’ll look eagerly for your resurgence wherever it might be.

    My best wishes to you and Lauren.


  359. Scott and Lauren,
    I’m so sorry for what has happened. I miss your show terribly. I have to tell you that before I started listening to your show I called myself a “yellow dog Democrat.” I soon learned how little I knew about what it meant to be a Democrat. I was young and dumb and grew up with parents who called themselves Democrats, so naturally, I did too. Your show, Scott, namely YOU, changed me dramatically. For the first time in my life I learned to tell people what I believed politically, and to tell them WHY. And it wasn’t the Democrats views I was telling. At first, I didn’t like you, but I listened anyway. You just made so dad gum much sense. I learned that I needed to stand up politically for what I knew to be right morally. To get back to why I am writing this (long) comment, I think it’s a crying shame that a show such as yours has been taken off the airwaves. I will pray for you, and Lauren, and all involved in the show. I will pray for your families. I do believe God has much more in store for you. No way would he let your talents go to waste.

  360. Hi Scott,

    I have never met you personally, but I had lunch with a mutual friend of ours today – Jamie McCrary. I had asked her to let you know that I have been a consistent listener and I was very disappointed when I returned from vacation and learned that you and Lauren were no longer on 100.7. Then I decided that I would tell you myself. I’ve really learned a lot from you over the past few years of tuning in, and the drive home will not be the same. I just wanted to let you and Lauren know that I am praying for you and your families (including your father-in-law), and I am very excited to see what God has in store for you. I will check back often to see where He leads you. Please be encouraged.

    In Christ,

    Stacey Yanez
    McKinney, TX

  361. I posted this on Facebook as well.


    Isn’t ANYONE from Salem taking note of all the posts, emails and phone calls? Does it mean nothing to them? The replacement show is shallow & boring. I wanted to call in several times during the replacement show over the last 2 weeks and say “Of course those ideas aren’t biblical, the proponents are not Christians. How about a discussion of why they believe differently from Christians.”

    How about a discussion about various beliefs about an issue based on different (but orthodox) interpretaions of scripture. For example we don’t all accept the Tim LaHaye dispensational interpretations of “end times”.

    Why no call to the SRN Whitehouse reporter? Why no calls to interview Kelly Shackelford?
    Just reading articles or interviewing Christians in some ministry. Nice, but plain vanilla mostly.

    How about reaching out to non-Christians? Draw them into the conversation.

    Now it’s Just sort of a “holy huddle” from 3-6:30!”

    Please Scott & Lauren…come back soon!

  362. Scott & Lauren,
    I am speechless at learning of this news; shock would be a better word. I will be checking your site to see where you land, and yes, I will be praying for you both and for your families. God has shown himself to be a faithful and awesome God to me and my family countless times, and I know He has something awesome ahead for you both. The drive home will never be the same!
    Rhonda Guerry
    Forney, TX

  363. Scott & Lauren,
    I just found out today that you guys were not on a long vacation. I am really sorry to hear that you are off the air. I have listened to you for at least the last 4 years, and did not always agree with you, but your passion for political issues made me really want to learn more about Christainity and government issues. You challenged me in ways that I had not been challenged before and that is what kept me listening.
    I have to say though that sometimes GOD has away of moving us to the next level. You probably would never have left the show on your own, but if GOD wants/needs you somewhere else then he will allow things to happen to get you to where he wants you to be. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and not necessarily the way we would have chosen, if we would have chosen at all, but as it has been said before, GOD will not leave you nor forsake you. You and your family and Lauren and her family will all be fine, and I know that you know that. Continue to walk closely with the LORD, and I am sure we will be hearing from you in some arena soon. Then I am sure that I will be mad again, but that is ok, because it is your right to say what you feel and mine to get mad and get over it, and then be a better person for having the opportunity to learn something new.

    God Bless you and Lauren

  364. Scott and Lauren,
    I am still truly sad by your absence on the radio. My afternoons are dull, but at least there is music on KCBI I can listen to for awhile. I’m glad to hear Lauren you have peace and Scott I love your photography. Thanks for keeping up the website so your not completely gone.

    God bless,
    Misty Cash

  365. Dear Scott and Lauren,
    Well, I can tell you one thing, I am not listening to that radio station any longer. In fact, I now pull information out of the library. With all due respect to the radio station “what were they thinking?” Every day I listened to your show for hours while I traveled in my car (my commute time is long) and while at work. I know of the wonderful work you both did and I will keep you in my prayers. I do not know you personally, however, I feel you guys are friends not only of this country, but friends of our traditional families, values and Christian voices. Will certainly pray for both you and your famililies. The Lord KNOWS the work you did on his behalf and he will reward you for it. I know our Lord has a FABULOUS project working as his disciple lined up for you. Just be patient. In all you do acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Miss you guys. Our prayers are with you.

  366. Like the others, I tuned in yesterday and couldn’t figure out what had happened. I loved the show and have been listening since the beginning. You’ve been my political “interpreter” since the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal . . . I laugh every time I think of the song you used to play during that ordeal – “I’m sorry, so sorry, please accept my apologies.”

    I wish you and Lauren the very best and hope some station will snatch you up soon. A secular station would make a great platform for what you do – they can just run a warning before each show saying the views and opinions expressed are these crazy Christians’ and not the station’s. Think of the phone calls! But truly, it would be a good opportunity to reach people you wouldn’t have otherwise and be a great resource for like minded listeners.

    Thank you,

  367. Scott,
    I had listened to your show since you came over from KLTY. You remind me of my own father in the way you logically break down arguments. I used to say, “If you’re going to call and debate Scott, you better know why you believe what you believe.” I will truly miss that in this time when so many are just repeating the mainstream media soundbites without giving any thought to what they are saying or even doing minimal research to verify what they heard is factual.

    On a lighter note (or maybe heavier…you decide after reading), I have a Palin sticker on my car. A guy passed me on the road, held his hand out the window, and made an “O” with his hand. I did not immediately get the meaning, so when we were at a light, I rolled down my window and asked him what it meant. He said, “Obama!”. I replied, “Oh. So you think he’s doing a GOOD job?” His response, “Yeah, man. Socialism!” At least he wasn’t misled on where Obama is trying to take us.

    God bless you, Lauren, and your families. Please let us know where the Lord takes you, as you are like family to your listeners (and indeed are family to those of us in Christ) and we truly care about you.


  368. I miss the 2 of you on my ride home and I do not like the changes that have occured on The Word. The new programs are just not the same. I wish you both the best and hope to hear you on another DFW area station soon. You are in my prayers always.

  369. Scott I really miss your program, you made me think about some positions I had politically, rest assured, I will be praying for you and looking for your next program

  370. I miss your Show more each day. I am a long time listener. I am not a young woman and not too savvy on much of the political agendas. I have come to depend on you and Lauren to keep me in tune with the latest escapades of the far left, as well as explaining what we can do to help ourselves. I have listened to the show that is airing in your spot twice; however, it is not very entertaining and can’t compare with you and Lauren and doesn’t hold my interest long. One of the things my daughter and I looked forward to each day was discussing your show and the information we had gleaned that day. My family and friends feel the same way, so rest assured that whenever and wherever your show may air, all your listeners will be tuned in from day one; I hope that will be soon.

    Yours in Christ

  371. Dear Scott,
    I was hoping you were off somewhere sharing the Good News in a faraway land or spending time with your family, but today I finally had to log on to the website to find out. I have missed you and Lauren tremendously, and I am stunned to learn what happened. Please know that you will both be in my prayers. You have such a clear voice, both for Christians and conservatives, and I will sorely feel a void. Usually God has something even better ahead, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    With much love in Christ,

  372. Unbelievable! Your show was the only reason I listened to that station. I valued your insite more than you know. I will be praying for you and Lauren. Will miss you terribly. Let us know if you get another show, I will set my radio so I can continue enjoying the ride home.

  373. I am very shocked and saddened that you guys are not one the show. For me the edge is gone and the interest you could masterfully draw from the audience is gone. It just simpy lacks substance. The show is now ordinary. I have tried to listen but after you two it holds no interest for me. I will be adding you in my prayers!

    God’s Speed,
    CPT Cindy May
    US Army Nurse corp

  374. Scott

    I am very sad that you are no longer on the air. I will not listen to the station anymore. Really the question is: Who is running the station.. not sure I would want to work there anyway. They are not what they seem to be…. Our prayers will be with you.

  375. The silence is deafening.

    • Hopefully the advertisers will feel this way, too!

      • They had already stopped spending their Ad $ on his show….Let it go, move on as Scott and Lauren have!

        The new show has more ads and is bring in more money, so nothing you say or write is going to change anything.

        Leave the show and station along…spend time writing to your Reps and Senators…remember to use your VOTE that’s were your voice can do some GOOD!

        • actually, ronald…that isn’t true…you could ask Cross International about the productivity of the three and a half hours we were on the air relative to the rest of the day…i won’t detail it here out of modesty, but it would certainly make the point.

          btw, more ads don’t mean more money necessarily….any radio person might tell you about bonus spots and no-charges. i don’t expect everyone to understand that, but coming to a conclusion about revenue based on the number of spots would be a mistake… albeit a common one.

          i do agree that everyone should be taking the issues seriously and contacting their reps to express their opinions…that’s what we did when we were on the air…and that’s what i still believe.

          • Thanks Scott, I don’t know what the spots cost, I just know that there are more ads now than there were the last month or so on your show. For all I know the station my be giving the time away now.

  376. you are kidding me… oh my gosh!! I loved your show — and I loved both of you!!! you will be SO very MISSED!!!
    I always had my boys 13 and 15 listen to you because you made the ‘Christian’ point so well!! you had a BIG infulence on my kids… Thank you!!

    God Bless BOTH of you!!!

  377. Not to diminish the outpouring of love & support for Scott, Lauren & their families, but you can listen to some of your favorite ministry programs via the net directly on the ministries’ websites (e.g. Pastor Raul Ries at http://www.somebodylovesyou.org, Pastor Richard Ellis at http://www.reunionchurch.org, Dr. James Dobson at http://www.focusonthefamily.org, etc.).

    So, to a degree, KWRD may not even be necessary. Although, I still haven’t quite figured out how to listen to these programs in my truck…yet.

  378. I absolutely am stunned. Whoever made this decision made a severe mistake. Scott Wilder/Lauren were the voice of reason in a very misguided world. He always spoke the truth when it was usually unpopular. Scott is a man of conviction who revered the Lord Jesus and his show followed suit. This was the only show I listened to on the station, and now my afternoons are empty and I am saddened for the metroplex, but mostly the families of Scott and Lauren. Shame on you.

    • One can speak the truth without being RUDE and Condescending….Name calling isn’t winning any souls.

      Be more Christ-like, NOT Scott-like.

