Thursday’s Reading Room

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White House distances from embattled group (Let me guess…this is not the ACORN that you knew…)

Missile Defense Plan Readied (this is very bad news and people won’t even know it until it’s too late…Russia is not our friend on many levels, not the least of which is when it comes to Israel…and changing our plan that protects our bases and allies in Europe to make Russia happy is a mistake)

Soda Tax? — so the price of your Big Gulp could go up 44 cents…that’s more than a 40% increase! (first they came for your cigs…then your brew…now your soda…all for your health…has nothing to do with increasing taxes for the sake of redistributing wealth…in this case, of course, it will be another tax increase on people making less than $250,000 a year…promises, promises)

KRAUTHAMMER: Sign of Desperation

Job-Killing Policies Could Doom Democrats

Spreading the Wealth (Obama…socialist)

White House collecting web users’ data without notice?

The race card is political suicide for the left

And finally, Cat Strays 2,400 Miles from Home


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  1. my mind is racing on the soda tax thing…

    what about the psychological benefit i get from my big gulp? if i lose that there’s no telling what kind of depression i might fall into…

    also, diet coke isn’t sugary…right? i can still have diet coke with no extra tax, right? will the check out person at 7-11 have to taste it to make sure it’s diet? because anyone could say it’s diet and really have 32 oz. of high fructose corn syrup goodness just waiting beneath the lid of the big gulp.

    this is not good.

  2. This is absolutely crazy, but speaking of ACORN, did you hear about this? I thought that you would appreciate these videos…

  3. MSNBC didn’t even care to report this story…imagine that.

  4. Maybe they should put a tax on Colombian White instead of Georgia Red.

    I can’t wait to see some enterprising teenage clerk run a line out behind the store. “Psst.. hey kid, wanna buy some Mountain Dew??”

  5. I’d like to see how they define soda?!? Would chocolate milk escape the tax?

    Would congressional soda machines be exempt from the tax in similar vein to the health care proposals?

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