  379. My heart goes out to you both and your families. You made a difference in my life and the life of my son. I must have started listening to you soon after you began more than 10+ years ago…wow, how time flies. As a fairly new Christian back in the beginning, you’ve taught me how important it is to stand up for what we believe as Christians. And, even more important than that, you’ve challenged me to think about what it is to be a Christian in the world and yet not of the world. I have been faced with many opposing voices in my life and you both have been an encouragement to me to hear you graciously defend your Christian faith and beliefs. I knew nothing of politics and the why behind voting the way had when I first began listening to you, how precious a gift it was last year when my son, a 5th grader, voted in his first school election and although many cursed him for his vote he stood his ground and was able to successfully explain why he voted the way he did. Thank you for standing firm in the faith of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and for being a witness to our families. Thank you for the laughs, I remember laughing so hard at hearing you and Lauren laugh during her sport’s journal that I repeatedly had to wipe away tears while driving so as not to have a wreck. My favorite song right now, from the Fireproof soundtrack, says…
    I will move ahead bold and confident
    taking every step in obedience
    while I’m waiting on you, Lord; I will serve you
    while I’m waiting; I will worship
    while I’m waiting; I will not fade
    I will be running the race even while I wait…

    Thank you Scott and Lauren for touching our lives.
    I look forward to hearing what’s next for you both.
    God bless you and your families.

  380. Scott & Lauren,

    I also, as many others, thought ya’ll were on vacation or a mission trip. I really listened yesterday though and didn’t hear any mention of “the Scott Wilder Show” or “_______is filling in for Scott”. So I looked on the computer this morning and saw that was not the case! I am shocked and sad! I just started listening before the elections and have enjoyed all the topics and debates. I agree with others that have commented in that I was better informed and aware of what was happening in the world by just listening each day. I will miss your show greatly! Thank you for being faithful and obedient to the Lord and for standing in the gap – you are both such a blessing and example! Trust Him to guide you both and provide for your families during the transition period.

    God Bless,

  381. I can’t believe they took you off the air. If it means anything, the lady that took your place is not very good. I keep waiting for her to say ” filling in on the Scott Wilder Show.” I will be praying for you, surely with a resume like yours you will find something soon.

  382. Scott and Lauren,

    You will be missed by so many people. You had a way of educating people on important political issues and entertaining at the same time. I was not particularly interested in politics before I began listening to your show. Because of your show, I am now much more interested and knowledgeable in current events and how they affect Christians. Also how we as Christians can stand up for what we believe in. You have given me the confidence to express my own views on various topics. Thank you for that.

    Here is the email I sent to the station:
    I cannot believe that Scott and Lauren were let go. I understand budget issues. However, The Scott Wilder Show was a very important tool to follow and learn about political issues from a Christian perspective that face us daily. It was the only reason I turned this station on. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. If your budget was an issue before, I expect it will become a greater issue without this show. [end]

    Please let us know where God places you next so that we can tune in!

    God bless you both,


  383. Dear Scott and Lauren,
    Thank you for your faithfulness in service to God all of these years. I have enjoyed listening to you both and love the wonderful sense of humor you both have! I will be praying for you both and your families. Whenever the Lord has placed or allowed “a stick of dynamite” on my path of life, something wonderful, already prepared by Him, was just around the corner. Praying Proverbs 3:5,6 and Phil 4:6-8 for you both. God is good, ALL of the time! Your sister in Christ, Kim (also a friend of Jamie at PBC!)

  384. Scott & Lauren,
    Until this week I assumed you were in a remote place distributing Bibles. I am heart sick that you are no longer on the air keeping us informed. I have enjoyed listening to you for nine years. I appreciated your program more than any I have ever listened to.
    Please know you all are in my prayers. I can’t wait to see how God will use in the future!
    Yvonne Robinett

  385. I was shocked to learn that Scott and Lauren are no longer on the radio. I have been listening to the new woman but thought she was just a fill in that maybe you and Lauren were on vacation. I always looked forward to listening to you both about the important issues of the day, especially in very troubling time in the United States and the world. You made sense which is hard to find with the new administration these days.
    I cannot imagine what the owners were possibly thinking. You were the best thing on the station.. I will not listen to them anymore and I always recommended your time slot to all of my friends. You will be missed.

  386. As you and Lauren know, I have disagreed with just about every thing you have said, but our conversations have always been civil and thoughtful.I have learned what the Christian ‘world view’ is all about and have an understanding and respect for it-something more atheists like myself need to take the time to do.That was my goal in listening. Also, felt like a friendship had developed.You two live what you believe-a rare commodity today.By the way, I have an extra shovel if you ever need it.

    Brian Rutledge

  387. Does anyone else smell something “fishy”??? I believe this is just the beginning – if someone does not agree with our Government, they will dismiss them, just like they have those of us who attend the “Tea Parties” and voice our opinions at Town Hall Meetings. Scott, your voice has been heard – your opinions listened to, and whether or not I agreed with everything, I was always challenged to THINK and REASON and make my own decision. I learned that, in ALL instances, there is a right and a wrong in the eyes of our Redeemer – and even if is wasn’t the easy road to take, you, Scott Wilder, pointed us in the direction of God’s Word. Thank you for your stand in this time of political correctness. I owe you for making me more aware of my responsibilities in our political times. May God’s blessings be on you and your family and Lauren and her family. Continue to know that you have a legion out here praying for you.

  388. Scott,

    I too was surprised to learn that you were no longer on the air. I have listened to your show since 1997. Sometimes I agreed with you, sometimes I did not. But I listened to you every day to challenge my view and to make me think for myself. As time went by you ceased to share information and your point of view. Rather you began to ridicule anyone that did not share your point of view. You resorted to name calling. You cut short any caller that disagreed with you or could not make their point as strongly or prolifically as you. Your point of view, you claim, is a result of your Christian worldview. Well, if that is the case, surely you understand that even Christians will not always agree. And a disagreement with a Christian does not make one more Christian than the other.

    When I started listening to the TheWordFM, I did so because I wanted to hear the good news of God’s love for ALL mankind — conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats and Independents, all races and colors of people. And for the most part, I still hear that on the station. But when your show came on the air, all bets were off! You wanted to share your point of view and change the minds of others along the way. Often when callers disagreed with you, you would say that it just “makes your head explode!” Well often driving along in my car you made my head explode!

    I have read the comments, which consist mostly of people who share your point of view. As usual you will not hear from many of those who do not.

    I wish you much success in the future, and I pray that you will learn a lesson from this experience. I do not buy the explanation of “budgetary” for your release from the station. I hope that you are smart enough to see through that. In the future I believe that you can have a forum where you can stand and shout your views, but I pray that you will do so with the heart of a Christan and not as an Independent from a Christian worldview.

    P.S. Lauren, please get an opinion of your own and share it boldly — even when it is in conflict with Scott’s opinion.

    Be Blessed!

    • Please see my comments of 8/10

  389. Scott, I was disappointed that you were not on the air since I had learned so much from your political view and christian stand. I have only listemed the past 3 or 4 months and at first thought you were what your opponants have said about you. But then I listened more and thanked God that he had given you the knowledged and voice to stand up to others and voice the Christian view. We need more Christian men to combat the world’s view of living. When you do get own your “soapbox”, I again am thankful to God that you are like John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness. Indeed I will keep you on my heart and be praying God will direct you to another ministry. Yes the Radio station 100.7 has lost a good man and a great audience. God Bless.

  390. Scott & Lauren,
    I am so upset and sorry that your program was cancelled. I love you and you will be terribly missed. I never called the show when you were on air, but I’ve always wanted to share with you how God used you in my life…. about 5 years ago (when I started listening to you) you did a live show…. you had just gotten back from Africa. I came to meet you. When I walked in the doors I knew I was meant to be there. As a result I recommitted my life to the Lord. God led me there through you! I just wanted to encourage you (Romans 8:28) and thank you for your faithfulness because God is and will continue to use you in ways that may never be spoken! God Bless you both and know we will be lifting you up!

  391. You both are already missed more than you’ll know!
    To the haters above, shame on you.
    To the others who think this radio station made a HUGE mistake, why don’t you email them and let them know.

    • E-mail, call, send letters…AND not only to KWRD, but also to Salem AND the advertisers, too!!!

  392. Scott & Lauren,

    I too thought you were handing out Bibles or on vacation. I kept listening everyday and still nothing was said about you. Did they even let the viewers know that you were not on the air anymore? If they did, it was b4 five oclock! I listened to you guys EVERYDAY on my way home.

    The drive is dull now because I just don’t get anything from your “replacement”. I think there is “more to it” than just BUDGET! I think maybe you got on the “wrong toes” or something! Nevertheless, the TRUTH is the TRUTH!

    I will keep you and Lauren in my prayers and I have faith that God will send you both something BETTER than KWRD. They made a fatal mistake in my opinion! Looks like they just lost ALOT of listeners!

    I emailed a comment to the station and asked where you were, and NEVER GOT A REPLY back!!!! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! It doesn’t look KWRD cares about their listeners anymore than they do their employees!

    I will be listening to christian music from now on, at least until some other station snatches you up! Please let me know and I will surely tune in wherever you are!

    God Bless and keep your chin up! (I LOVE you photography by the way!) I dabble in a little of that myself! 🙂

    Angie Lollar

    • Speaking of his photography, when he first mentioned selling some of his photos, I thought, no way, this guy is going to try to sell his vacation pictures, (I’m sure we all have “vacation pictures”) but when I saw then I was AMAZED, there are GREAT and should be called photographs and not pictures….They could very well be in an Art Gallery!

  393. Scott,
    I am so dissapointed in KWRD. I don’t know if they were motivated by politics, finances or other pressures. I do know that in order for any form of media to succeed. They must have an audience. I wonder how many listeners this move cost them. The majority of their programs are pretty generic to most other Christian talk radio stations. Yours however was unique in that you discussed current events fearlessly. You were informed, passionate and honest about the fact that your goal was not political correctness. You and Lauren challenged people to research and think about what they were hearing. While allowing those in opposition a voice. You passionately questioned their reasoning or lack of. You exposed holes in their so called facts or distingusihed the difference between fact and feelings. There were times (not many) when I disagreed with you. But I always respected your knowledge, passion and intelligence.
    Please let your listeners know when some savvy station snatches you and Lauren up. Myself and many others will once again turn on their radios and change the dial to your new station. America should remain the “Home of the Free and the Brave” not the dependent and fearful.

    Prayers for your future,
    Dana Schmidt

  394. Scott:

    I know this is going to be an unpopular post but in the name of honesty and open exchange I think it is worthwhile and would hope everyone will see it as such.

    I have been a long time listener of the Scott Wilder Show for many years on a daily basis and was often entertained and informed regarding the latest events in religion, current events, politics and pop culture.

    I do not like anyone to lose their job, especially those with families to support. I have been trying to logically think throught the events that culminated in your departure. I consider myself a critical thinker and do my best to consider all explanations to a given situation. I’m a firm believer in the principle of Occam’s Razor which as you know, postulates that “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.” Applying this to your situation, I can’t help believing that your departure (firing) was directly connected to two main issues. Firstly, over the years I’ve noticed a more agressive even combative style evolving, particularly in your interactions with those who disagree with your position. I will say I applaud your consistent custom of putting those who disagree at the “head of the line”. I think it’s after they are put at the head of the line that the friction begins. On many occasions I have listened to you interrupt, bully and humiliate a caller even going so far as to parody their manner of speech and dialect. Now let me also say that the points you made in these exchanges were for the most part usually accurate and sincere. It was your approach that was offputting and as you stated on many occasions, true or not, “perception is reality” Secondly, there is the incessant criticism of one political group. Again, I am not by any means saying that your observations and comments were necessarily relative, inaccurate or punitive in nature nor do I believe that you adopted an “in your face” style purely to garner ratings. It may just be you were so passionate about what you believe in that you lost sight of the consequences. The result being your listeners grew tired of the same drumbeat day in and day out.

    I cant help think that these two factors had a negative impact on your advertising base and as a result your position was no longer defensible by Salem.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Good luck


    • my tolerance for people is not low…but my tolerance for rejection of truth is.

      people often identify themselves one way and then support things what are antithetical to what they say they are what what they say they believe. i will admit that i grew weary of having to make that point…and i could’ve done it better.

      i never adopted any demeanor or position for any ratings thing…maybe i should’ve…most guys who do shows do that…gin up controversy, fake phone calls their own shows, etc. i never did it…didn’t seem honest.

      if i was guilty of anything regarding these things it is that i didn’t believe it was right to ‘ease up on Obama’ because it would’ve meant soft-peddling things that are important me….and i believe are important to Christians.

      i do, though, defend the right of any boss to have their place be the way they want it to be…and then they will see over time if their choices were the right ones.

      • Scott, the truth can be stated, as Bill said, without interrupting and humiliating callers. Some days I justed hoped to hear you provide some positive solutions and have a negative free hour. I understand that it was your show and you were in chair and would handle things as you pleased…and you did…so now it’s over…maybe there is something that can be learned from this experience.

        • i think there will be plenty of learning in the days ahead…i expect some of that will be mine…but not all of it…

  395. Like much of the other comments I have read, I was on vacation and returned wondering where Scott and Lauren were. I too thought Scott must be on a mission trip, but then wait…Lauren would still be there. Well, after 2 weeks of listening to dry, drab, non-impacting radio, (No disrespect intended-I am sure she is a lovely person) I decided to get on the web and figure out what on earth happened. I am shocked! I am saddened! The WORD just lost a faithful listener. Scott and Lauren were the reason I listened. Smart, current, Christ-centered perspective on relevent topics. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!
    Scott and Lauren have been a part of our lives here in the Dallas area. I listened to each of you in different roles on KLTY – even remember Scott saying, “the world just got a litter wilder” the day his daughter was born and thinking how clever this man was.

    We will be praying for your families. We would love to hear if,when and where you are put back on the air. It’s comentary our lost world needs today!

    You both are missed each and every day!

    In His love,

    Shirl McKinney

  396. I just found out what happened and I’m so disappointed. Your show was so insightful and current. The show that is on now is a dim shadow of yours. I kept hoping you were just on vacation in some wonderful place! You are greatly missed! I pray some other station will wake up and hire you quickly! Be sure and tell us where you are! Praying for you.

  397. When I turned on the radio on my drive home and heard someone else’s voice, I thought, oh maybe Scott is on vacation and he’ll be back soon. I am so incredibly disappointed that is not the case. You were the voice I wanted to hear on my drive home. You were the voice I looked forward to on my drive home!

    The woman they have on now is so incredibly irritating that I have had to change stations or simply turn the radio off b/c her views are just too much for me and she’s so self righteous that I want to gag.

    I want you back Scott!!!!!

  398. Scott & Lauren,

    I, too, was somewhat surprised at the cancellation of both of your shows – although Lauren’s was mostly on the phone. Reading through the posts today, I recalled being challenged, informed and entertained. There were occasions that I felt Scott’s response to a caller was unjustifiably harsh, but after reading your earlier post, I can see that the vast majority of your aggression was toward folks who verbally expressed one view, but their actions indicated another. I do recall many occasions where I was encouraged by your respect for someone who disagreed with you, but was consistent in their verbal opinion and action.

    I’ve listened to you both longer than I can remember, way back to when Lauren was carrying Jon Rivers & The Morning Gang (who couldn’t survive when you took time off to raise your kids) and Scott was more behind the scenes. It’s difficult to believe that so few knew the truth about the Sports Journal. God bless you and I look forward to finding you on another station (maybe TV?). Thanks for everything.

  399. I’m still in shock! I’ve been on vacation and after I got back and to work and driving home from work, I turned on the radio and kept hearing someone else’s voice. I thought You were on vacation or away on a mission trip. But Lauren should have been there and she wasn’t so I though maybe she was vacationing too but then wait…Lauren would still be there. Well, after 2 weeks of waiting for you both to return I have had to change stations or simply turn the radio. I have now removed The Word from my settings. I have no interest in the station at all now. You provided so much insight and education for me and so many others which enable all of us to help so many others. I’m unable to stop the tears over your removal from the station.

    I’m praying for both of you and your families. Let us know where you guys will be next. I just can’t believe what has happened. You and Lauren are such honest faithful Belivers in Christ! God Bless you Both!

    I await for your new adventure to be known and pray for both of you. God has exciting new plans for you both.

  400. I have listened to Scott and Lauren since I moved to the Dallas area in 1998. They always gave me a breath of fresh air, after working a long hot day. I will be praying for both of you, but moreso, your families, as I too have gone through what you are going through at this time. Keep the faith, God always has a better plan. You have a huge fan base and I am sure that with a little time, you will be heard again!!

  401. I am so sad for your situations and not to get to hear you in the evenings on my drive home. You are thoroughly missed! I am praying for each of you and your families and know He will lead you to something greater than you know.

    ~Christina Powell

  402. I miss hearing you on the radio. I’m so sorry to hear about this situation. I will continue to keep you and Lauren in our prayers. You made my day M-F from 5-6:30 while I was driving home. I’m so thankful we were able to meet at the movie theatre.
    My Prayers are with you always. Nancy

  403. It’s like I have just found my long-lost friends! I have been searching for you and yesterday my search paid off! I am a long time listener and will miss “the show”. You have made a huge difference in my life. I look forward to listening to both of you very soon.
    Blessings to you both!

  404. Too bad for Christian Radio. 100.7 has lost my ‘vote’ during this timeslot! Your insight and articulation will be missed. I will search for you on the airwaves and am glad you have this blog to keep us up on your exciting career move. I am grateful for you both being a Godly voice in a wicked day, and true Patriots to the letter.

    God moves in amazing ways. I can only pray for a great big audacious chapter to open up for you and your family! Patrick Wells

  405. Thanks for everything you and Lauren have done over the years Scott. You have educated me on many levels and have made me think and analyze things differently.

    I sent an email to the radio station voicing my opinion on what I believe to be their biggest programming blunder to date.

    Will be praying for you and hoping that you come back on the air soon. Check out 91.3 KDKR for a possible venue for your show.

  406. I’m so shocked~! I thought you had gone on vacation and they had a “Fill-In” but as time went on, I thought this is crazy, where is he? I really enjoyed the information you gave in regard to politics and your show in general. I listened for about 6 or 7 yrs that I can remember….I will pray for you and Lauren and your families 🙂

  407. Scott and Lauren,
    WOW, I kept turning on the radio and thought maybe you were on vacation. I finally was able to look you up tonight and see what was going on. I really enjoyed your show and told everyone I knew about it.
    My prayers are with you as you experience this uncertainty in your life. Cast all your fears upon Him because he cares for you.
    I will miss your show.

  408. I really enjoyed your show so much. I am my car a lot of the time with my work. I you and Lauren really made my job a lot easier. The way you were to give the news of the day from a Christian propect was really great. I can’t stress how much i miss ya’ll show.
    The Radio Station but be crazy to let ya’ll go. I do not believe it was due to a budget cut.
    My prayers will go to you and both of your families. I know God has biggger and better things in store for both of you.
    Best of Luck and i am selfish i pray you will be on the air soon. My days aren’t the same.
    God Bless All

  409. VERY SADDENED BY THIS. May God richly bless you in the next chapter of your life.

  410. Scott and Lauren,

    When God closes one door He opens another. He is in control and will work this out to His glory. I believe you and Lauren have futures in front of you that will make your past seem small.

    The radio station lost a dedicated listener when you two left. Class follows class; I am following you two. Please let us know where your next stop is. Everything will be okay – keep the faith.

    God’s speed.


  411. I too have been saddened by the loss of the voice on my drive home. I tried, honestly tried, listening to the lady on the station now, but I cannot. She is mundane and boring and it seems like the same message repeating daily. I am sure she is a wonderful person but I can no longer listen to this on my drive home and have switched to other stations now. I wish the best to you Scott and Lauren. You have opened my eyes to the world and because of you I am able to make informed choices/decisions regarding the issues we face in our wonderful United States of America. I pray God’s blessings for you and your families.

    Again, I cannot thank you enough for enlightening me in regards to world issues and you and Lauren were just fun to listen to.

    Just a suggestion: Maybe you can put your show and archives on the web so no matter what the day/time we could listen.

    Sending lots of smiles and sunshine your way.

    Our God is an awesome God.

  412. I have been hoping each day, when I turn the radio on, to start on my 30 minute drive that you and Lauren would be back. Then I turn to another station. I have just found out what happened and am so sorry for you both. I know God will make a way and I hope to hear you both on radio again, real soon. What a mistake was made by letting you two go. I miss you both.

  413. What a shock it was to come home from vacation -anticipating getting back to listening to you on 100.7. Just yesterday, I did some searching and found this site. I am missing my daily dose of Scott Wilder and Lauren. Please know I will be praying God will direct your paths to what He has planned next for you. Many blessings.

  414. Scott & Lauren,
    I am shocked to learn that that you are no longer on the air. I started listening a few years ago and I was not a fan in the beginning. I’d been raised a Democrat and that’s what I was. Slowly I came to see your point of view and you made me realize that I was not voting based on my Christian values. I loved hearing your show on my way home every day and that was my routine. I listened a few times since you have been off the air but I couldn’t get into the show and would change the channel. Your show was the only reason I listened to 100.7. I am deeply saddened and will pray for you and Lauren and your families. Thank you for helping to change my way of thinking. I am sincerely forever grateful.

  415. I think it is time to think of bigger things. A voice crying in the wilderness…Why don’t you take Wilderville to Austin? Then DC. We could use a representative like you.

  416. One of the things I will miss most…Lauren making me laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes as she read from her hunting journal. Hope to hear from you both soon. Blessings to you and all you touched.

  417. Scott and Lauren — Im so sad that this happened to you. God will bless you both for sure. I loved your show so much because I felt like there was someone out there speaking for me.

  418. Sorry, you are not there. You were the only reason I listened to 100.7. They lost me as a listener. I will be praying for all of you that the Lord may open better doors for you. Thank you for your “Voice”.

  419. Scott and Lauren:
    GOD has sonthing really special for you both. My husband and I are going through the same thing. Don’t be afraid just PUSH through. GOD is on our side.
    We will have jobs in no time, in the name of our precious LORD JESUS! Love you

  420. Scott and Lauren: I am so sad that you are no longer on 100.7. I’m a teacher and have not tuned in a lot this summer and the last few times I listen you were not on and I thought maybe you were on vacation or something. I realized this week when I turned in that your show had been replaced. Your the reason I listen to the Word, I will really miss listening to you. I will pray for the two of you and will look forward to hearing you again on another station. God Bless you both for a job well done.

  421. Scott and Lauren:

    I am sure that the LORD will provide! I hope that you were able to keep a copy of “The List” so that you can let all of us know where the two of you land. I never knew that you, Scott, are such a talented photo taker! Blessing to both of you and your families.


  422. Scott and Lauren,

    I have been traveling and came back to find out you are no longer on the air, in fact, I thought you were on vacation and didn’t realize you were not on the air until I checked your website.

    I really don’t understand the management…. you were so thought provoking and had great insight in the current events, plus my travels take me to China, southeast asia, India and all over the world so I always had a connection with you due to you traveling all over the world. There is no question bigger things are in your future. God has a great plan for you and your family. We are praying for you and the family.

    I know it’s not right but I’m having a hard time being a listener on the Word and I’m now listening to another great station DFW has to offer. Please keep us posted and we will support you where ever you end up. We need to continue to hear your voice, a voice with great conviction for the Lord and this country.

    God bless you and your family,

  423. Oh my gosh! I wondered what happened to you and Lauren. I will continue to pray for both of you and your families. When GOD closes one door it’s because he is opening another. Keep the faith. I will keep watch on this website.

  424. Scott and Lauren,

    I am just sick about your show being taken off the air! I have been busy with a sick family member and last week started listening to the radio again, after nearly a month out of the loop. I finally decided to check your website to find out what is going on, and could not believe what I read. I have listened to you almost daily since you first came on the air and have enjoyed your steadfastness, preparedness and truthfulness in all issues you have discussed. I have always really loved programing on “the Word”, but I am beginning to wonder what is going on there. We will definitely keep you in our thoughts and prayers and be listening and watching for you to show up on another station soon.

    Thanks for all your hard work and God bless you both,

  425. Scott, I have enjoyed the many hours of intelligent and enlightening information from your program. The discussions with Lauren and callers was a delight to hear. You brought a different dimension to the responsibility of being an American and I miss your insight. May God continue to Bless You Indeed – and Expand Your Territory once more, as He has a plan for your gifts. You and Lauren and your families will be in my prayers.

  426. I tune in whenever I am in the car during your show. I have been missing you and had a “bad feeling” and thought I would check. I just wanted to express how sorry I am. I agree with one of the above comments: God must have something really big in store! I REALLY enjoyed your sense of humor and, as one who is not particularly politically savvy, valued your insight on what was going on in the world around us. If one wanted to contribute to a fund for you and Lauren, is there a way one could do that? I will explore your website more and perhaps I will find an answer to my question. God bless you both and your families.

    • thank you for the kind words…and other than buy some of the WilderStuff or photographs (links at the right of this page), we don’t have anything like that set up…and we won’t…actually our concern right now is donations for bibles…i am leaving in less than two weeks to take bibles around the world (13th trip with the bible league…can’t tell you exactly where…but will be able to tell you everything when i return)….

      getting money raised to send Bibles is something we’ve done each fall since 1997…and we were honored that the bible league, after finding out our show was cancelled, wanted me to go on this trip….but now the pressure is on! I gotta come back and deliver!

      i have been working on some ideas that i think will make doing that easy and fun…i hope you will join me doing that….

      • I started contributing to the Bible League a couple years ago when I heard you talking about it on your show. It’s probably time to up the ante! Thank you for your response.

  427. Scott & Lauren,

    I go on vacation for 2 weeks and when I came back, you were gone from my radio…took me a few days to figure out the woman on the air wasn’t a “fill in” for you. I’ve been listening to you guys for 10 years and have really enjoyed the intelligent conversations and opinions. I am confident that you will land on you feet.
    God Bless you both and I look forward to hearing you again.

    J. D.

  428. Scott and Lauren,
    I have been a faithful listener for many years. I am a home health nurse, and always looked forward to listening to your show in the afternoons while driving to see my patients. I, like many other well wishers, followed you from KLTY!
    I’ve been out of town for the past couple of weeks, and was shocked to find out that they let you go. I know that the Lord has bigger plans for you!
    God Bless!

  429. Scott and Lauren,
    I usually listen to you guys when I go get my kids from practice. I am in the car the other day, so I think cool, I can catch Scott and Lauren, YAY! So I turn on the radio, and this other lady is on, weird. I thought that maybe the show had been moved to another time slot, and told myself to look it up, well, I didn’t. Then I see this, and my heart fell to my feet. My prayers are with you both and your families. I also know how it feels to have the bottom of your world fall out, in 2004 my husband was laid off, and didn’t have a steady job for 22 months. God provided mightily for my family. He will do the same for yours, I know that.
    I will miss your wisdom, Scott, and yours Lauren. God has a wonderful something out there for you both. I also have a shovel.

  430. Scott & Lauren,
    I am not ready to give up on you coming back. I kept tuning in thinking you were delivering Bibles and Lauren was on vacation. It took a while to realize something is wrong. Now I understand what the bad news was when you wanted to play something on the lighter side. It seems like we should have something to say about it. Your show had to bring in the ratings. We can’t just accept this without doing something. This is hard to believe. What can I do? I sent an email to John Peroyea what else can I do? You can’t just go away. I don’t think people realize what is going on. Again what can we do to get you back on the air.
    Bobbie Bass

  431. Hi Scott,

    I wrote to John Peroyea when I first found out your show was canceled. I received what I feel is a general response because of the hundreds, maybe thousands of upset Wilder Show listeners.I do not listen to KWRD anymore.Here is my response to John’s e-mail. God Bless you and Lauren and you are both in my prayers.

    Hi John,

    Thank you for your reply but you are right, Janet is not Scott. I feel you let two go for the price of one. Economy or not you will have less listeners now as Scott was one of a kind and can’t be replaced. Janet, I’m sure is a good person and I listened to her for one afternoon but have to say I was bored.I can listen to this type of political talk all day long on Fox News. I listen to the Word because I am a Christian. I like the fact that Scott engaged his listeners. I can’t tell you how many times someone would call not agreeing with Scott but yet keeps listening. I feel there are many Non-Christians out there who listened to the Word just for him, which is a great step that could lead them to Christ.

  432. Scott/Lauren,
    This is what I sent to John, et. al.
    Running a business is tough but Scott and Lauren brought more to the Metroplex than can be put on a calculator. If you have an opportunity to help bring them back on air here, please do.
    God Bless you.

  433. To Scott and Lauren,

    I am sorry that you lost your jobs. I really appreciated the Bible work you did. I liked that I could turn to you on the way home to get the Christian view.

    I would ask that you consider a daily podcast. I understand it does not cost a lot, could be fun, and we would like to download and listen.

    To most of the other posters,

    You need to get some balance. This page is Scott’s, so I won’t hijack it. Scott says Janet is good; trust him. KWRD says they have budget problems; trust that (You think they didn’t know about you listeners??). KVTT is sold to become non-Christian content. KWRD has a lot of other good programming on. Please don’t be bitter. Please take the good when it is aired, and just turn the dial when something does not work for you. Don’t be bitter.


  434. Scott & Lauren,

    Faithful listener before Wilder Towers. I too thought you were on a mission trip, waited two weeks then called WORD and I was told you were fired. I pressed the envelope and was given John P’s number and I called it. He carried the conversation for a mind numbing 15 mins…monotone and explained to me how I would never understand the cuts that the Clear Channel Company had to make going private etc. I had to “talk over” him to finally get a word in….I told him that I did understand all too well. My husband works for Yellow Roadway Corporation and we have taken the second pay cut and suspended retirement contributions for 2 years, however they gave us stock options…yea right. It seems to me that the problem is that large corporations want to buy up all of the little guys, like that of a child whose appetite is larger than his stomach. Then there is no money left over to pay the employees for the pie in the sky dream. Who pays for this….the employee…Scott, Lauren, Robert? How could WORD make more money….more advertising for less money…go back to the basics. I bought advertising for my company on WORD and KLTY. My budget was small and I could only afford 30 sec spot on alternate Tuesday’s at 4 a.m. (kidding bout that but sticker shock effect). I would have paid more money for the advertising if I had felt that I was reaching an audience. I was not willing to pay more for less spots when the wolf howls at the moon. I told John P that I would no longer listen to the WORD or KLTY (at his urging…same 10 songs loop of advertising repeat. He asked me what I would be listening to then and I told him CD’s. I will always be surfing for The Scott Wilder show. I am very sad and very mad!!! I had turned many a listener to your show and I also conveyed that to John P. BTW…when I asked John P. if there was a plan for Scott to come back in the future…he told me that Scott would not be able to afford it. I asked him why he didn’t cut others, boring ones, and why someone who was controversial and stood up for our Christian values and similar thoughts was the one that was cut…there are a lot of us out here. No answer. I love Scott and Lauren and I am on a mission to get them back!

  435. I am stunned! I kept wondering where you were and today looked for you online only to find out that you have been fired. I just can’t believe it. You and Lauren were my friends everyday on my long drive home from work. I looked so forward to listening to your comments and insight on issues, especially political. You have helped more than you will ever know. I just find it so hard to understand how you could be let go. I know God will provide for you both and you will be in my prayers. I will be watching your website for updates and hope to read soon that you are on another station so I can listen in again. I miss you!

  436. Scott and Lauren,

    I will admit that when I first discovered that the two of you were no longer with KWRD, I was shocked and upset, admittedly for selfish reasons; I still miss you both! Talk shows will NEVER be the same without you, Scott, that’s for sure!

    However, I have had time to reflect on my (our) loss and I realize the much greater, more devastating loss to all those untold thousands who benefited from yours (and countless others) tireless efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ overseas. Yours was the voice that helped raise thousands and thousands of prayers and dollars to (personally!) send bibles to the far reaches of the world. Places God sent you to. He spoke through you, burdening our hearts (and yours) to give sacrificially, to pray ceaselessly, to love unconditionally people we will not see or know this side of heaven. I know you still see their faces, faces so happy to hear the gospel of Christ. Can you still hear their cries, their laughter, their worship in song? Those memories are written indelibly on your heart and through you, on our hearts as well; we who listened, laughed and cried as you shared with us the stories and pictures you brought back with you each time you went overseas.

    Scott, I can’t help but believe that He has prepared you (and is STILL preparing you) for even greater things which will bring glory to Him and further His kingdom. Thank you for hearing God’s call on your life, for giving “feet to your faith”. Thank you, too for this time of “waiting on the Lord”. I anticipate that God is not finished in His work through you and Lauren. God’s mercy and blessings on you and your loved ones, my friends; may His face radiate with joy because of you! Hold on tight to His promises for He alone is faithful.

    With love, In Christ <

    • humbled…honored…

      btw, we are still taking bibles around the world…and very soon (in about a week) we will be telling you some exciting news about that…

      stay tuned…

      • So. I guess it pays to read all the other comments before diving right in (Ha!) It’s okay though . . . I’m a fool for Christ!

        Sincerely, I mean every word and am relieved that you are still delivering bibles while those doors are still open.

        Will you send emails or updates when you get back? Do I check here and, of course, read the comments to find out about your trip in the fall?

        I guess I was spoiled being able to just turn on the radio and get all this info on the way home from work . . . but, I guess I’ll learn to . . . Blog, is it?

        Thanks for responding, Scott. It’s a relief to know that you are still out there! I miss yours and Lauren’s voices, your wit and your dead-on logic. And let’s not forget, Lauren’s laugh!

        In Christ <

  437. Scott and Lauren,

    I’m in the same situation as many of the others. I kept thinking that you must just be on an extended vacation. I have also tried to listen to the replacement show in your time slot, but it just doesn’t hold my interest the way yours did. I want to thank you both for 10 years of enjoyable and interesting shows to listen to while driving home five days a week. I miss your show and pray you both will be blessed for your years of service. I hope that I will get a chance to listen to you both again soon.

  438. Scott and Lauren –

    I knew something was up! I hadn’t heard your voices on the air so I got on the Internet and looked up your show. This site is what I found. I too had hoped that you were just on a mission trip. The station has made a HUGE mistake in letting you both go and I do not listen to it often now.

    As the others have said, there are bigger and better things in store for you both – I truly believe that. God uses those who believe in Him and he’s not done with you yet.

    I will also miss Lauren’s wonderful laugh! She really had me tickled many days driving home from work.

    God Bless you both!

  439. Scott and Lauren,

    I am very sad that you are no longer on the air. I have been listening to you since I graduated college in 1998. I began really listening to the 6:00 hour and loved it when you would say, “This is all bosses and future bosses half hour.” I would say that’s me. I eventually did become a boss. I worked in a very liberal environment and loved hearing conservative, Christian view points after work. Two years ago, I had my first child and became a stay at home mom. I have enjoyed listening to you in the late afternoon and evening. Your show really kept me informed. (I also have an 11 month old so I do not get out much nor do I pay much attention to the news). Thank you so much and I hope you are on another station soon. Lauren, I have appreciated the breast feeding support. The comments have been encouraging.

    Thanks so much.


  440. August 20, 2009
    Dear Lauren and Scott,
    I have been listening to your wonder Show for many, many years and this past month I have heard this “silly” lady, Janet ?? and each time I tuned in I thought: Oh my gosh!! Where is “my Scott with his wonderful voice and supreme talents and wit, not to mention his intelligence on anything (similar to Charley Jones on KRLD 1080). And Lauren, she was THE BEST EVER. I have met them both at a Christian Bookstore last year in Plano, Texas. I nearly cried today when I finally had time to look it up and discover what had happened. I, too, was laid off a job, budgetary reasons, in July and it’s just … words cannot describe.

    The Word 100.7 TRULY lost wonderful people… they fired the BEST people ever. I hope June Hunt will not be next.

    Anyhow, I’ve lost interest in The Word, 100.7 now… just b/c of them firing SCOTT AND LAUREN. Scott, Lauren, if you read this, I love you both and will always remember your kind words.

    Lauren, I miss your “laugh” – and your wonderful voices. Had I been working (myself) when this happened I would have known back in July. I just kept thinking SCOTT was on vacation with his wonderful boys and family in the Passport.

    I will never listen to the lady on the air right now… she is absolutely the worst ever. WOW, what a HUGE mistake 100.7 has made.

    I think I will go ahead and listen to the “new lady” this afternoon… BECAUSE I’m curious to see if she EVEN “has” any callers!!!!!!

    This is a sad day for me since I have found this out. Budgetary……… why don’t they just fire the boss when the budget is bad… not the hard-working GOOD people.

    VERY SAD FOR 100.7.
    You go, Scott and Lauren, you ARE THE BEST EVER AND I LOVE YOU BOTH.


  441. I had been wondering what about happened to your show for the past few weeks and sadly, I just found out today. I pray that the Lord will find another way for you and Lauren to take care of your families and I hope that someday soon it will be on another radio station. I have listened to your show since about 1996, I think and I’ve loved every show. Keep us posted as to how ya’ll are doing.

  442. I am so very sorry to hear that your show was cancelled, I can’t say I’m not angry with 100.7 since I am. Anyway, you and Lauren are in my prayers and I hope to hear you again on the radio very soon. The poor lady that has taken your place is just not “Scottish” enough for me. Keep fighting the good fight and please let us (the public) know when your back on.


  443. I don’t get much time to listen to the radio on my way home from work and usually just tune in to hear the events of the day. Today I really needed to hear some Scott & Lauren. You weren’t there. It wasn’t even called the Wilder show. WHAT?????!!!?!?!?!? Thank God (literally, um sorry Al) for the internet! I’m so glad I found you.

    Budgetary, huh? Right! Don’t you just hate office politics. They could afford to replace you! Or is your replacement really from the file room working under ‘Miscellaneous Duties as Assigned”? That’s what I thought.

    The fact is….You were both Overqualified for the job and God noticed it! Besides that, I’ve been hoping 100.7 would move up or down the dial because I never could tune in at work. I always got static or 100.3.

    I will pray for you and your families. You keep us up to date on where you are! Deal?

  444. Scott,

    I just got back in the DFW area from a business trip and was tuning in to catch you on 100.7FM, but over a couple of days, could not seem to find you.

    So I thought you might be on a mission trip for a week or two.

    When I still could not find you on the air. I found this websight and was sadden to learn of the developments.

    Just wanted to encourage you that you have not lost your talents, your truth or your testimony.

    The show was of great value to the DFW Believers’ community.

    You should continue to repackage your show and conduct it via podcast-internet. Conduct your callins with subject matter given a couple of days before podcast. Just post a phone number on websight for callers to call in after reading or listening to your postings on the sight. Place sponsers on websight. Just an idea, maybe you guys can come up with a really good plan that just might work, and be something new that no one else does.

    Blessings, I will be keeping you in prayer

  445. I really don’t like the show that is airing where you were. I looked forward to listening at the end of my work day. Many times I didn’t want to go in the house because I would miss what was being said. Please keep me informed where you two land. I want to be able to hear what you have to say.
    Thanks for all you do.

  446. I have been listending for years and have always found you spot on on your decisions and was the only reason I listened to 100.7 in the drive home. I have dropped the station completely and cant wait til you guys get back on the air.

    Coming from a guy who was laid off for a couple months I understand the pain your family is going through and we will pray for you.

    Salem is really missing the boat here!

    Brother in Christ

  447. Scott I have been wondering where you and Lauren were. Keep us informed. My family and I will be praying for you and your family. God Bless You

  448. Scott/Lauren,

    Thanks so much for your great work on the radio–you always have such insightful & clever ways of stating & defending the Christian view on issues (which I routinely borrowed–hope you don’t mind!)
    I’ll continue to keep you and your families prayed up….& will continue to saturate that time slot with my absence.


    • [QOUTE]I’ll…continue to saturate that time slot with my absence.[UNQOUTE]

      Love it! 🙂

      Not trying to harm KWRD, but there’s nothing to draw me there any more/no appeal for me. Sorry.

  449. Sent to the Word FM today to voice my opinion.
    Word FM Management,

    I am so saddened that Scott Wilder has been cancelled. It is so UNcommon to find a voice with a Christian worldview that is based not ONLY on faith, but can be argued logically and with intelligence on the day to day issues that we all face in our lives. I have recommended 100.7 to MANY friends (believers as well as non believers) because I feel that Scott takes his stances based on well thought out reasoning… not just emotion… or doctrine… or jargon. I, for one, will no longer be a regular listener to the Word FM, especially in light of the talk show which replaced Scott Wilder.

    As I was listening today on the way home from work I was incensed!! A new law has been passed which will put the Bible into the hands of teachers and educators in the PUBLIC school system… and yet Janet Mefferd wants to sulk about this… worrying about what MIGHT happen if the Bible isn’t represented in the “right” way. What if the Koran is allowed in public schools? She even went so far as to say she wouldn’t even trust a CHRISTIAN educator to teach such a class because we would have no way to know what “slant” she would put on it, or how it would be presented. REALLY?? Since when do we have to treat the word of God as some fragile delicate specimen… if it is TRUTH… as I believe that it is, then BE NOT AFRAID!! Beat it up… chew it up… discuss it… talk about it… if it is TRUTH then the truth will prevail!!

    It makes me think of David’s outrage when he found the Isrealites cowering from the Philistines… “Do you not know that you are up against the LIVING GOD??” His word has endured thru generations… don’t you think it can stand up against whatever comes against it? Bring it on I say!! Let’s compare it to the Koran… and the Torah… and the Satanic Bible. What are we afraid of? Have we forgotten WHO we serve and who HE IS?? We are children of the one and only GOD! Do not be afraid, I am with you! What an amazing opportunity to open discussion… to challenge the children (whom God most honored) to make up their minds… to stand up for their beliefs… are we so afraid of being politically correct that we choose to offer our youth NOTHING to stand for because we are afraid they might choose the wrong thing… May I remind you that choosing NO PATH is as devastating as choosing the wrong path?

    What an insult to our children also. Are we too afraid to show our children the possibilities because we are afraid that they won’t know how to think for themselves. Are we afraid that once they are out from under the effects of our protective umbrella that we will be “found out” as deceivers? I think that is called brainwashing?? If you have such little faith in your faith, then perhaps you need to rethink what you believe in. I am not suggesting that we expose our children to sex, lies, and video tape (so to speak), but children are savvy and intelligent… give them some credit! (Jesus did!!)

    I was so disgusted today that I was driven to the internet to find out when Scott would be returning. How exponetially disturbed I now am to find that he has been cancelled. I feel certain that there will be other “pulpits” for his ministry, and be aware that I intend to be a recipient of his thoughts and ideas… whether in blog form, newsletter, broadcast on another station, or future broadcast on your station. I will NOT however recommend the Word FM to my circle of influence as I feel so many of your other programming is very slanted in such a way that is not palatable to unbelievers (not all certainly… but some for sure). I have been an advocate of the Word FM because I felt that you did a very good job of representing a wider spectrum of faith as evidenced by the Scott Wilder show as well as Dr. Laura for awhile – I dare not mention the few other programming which I do respect as they may also become a target for elimination.

    Instead of listening to current events from a similar worldview, I now will be forced to catch the day’s events from mainstream media. And although Fox News offers a slightly less left-wing version, they are certainly not obtuse about their highest level of association… as Scott and Lauren were (and are). Thanks to Scott and Lauren for being examples of thinking for yourself, out loud, and not shrinking from our place in this world as voices for Him. You guys rock! I am praying for beauty from these ashes for you and your families.

    In Him,

  450. Saw this on a friend’s twitter update:
    We are about to start another great talk radio program in DFW. If you or your company want to buy ad time in this program, contact me ASAP.

    Could it be??? Dare I hope???

  451. Scott / Lauren,

    I am so sad that this has happened to y’all.. and on a selfish note -can’t believe I will be without your daily show and inspiration.

    Please know I/we are praying for you and your families…


  452. Scott/Lauren,

    wow! I thought yall were just on vacation. You sir, captured my attention daily as I left home. I enjoyed your insight and show! Salem communications had allowed this to happen to an exceptional person. I miss your ministry and believe that god will bless you. Being fired typically moves us closer to gods will and plan.

    Thank you and God bless you and your families,

    b jones

  453. Scott & Lauren, I always look forward to your show on my ride home. I thought you were out ill and the lady on air was just substituting for now. I even contemplated calling in to ask when you would be back but didn’t want to make her feel bad. You cannot be replaced. I actually logged in today to see if there was an update on your return. I’ve been praying on the ride home for your health and a speedy recovery, guess it was a little off beat. Keep your heads held high, everything happens for a reason and it is in God’s plan. Please put me on the big list of people you will alert when I can push the on button on the radio and hear your familiar voices again.

  454. I just found this website and have wondered where you had gone! I miss you so. I have listened to you since you came on the air at KWRD in 1997! Prayers are going up for you Scott and Lauren and your families. Let me know where you land on the air so I can listen in and keep in contact.

  455. Losing my morning show The Journey with Tom Dooley and KVTT altogether along with you and LAuren at The WORD is quite a bit of change and big losses for the DFW listening audience. YOu will be missed.

    • My carpool buddy said the same thing about losing Tom. I think Scott, Lauren & Tom ought to form a radio/broadcasting company of their own. Based on those 3 people alone, I’d tune in faithfully.

      PS – We’re still praying for y’all & your families (and also that KWRD would come to their senses).


  457. I totally agree with all the above except the 1 or so negative comments. I am just sick. Very, very disappointed. Your show was the best in our part of the country. No one could replace you.

    I will express my disappointment to whoever made this terrible mistake. May our Heavenly Father bless you and your families.

    Sincerely, Donna Horton

  458. Scott and Lauren were they an Abbott & Costello – No Laurel & Hardy – No Lone Ranger & Tonto No You were far more important to the world. I listened for years, donated because of you and had the true pleasure of meeting you both but I can not believe this. It has to be politics. I’m sorry but something stinks here.
    I know you touched thousands of people including myself and truly enlightened us all with the truth no matter how ugly it was or how unpopular. You are my hero’s. My prayers are with you for a return to radio for I know it will happen again

  459. To Whom it may concern,
    Scott Wilder show, canceled? This was a horrible decision. I listen to Scott every day on the way home form work and have found him to be entertaining and always dead-on correct in his analysis. It is a crying shame that a station, theoretically, devoted to standing up for what is right and true, gets rid of one of the very few shows that actually gets it right.
    As an example; I was listening to your station on the way to word and a pastor with a Hispanic accent was preaching about speaking in tongues. Reading out of the King James translation he, this pastor, totally skipped over the one verse which was in disagreement with what he apparently believed. The point is, if we believe the Bible –IS- the word of God, then, we take it as a complete body of work, true and right. If you pick and choose which parts of the Bible that you like and dislike, then, you now have lowered yourself, and the station, to that of the cults like Mormonism and that of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.
    The only reason I listened to your station after that was because of Scott. Yes, at sometimes he was in your face, politely, when a caller was talking out of both sides of their mouth. I agreed with Scott; make people think and taking them to task about what they are saying. i.e. “I am a Christian and believe the death penalty is wrong, but abortion is okay.” WHAT? Only and idiot would say; killing is not okay except when it is okay.
    In closing, I am the media director at my church. I used to promote stations and website that were sound in their teaching in our bulletin, news letters and video announcements. Your station now has a circle with a line through it. Also, we have started letter writing to your sponsors telling them that since your station cannot stand up for what -is- right, and since they advertise on your station…well, guilt by association and we can no longer use their product or services. I am sure it is very much the same as when someone put a little heat on you about Scott.
    Sure we are only a church of 500 or so and it likely will not even hurt you. But each person knows at least ten people and they know ten people, and that adds up. Even is only ten percent wrote letters, I am sure a sponsor receiving 150 letters, may make them about using your station to promote themselves. Since you claim, Scott is gone for the cause of your bottom line, let’s see how your bottom line looks without him.


  460. WOW! What a loss to KWRD. As someone else said – “What were they thinking?”

    I believe that God has greater things in store for both of you and for your families. Anxious to see what’s up on Sept 1,and where I will find you on the radio in the near future. I credit you for getting me interested enough to listen to Christian talk radio and I have listened to YOU for years – not every day, but very often.

    I have found some interesting and thought provoking programs on 90.5 (American Family Radio) since your departure from KWRD, in case others haven’t found that station yet.

    I’ll be praying for your trip, Scott, and for God’s favor on both of you as you move forward on this path.

    “May the God of peace, who through the blood of the covenant brought back from the dead our Lord, Jesus Christ, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing His will; and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him.” Hebrews 13:20-NIV


  461. May God bless you Scott

    I was very surprise when I did find out about your radio show is gone but also I know everything happen for a reason. God has purpose for your life. Jer. 29:11
    I lost my job three weeks ago and I have two little kids and I am learing with God how face a critical moment of my life. I will pray for you my brother and He has something better to bless you


  462. Maybe part of Scott is relieved that he doesn’t have to be associated with a station that had such sad and silly infomercial content (even though maybe it helped pay his salary). I’m at least glad to see that the infomercial content is being reduced. The quack-medicine/nutrient ads damaged the Christian integrity of KWRD; I even wondered whether the station was managed by Christians.

  463. Since your disappearance from the radio, I assumed you were on mission to China or other hot spots around the world delivering bibles. I got concerned having not heard anything for over a month and decided to look you up on the web.

    I am sad for the lost of the show. I am happy that as a brother in Christ we both know that there is a plan in place to continue your work for the Lord. I am looking forward to seeing how that plan gets implemented.


  464. I am so sorry that you all were let go. Your show was the only reason I listen to that station. Since, you left I have listen anymore. I will be waiting to hear you back on the air soon. God bless you all!

  465. This was sent today… (message truncated)
    John and David,

    I know it has been some time since your cancellation of the Scott Wilder show. ….

    … I came to be a fan of the Word 100.7 FM as Scott came on the air 12 years ago. … Certainly, the quality of Scott and Lauren’s commentary was consistent if not continually improving. Judging by the awards and loyal following that the show received – I assume others agreed as well. If you haven’t read the posts and comments – you should.

    However, at the end of the day, I do believe that God will use your actions to the betterment of His kingdom. I trust, as I know Scott and Lauren do, that the Lord’s will – will be done.


  466. I am sorry that your show was canceled. There were times when I enjoyed your show immensley. But others, you came off as kind of belittling and arrogant. That is not to say that I am happy your show is off the air. But it does put people on the defensive and that can cause hurt feelings. Everyone has an opinion and a God-given right to express it. I hope only the best for you and your families.

  467. I’m in shock that they let you go. I listen your show about 2 years ago. I listen to your show almost everyday until my local radio station was replaced
    with County Music. I hope you for the best.

  468. Wow Scott. I was wondering where your program went and I’m shocked to just now be finding the news!

    You guys were pretty much a signature in that station. With all due respect, the talk show that is played right now is not bad but it also is not nearly as good and throught provoking like yours.

    I hope someone at Salem Communications sees this blog and the type of support you receive. Maybe they’ll re-consider.

    Wish you and Lauren the best my friend.

  469. Scott,
    I cannot believe this! I thought you were on a mission trip….and you were fired? I will miss you and Lauren so much. I have listened every day for over 12 years following you from KLTY. Thank you for teaching me so much about Christian rights and how important it is for our voices to be heard!

    My prayers are with you brother.

  470. Hello to Scott and Lauren:

    Like alot of others, I am disappointed that the station chose to go in a different direction. I thought you were still on ‘sabbatical’ until I looked up this site. I listened to you off and on for ten years. I didn’t agree with everything you said, but admired the fact that you didn’t back down from your convictions. You infuriated me at times, but often gave me and others something to think about. We all really miss you and Lauren and I hope to hear you guys back on the air very soon. God bless you, Lauren, and your families!!

  471. I’ve listened to your show for the last 5 years, since I started listening to the Word upon being saved. I haven’t always agreed with you, Scott, and have even been angered at times, not by your message, but by the way you sometimes treated guests. I questioned that and thought I’d do it differently, but the last time I checked nobody’s knocking on my door asking me to voice my opinion on the airwaves! I do know this, you always told the truth and you were consistent. I can’t argue with that. But I think the most amazing thing for me personally was that because of you, your show and your passion for truth, I changed my political affiliation. My mom has since converted and my dad is next — we’re praying for him. So thank you for being transparent, flaws and all. Some may have been offended by you, but for all the flack you caught, you were never offended, just as the Word says. Thank you for speaking biblical truth. I heard your voice this morning on Pastor Graham’s program, by the way, and he ended his message with an acronym for HOPE — hold on praying expectantly. So there you go! Your future is in His hands. In the meantime, I’m praying for discernment, that His word comes to me in a pure form, not watered down, not lukewarm. So if it means leaving the Word FM as a listener, then so be it, but I am “HOPE”ing. He uses all things for His glory.

  472. Scott & Lauren, I missed your departure and just assumed you were out of the country delivering Bibles around the world. I am shocked that the station is so out of touch with their listeners they would allow this to happen. I so enjoyed your show, your integrity, your inteligence, your fairness, and just the two of you. The same thing happened to me in May, I had been with a very successful company over eight years, throughout its growth only to be let go because “I don’t fit”. I was told they do not need anyone who can do everything, go figure. God has been there for me and knew where I needed to be. I have been caring for my 5 year old grandson and now his little sister who is 5 months old. I no longer give the CEO of the company credit, it was the blessings of God, not him.

    God Bless you both. Please add me to any mailing list you have and keep me posted where I can find you to “make my day”!

  473. Scott, and Lauren. I have been wondering what in the world happened to you. I have listed to your show for years, and have absolutely loved it! I feel a huge loss! My heart goes out to you, but I know, as you know, God directs your path, so he will turn to good what Satan means for harm, of this I am certain, and have experienced it myself. God is good!! He loves us!! ..and we can trust Him!! As for the station, I have been tuning in, thinking you would be back, and when you weren’t, I just turned it off. There is nothing on there anymore that I care to listen to. I know I speak for so many. No one, and no program, can even come close to replacing you. That is just a fact. I just stumbled across this site today and found out why you are gone. I will be taking 100.7 off my settings. I hope I will hear you again, and soon. May God Richly Bless You!

  474. Hello Scott,

    I live in Paris, Texas, about 100 miles northeast of Dallas. I sure do miss listening to your program on The Word 100.7 FM. I am so disappointed that your program was removed from The Word. It’s not the same without you. You have backbone and stand on the Word of God. May God bless you and please know of my prayers for you and your family. You have been an inspiration to me and I wanted you to know how much you are missed by the Christian community in Paris. Please let me know if you return to talk radio. Love in Christ, Neil

  475. Scott,

    I moved away from the D/FW area to West Texas in November of 2008 so I have not been kept in the loop as to what was happening in Dallas radio. At breakfast this morning I was told by some friends that your show had beeen cancelled and you and Lauren had been fired. As a frequent listener and sometime caller to your show I am shocked, outraged, and saddened by what has happened. As a 2008 broadcasting school graduate who dreams of one day having a show like yours, I can only imagine how you must be feeling to have your career at least temporarily pulled out from under you.

    I can’t help but wonder if the reason(s) for the action taken were actually budgetary as stated, or if there is an underlying reason. Maybe something was said that someone deemed “too controversial” and the station management caved to political correctness, lost their spine, and fired you. This kind of thing happened a few years back in Pennsylvania to a guy named Marty Minto, a pastor who also a radio talk show. A caller asked him after the death of Pope John Paul if he believed the Pope was in Heaven and Minto responded “that is between hiim and God. If he has actually accepted Christ as his savior then yes, he is in eaven, if not then no, he is not.” Local Catholic leaders were upset and outraged by Minto’s biblically correct response, and were successful in getting the spinless management of the Salem owned station to fire Minto and dump his show. I hope the same thing has not happened in this case.

    If it has I can assure you of one thing, I am through listening to and supporting ANY Salem Communications owned station and SRN News. This includes KWRD, KSKY, and KLTY in the Dallas market.

    Scott, I wish you and Lauren both well in your future endeavors both on and off the air. I look forward to hearing you on the air somewhere real soon.

    Jim Chitty
    Midland, TX

  476. Scott,

    While I didn’t always see eye-to-eye with you on every single issue, I appreciated your presence during my afternoon drive home and the overwhelming majority of the time we were in synch. I found that while you were strong and unapologetic in your views, you never allowed that to transfer into belittling or attacking those with other views. You stuck to the issues and treated those in opposition with reason and patience, never with condescension. It was a fine example of how a Christian can debate the issues yet demonstrate Christ-likeness in their treatment of others. It is a presence that will be sorely missed. I hope and pray you and Lauren will find another spot soon, as yours is a voice Christians cannot afford to have silenced.


    Pastor Dave

  477. Miss you guys does not begin to cover my feelings! Is there any hope you and Lauren can start a Fox & Friends station here in Dallas? I, too, was cut in a massive bank layoff in December and was hired 2 months later with God’s divine help. All we really have is God’s love and covering while here so my faith really has soared during these past few months. I do miss your take on things and will look forward to Lauren’s sports talk – this year proves to be a good one for the laughs I genuinely enjoy through her pronostications. I do hope and will pray for you guys and your families. The political creep into our lives and livelihoods brings out the Annie Oakley in me. I wish I could be there on 9/12 and would love to know what you are thinking – am hoping you can find a way to let us know and help wake up anyone left who is still asleep at the wheel. Take care and tons of blessings – THANKS TONS for your show – it has helped me shape my personal position about a lot of things over the past 10 years – yep it took me a couple of years to find you after you left to do the Christian Talk Show. God has used your talents in many ways and I trust Him to continue in the way it will grow the church and glorify Him. I hope we can all stand together and pray and speak openly and I hope you will get your professional platform returned to you many fold.

  478. I continue to show my support by NOT listening to The Word during your timeslots.

    Still missing you guys, and praying that God will intervene soon!

    With the health care reform coming, I sure would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

    God Bless you both,


  479. The Word isn’t the same without Scott and Lauren. I don’t understand why you would terminate the “icons” of your station. I listened to the station during pm drive time. I guess I won’t be listening any more.

  480. I have really missed listening to your show on my drive home. I not sure I enjoy the new show in your time slot that well. I continue to pray for you, your family and Salem. Thanks,

  481. Dear Scott,

    I wanted to say I have listened to you for seven years now and added a WORD bumper sticker when I bought my new 2004 Honda. I was proud to show that bumper sticker because I felt it showed people I listened to the Scott Wilder show. Was that not the only reason people listened to that station. Well maybe the Bible Answer Man too. I did disagree with you on some things of course but never on this last election. I am not a racist either. I love many black people. I have heard some call in that think like I do (Christian) that it is not the color of Obama it is the person he is. There are a lot of black men that I’m sure would make us a wonderful President. Anyway me along with so many of my family and friends are missing your show and Salem Communications have lost their number one Program. I won’t listen to that station again but I will keep up with you on facebook. I have supported sending Bibles and will continue. God Bless You, Lauren and family.

  482. I’m .. stunned. Disappointed, I guess, is a better word. The Wilder Show is one I always learned from, and it was one of the only talk shows I could tolerate. We are definitely praying for you and your families! God bless–and thank you for all those years of service and ministry!

  483. Scott and Lauren,

    I am highly disappointed in The Word FM and Salem Communications. Your show was the highlight of my afternoon drives. Your engaging and thoughtful commentary as well as conversations with listeners was real meat for my often intellectually and spiritually anemic work life.

    I am praying for both of your families and I am confident God has you all in his hands. There is something incredible on the other side for you two.

    Blessings in Christ

    Brian Kendig

  484. I FINALLY remembered to look you up because everytime I was in the car I heard some (person) and NOT Wilder! No comparison! Perhaps you were telling us the TRUTH and stepped on a few too many toes? That’s OK because we need the truth because we certainly aren’t getting it from the mainstream media.
    Miss you guys a lot!
    P.S. I contacted John P. that you referenced above. So should everyone else.

  485. See, first they messed with my Dr. Laura time and now you and Lauren. I’ve moved to another station, not much reason to hang around there now. I will continue to monitor and wait to see where God plants you next. Miss your voices!

  486. Hey Scott and Lauren. Sorry to just get the bad news. I knew something was up since I haven’t heard your show in a couple of months. I was guessing or rather hoping that you were on a really extended trip to China delivering bibles! I hope that somehow you get the show back on the air soon. I miss being able to call in to talk to you and vent some of my frustrations we shared to the listening area!
    In prayer, Clint

  487. dear scott and lauren i am so sad to here yall have gone off the air i had hoped it was some sort of technical problem but after weeks of no show i came to your web site and found out why i loved your show it was the only one with a true christian point of view i have nothing now to listen to on the radio i hope to someday be able to here yall on the radio again one day the radio waves are less intelligent and less godly with yall off the air may god be with you and your families and i will always keep yall in my heart and prayers and who ever takes your show up again will be blessed thanx for all your dedication and hard work you have done for truth and the lord he will not forsake you love james

  488. After several weeks of driving home and wondering if the show moved to another hour I finally put in a search to see what happened. I was very disappointed about the outcome. Your families are in our prayers. Hope the show makes it on another station, we are big fans.


  489. “If My people who are called by My name, would humble themselves, pray, seek My face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

    I am so happy that Salem decided to adhere to Christian principles (as opposed to partisan agendas) and took this mean-spirited man off the air. By the “glowing” comments on this page, it is apparent that he made an impact on a lot of people (though very negative). They, like Scott, should adhere to the aforementioned scripture as well.

    I hope and pray that Scott learned a valuable lesson from his wicked ways. If he turns from them, God promises to heal him.


    • hello to all our friends at JHU AP Lab…

      stay classy,


      • We will! You do the same.

    • [QOUTE]I am so happy that Salem decided to adhere to Christian principles (as opposed to partisan agendas) and took this mean-spirited man off the air.[/QOUTE]

      To which “Christian priciples” did Salem “adhere?”

      Is the Christian agenda NOT partisan (not to Republican or Democrat, but unto itself)???

      How was Scott “mean-spirited?”

      [QOUTE]I hope and pray that Scott learned a valuable lesson from his wicked ways. If he turns from them, God promises to heal him.[/QOUTE]

      Can you cite an example of Scott’s “wicked ways?”

  490. I bet that public option for health insurance sounds pretty good – right about now.

  491. Scott & Lauren:
    I am so sad that you will not be airing on 100.7. You have educated me and kept me going as a believer for the past few years. I always look foward to listening to you on my way from work to see what is going on in the world and always given me a chance to make contributions and donations where needed. I am so disappointed in 100.7 and I will pray that you and Lauren will come back to radio soon. I miss you both so very much and lost for words to describe the loss I feel and I probably speak for so many other listeners. Keep me updated as to how you are doing and if we (dedicated listeners) can do anything to help. God Bless you both…Jennifer

  492. WOW! I lost your show about 8 mo or so here in the Longview area on 100.7. The station adopetd a country format and is broadcasting from Hendersen. We were really in need of another country station here…….right. I thougth I would google you tonight and just found out you’re totally not on the air!!!!!! I am a “follower” of all the national conservative talk show hosts, but you had the additional insight to put a christian slant on it. This of course brought a healthy balance to everything you commented on.

    Actually, I put you ahead of all the others becasue of this most important fact. I have been in “server withdrawall” for the last 8 months or so. I’m very serious. Ther has been a major “hole” in my spirit because of your departure. You were no doubtin my humble opinion, a spokesperson for the Christian element in this country. I am an Elder at my church and my Pastor feels the same.

    Scott, Lauren, my heart and prayers are with you both. The contrast and chemistry between you and Lauren was nothing short of incredible. I not only enjoyed the two of you just chatting and I was so informed and so educated on the issues.

    But you know and I know that, “All things work for good for those that love the Lord.” So, there you go. Be prepared, it’s gonna be a sudden very good thing soon for you and your precious partner, Lauren, that is coming to you. Don’t doubt the Lord. Just KNOW HE WILL COME THRU FOR YOU BOTH. God and America needs your voice now, more than ever.

    I love you both in the love of the Lord, and again will continue to pray that your voices will be heard across the nation regarding uniting this great Country once again so God can Bless it once again. Your insight is sorely missed by many, including me.

    Phillip Valenti

  493. I certainly wish the best for Scott and Lauren and believe they will find another way to serve the kingdom. I’ve been taking a wait and see on the Mefferd show. I’ve enjoyed a couple of her shows and guests. Hate to say it but she does seem a little more generic. I know a lot of people commenting here feel like some major injustice has been done but I’m torn. I fit the conservative evangelical profile and listen to the Word a lot and am always blessed. However, I found the Wilder show to be a bit too pugnacious for my taste. I thought he was frequently impatient and rude to callers and it made me very tense but somehow I always tuned in on a regular basis. I know he did and does a lot of good things. We need Christians who will stand up strongly in the face of a hostile world but we can’t be too much like the world in how we do it.

    • Sorry I have to disagree but the Metford show has turned me off. The level of rudness to callers is appalling. The show has lost its Christian basis to me and other.

  494. I am still stunned. I really miss you guys. I learned so much from you along the way. I will continue to send Bibles and remember you in my prayers. Will you let us all know when you’re on another station?


    Mary Eggleston

  495. I have missed you and wondered where you went, and finally googled to see what was going on. I’m truly shocked you would be fired. Makes no sense. You were the only show I listened to on the Word. Surely they must be feeling affects of their decision. ??? Hope wonderful doors are opened for you two. I will look forward to seeing where you are led. Please keep us posted.

  496. Scott,

    So surprised to hear you are no longer on the air. I didn’t get to listen to your program as much as I would like to have, because of the time schedule you had while on the air, but I appreciated what you had to say. There needs to be more like you who are not afraid to say it the way it is from a Biblical perspective. May God bless you in all you do.

  497. I listened intently to Scott for more than two years and was impressed with his input as being more reasonable than most, especially politically. I believe that Salem Communications jacked Scott really good because of all the black listeners and other liberals who argued with Scott over Obama in the months before the election. These people were absolutely gunning for Scott because he is a conservative, pro-constitution, and a Christian. Salem bowed to the pressure and gave in to liberal condemnation. That’s what it was about. Just listen to the ditzy (person) they got on now. What a joke!

  498. I would further like to interject this. Salem Communications seems to have an agenda for replacing male show hosts with female commentators and their particular woman view point. I predict that there will be few if any male hosted shows left on their radio network before too long. Why? Women will work for less pay, they are less offensive to most listeners, Salem is bowing to the pressure of liberals and adopting less confrontational talk show hosts,and their marketing experts have somehow determined that women comprise most of their listening audience. Of course Scott is going to be gracious toward Salem after the way they jacked him. He wants his job back. I do not listen to that radio station anymore! Their cowards! And you know it Scott!

  499. Hi Scott/Lauran

    I really miss your show, listened on the way home from work for years. To be upfront I did not agree with you all the time, but I respected your insights.

    I pray for both you and Lauran that God will get you through this trial and that he will strengthen you and your families.

    I look forward in faith to what God will do in your circumstances.

  500. I am deeply saddened by the fact that the station has fired you. I have been listening each day for a while and was wondering if you had went on a mission and was on vacation but to my suprise you are no longer with the station. I am praying with you and Lauren and hope the very best for you both. I think the station made a very bad decision because you both carried the show with integrity and passion for what is right. God Bless you both. I can truly say that I am going through a type of mourning for the loss of your show.

  501. hey scott…sorry to hear about the demise of your show…that is a tough thing to have happen during these times…..i am not a big proponent of “christian radio” even though i am a christian…i don’t feel that most of it is relevant….anyway, i am in the internet radio business…have several shows around the globe…i was wondering if you would be interested in doing a show on my new “christian” based station we are looking at launching
    let’s keep your voice out there

  502. Scott and Lauren,
    First, my heartfelt prayers are with you both. I missed you on my evening drives when I returned to work after a lengthy absence due to illness. It was only when I read our class prayer list that I learned what had happened. Your show was a tremendous loss to myself and evidently many other listeners. Thank you both for your years of service to the rest of us.

    God bless you and direct you in the new ventures he has planned for you.

    Pat Turner

    • pat,

      thank you for your kind words…(and everyone)…

      just to be clear, i’m not through contributing…

      stay tuned…

      thanks again,


  503. Wow…I’d been wondering for a while where they’d gone and this is the first I’ve heard of why. It’s a shame- I just got into these guys last year and really come to rely on them. I think KLTY/Salem Com. just lost a lot of listners.

    We’re with you Scott! You too Lauren!

  504. Only this day did I learn why I am not able to hear you . . . I am so-o upset and very discouraged that YOU, above everyone else at The Word, are gone . . . I have to believe it is in the will of the Lord for you but I am not able to understand this at the moment . . . I find it interesting that they would eliminate your show and replace you with the person I keep hearing and turning off . . . my belief in YOU does not waiver . . . my belief in the station is over . . . I am sorry for you but I am sorrier still for all the people who counted on you to bring your unbiased and truthful reality to the air . . . you have been missed and you will always be . . . you will be in my prayers . . .

  505. Well I just figured out why I cant find you on your show now!I thought you may be on a trip, oh but no the station messed up! I want to thank you for educating me in politics while listening to your show.

    You will be missed
    I have to find another statiion now for sure.

    Blessings to you both in your future

  506. I have attempted several times to catch your show and until now realized that you and Lauren were let go as of July. I am truly sorry to hear that and I pray that God lifts you and your family to a higher mantel then before. You are in my prayers and I can’t wait to hear you on the air once again. Thanks for all you have done for the body of Christ you are a true man of God.

    Love and Blessings

  507. Hey, I live in E Texas, and it was hard enough when the station was not broadcasting out here. I called and got a rather pleasant answer and was told to just listen on the internet, well, I couldn’t get it in my car. I then was driving around Dallas a couple of weeks ago and was looking for you guys, not to be found. I called and they just made a comment, like, they have been gone for a long time and no reason. I googled your name and was please to see you have not totally left us. I am just sorry that it has taken so long for me to write and tell you that as an African American Christian, I really loved all your discussions during the campaign and beyond. You were fair and respectful. I missed it when you were gone, but appreciated all that you provided to the community. The radios, the Bibles, the insight, the, well, you get the idea. I follow your sight and appreciate you. Thanks so much for taking my calls and hearing my opinions, even if they were different from yours, which was not too much.

    You are and will be in my prayers. In His service, Britt Davis, Kilgore, TX

  508. Scott and Lauren,
    I am truly sorry about you two not being on the Word anymore. There was only one other show I listened to on the morning drive. I have to be honest and say I didn’t listen to you both everyday but I listened enough to miss you two not being there anymore. I couldn’t believe it. I am sorry I am barely looking for the reason you are no longer there. But after trying to listen to the new person and feeling as though that is not what you would have said and feeling like they now have Paula when they used to have Simon. I had to find out where you were and how I could find you. And well I am now glad I have. I will be praying for you both. Miss you!

    May God Bless You Both

  509. I have listened to you for a long time. I kept waiting for you to return from a long vacation and decided to see what happened. So, sorry for you and your families. I miss you on my way home from work and after. You did a wonderful job and service to all of us.

  510. Scott, I am so sorry….what happen….I have been looking for you on the radio, I always listen to you and Lauren on my way home. Long time listen, and I as many other thought you were on vacation or something. And then I thought something has happen. So I typed in What happen to The Scott Wilder Show. And this is where I found you….Unbelieveable. But as one said God has a plan you and Lauren. I miss your show but I will be looking to hear you again soon. I will be praying for you Scott and Lauren….
    Thanks for all the years of service and the joy of the Lord you have for us…
    Take care, and remember God is a Mighty God….most certainly bigger then that radio station.
    Love you

  511. Thank you for the work you did. You have been greatly missed.
    I am praying for you. God is Good. Always…

  512. I wish you well, Scott, and I believe this may be God helping you to focus on what is more important. Stick with building the kingdom of God through the word of God.

  513. Scott/Lauren I just moved back to Texas this past October and I was looking forward to listening to you guys again. I am speechless. I was searching for your show on 100.7 thinking your times had just changed. I will pray for you and your family, please pray for me and mine.

  514. Scott and Lauren will survive all this just fine because of their immense faith.I do feel Scott had gotten a little bitter and abrupt with some of the callers who disagreed with him. Maybe it was time to get out of the middle of things. Day after day of defending your ideas can be stressful and sometimes cause people to lose objectivity and kindness.It seems when President Obama got elected that the rhetoric escalated and too much anger was directed at some of the callers.Saying that anger like that was warranted because some callers were inconsistent with their views and actions does not make anger acceptible.

    • brian, thanks…i recall you as someone who was reasonable and someone with whom i could disagree and still keep communications lines open. thanks for your thoughts….

  515. Scott and Lauren,
    Thank you for your service to the lord.You have been a great source of inspiration for me.I have spoke sevaral times to you live.I know you had a huge listener base I don’t get why your not aired anymore.Your in our prayers from Victory Life church in durant Ok..

    God Bless and keep you Eddie

  516. Miss you every day on the KWRD radio talk show. Always listened to you going home from work. You always had interesting topics to talk about, current events, etc. Loved the discussions with various people, etc. Hope to hear you again soon. God Bless

  517. Hello Mr. Wilder,

    We had a lot of disagreements, especially on race issues, but either way I was still a consistent listener of your show. I’m definitely not here to spew venom, or to pick a fight with you or anything of the sort. If anything, I hope to pass on good will. You have my condolences and prayers, in your cancellation. Sure I had my disagreements with you, but it was at worst about 67/30/3 agreement/disagreement/indifference spread. So I wish you blessings in your future ministry endeavours, and at the end of day agree or disagree, you’re clearly a man who’s gifted in the craft of talk radio. I hope to one day hear you again over the air waves, and maybe do philosophical battle with you once again.

  518. Scott & Lauren, miss u much! I started listening to u in the late 90’s on my drive home from work, up until about 2 1/2 yrs ago I started working from home. I would always stay up on what u where discussing for the day thru by hubby. I would ask what was the whiner whining about today (my pet name for u) all in LUV. On certain days I would make it a point to tune in like when u had Huckaby on(love the Huck). In January I started attending school in the evening and was able to catch you for about 30 to 45 minutes on my way to school. Then one day there was this female voice. Like everyone else I thought she was filling in, but she never mentioned your name, like your other bud (forget his name), u know the one that use to fill in for u, and there was no Lauren. So I thought maybe Lauren and your fill in bud went with u to on one of your bible delivering missions (active imagination). I would tune in everyday for a couple of minutes, awaiting your return. But then the show was renamed. I know u speak well of her and she really does seem nice and kind, but my God Whiner…..and that’s all I’m gone say about that. Sigh….. Hope you’re back on the radio soon. Even though I disagreed with you 50% of the time. Opposing views gives u a different way of seeing things. Please keep us updated.
    Luv u much and praying for u and Lauren.
    Psalms 37:25
    (Huckaby for President)
    Pray for President Obama, God is able to absolutely turn his heart to the Father. I have seen him work this miracle in many lives, starting with me.

  519. Hi!Scott, Wondering what you and Lauren are doing?Have you gotten a radio program,and were I might fine you. Have REALLY missed your insight in these troubling times.

    your faithful listener

  520. Scott/Lauren,

    I miss your show terribly! I used to listen to your show everyday on my way home from work. Then, my job took me during the week to Houston. Having every Friday off, I couldn’t wait to leave the wasteland that is talk radio in Houston to listen to your show. I stopped hearing your show and thought they had moved your time slot. I just read about what they did to you!! Please consider going to 100.7 in Houston! They desperately need you! I pray for y’alls return to the airwaves where you are sorely needed and missed.

  521. Thanks for teaching us how to think things through and not just beleive what the liberal media puts out there. I loved and miss your show.

  522. Dear Scott and Lauren: Though I learned of your termination from KWRD the day after it occurred, I am finally getting the chance to write to you. My fiancee was blinded by a gunshot wound to the head in March, 2007. To avoid her being institutionalized (albeit she was not brain damaged in any significant way), I moved into her apartment to provide care for her. I explain that to say that your show provided inspiration and strength to me in some very difficult times. It is still extremely hard, and I miss y’all’s wisdom, spirituality, forthrightness, and sense of humor. I will most assuredly pray for you, and I ask that you include Rebecca in your prayers for healing. With God, as you well know, all things are possible, and I am certain that, if it is His will, she will see again. I hope to hear you again soon on the air waves.


    Keith Jagmin

    • Keith,

      thank you for the kind words…be sure that we will pray for you both…

      we’re working to be back on the radio…and hope to have something to share soon…

      God bless you both,


  523. Scott and Lauren,
    It’s been long enough now without your voices and beautiful sentiments. You both are wise in Gods words, at times both challenging but thought provoking. I pray for your family and a return back to the airwaves for us poor souls who need guidance, especially with these difficult times.
    I miss you both.

  524. Scott, Awesome to hear you on Point of View! I hope we get to hear you on a regular basis.

    On the other radio stations, there are some preachers and Christian counselors I have enjoyed listening to a few times, but your program discussing “current affairs” and evaluating the world around us from a Christian world view, was so very interesting and REFRESHING- NEW EVERY DAY. Sure do miss that.

    You also made use “think”. Maybe the powers that be at the station, didn’t want us to “think”, (kinda like the government?)

  525. I remember last year when I was listening to KWRD and didn’t hear your show. After a few days I started panicking and then found out that the show was cancelled. Janet Mefferd is great, but I think you set the standard to high.^^ I credit you with helping me to understand my worldview and assert my opinions in a fair and logical manner, and I want to thank you for that. I can’t wait to hear you again in March.
    God bless.

  526. I just heard. Sorry to hear. I never understand the stupid things radio stations do in Dallas. It is no longer about what listeners want, but what they think will help sell or make money. All the time forgetting that if you do what the people want, those other things will follow. I am proud to say that I finished my own radio career as a producer for your show. On that note, things are well for my wife and me. I am still working for Wells Fargo and we are actually planning to start a family this next year (now that I have a stable career lol)

    Good luck to you and Lauren. If you need anything, let me know.

  527. Scott & Lauren,

    I so miss your voice of Godly wisdom and guidance. On one hand it is hard to believe that this happened because of the truth you espoused, the following you had, but on the other hand it was probably to be expected. Just when we needed you most! I’m praying that many others will embrace you, put you back on the air where we need you, and will realize from these responses how much people support you.


  528. I always wondered what happened to you guys. It took me a while before I investigated. I enjoyed your show and the back and fourth banter. Just so you know, I was generally in your corner, Lauren! I remember you, Scott, talking about how suprised you were that you were still on the air after X number of years. Count it all as a blessing. I’m not particularly Political but I did like the challenge of seeing how my faith fit into politics (or not).

    Glad to see you landed a syndicate show and heard you for the first time again on AM in Dallas area. So, I came to the website to find out the story. God bless on your new show. See, He had a bigger plan for you. In Christ – Danny

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