Scott & Lauren Speak (9/24)

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Video of School kids taught to praise Obama


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Published in: on September 24, 2009 at 3:30 pm  Comments (15)  

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  1. Scott and Lauren,
    What a treasure to hear your voices again!! You are sadly missed at our household. We impatiently await news of where and when to listen to you!

    Snyderlings continue to pray for a new job for you!

    • lisa snyder who taught 10th grade language arts to austin lintner?

      just curious…

  2. Scott and Lauren,

    I listened over many years, from the beginning, and I even remember that I felt an extra measure of being unsettled on 9/11 because when the Wilder Show came on, Scott was out of the country. Yes, in part I was worried about Scott, but I also missed the comfort of your clarity and compassionate strength.

    I typed in “” for the first time today, after finding out in August you were no longer on the air. Turns out it is the perfect time to visit the site, because I’m listening to the first recording, which I hope — no, assume — will become the new Scott Wilder show as a streaming live program with a podcast available afterwards. Time to brainstorm ways to get money through that format. Check out Seth Godin’s blog post about the changing nature of media so you can ride the curve:

    God bless you both and your families, and I will be praying for you.

    Kind Regards,

    Steve Coxsey

  3. Netanyahu had a great speech at the UN.

  4. Praying and anticipating the next time we can listen to your show live on the air. You are greatly missed.I looked forward to listening every night on my drive home. Where do I go now for honest, clear insight and guidance in such a crazy world? God is good always and I know He has a great plan for you! just waiting….


    Ana Maria
    McKinney Texas

  5. So good to hear from both of you! I’ve missed you two very much. So glad to know you’re still working hard for Christ. I’m thankful that you’re not too far and I’ll pray to hear you on the radio again soon!

    Best Regards,
    Ross Young
    Plano, Tx.

  6. Scott,
    I always appreciated your willingness to take on all the Obamabots and sheople who are mindlessly led by the federal government. So many times during the pre-election months I wanted to call and voice support while listening in outrage to all the verbally abusive blacks and liberals who got on and wasted live phone time as you countered their ignorant arguments. I think Salem got rid of you because they didn’t want to face the heat…You are sorely missed.

  7. Scott and Lauren,
    you are truly missed. I still listen sometimes, but it just not the same. I believe Salem made a big mistake. I hope and pray you and Lauren return to the airwaves.
    Glod bless you and your families.

  8. I just found you! I have alot of catch up reading to do. Prayer is a very powerful tool. I started praying for Gods’ will for you two this morning and I will keep it up. Scott, your show was the only one I made a point not to miss. I greatly miss your and Laurens’ company on my way home daily. WHAT was the radio heads thinking? God only knows. I feel sure that God is not through with you two. As my brother and sister in Christ, if you need anything, let me know.
    be blessed,

    brenda rash
    watauga, texas

  9. I’ve missed The Scott Wilder show SO MUCH. I was hoping you were on an extended mission trips and would be back, but I just read that you were let go…ARE “THEY” FLAT-OUT CRAZY? Your show was the best in Metroplex!

    I’m afraid the problem was the area you are in…it’s hard to be critical of that idiot in the White House in a city that’s predominantly black. I’m afraid most of them have been taken in by his skin color & just don’t want to see the socialist/marxist/ego underneath…very frustrating. And now he’s won a Nobel Peace Prize…as if his ego wasn’t massive enough!

    You & Lauren & your families are in my prayers & I can’t wait to hear your voices & clear thinking on the air again!


    Donna Bedford
    Burleson, Texas

  10. I’m definitely missing you guys during State Fair season….I don’t even know what fried goodie is being featured this year!!??

    Darrell Harvey
    Burleson, TX

  11. I am shocked at your dismissal. I learned more from your show in 1 1/2 years than ever in my life! Yours and Lauren’s show was the only thing I listened to on KWRD and there’s nothing that compares to it in this market. I can’t imagine what possessed them to let you go. I, too, thought you were on a mission trip and would be back soon…but finally found out the truth.

    I’m so sorry for all of you!! Surely, a station wanting to raise their ratings will grab you both up and when they do, I want to know where you’ve gone.

    God is very good, however, His timing isn’t the same as ours and it gets scary. My daughter just found a job after 6 months and I’m facing a forced retirement on 12-31st so I have an idea of how you’re feeling. You’ll both be in my prayers.

  12. Still listening. Ready for you guys to get ur own show again. Miss u and lauren’s daily updates.

  13. I miss your show greatly also. It kept me up to date on all the latest issues and christian national interest…. not to mention the Presidential race updates daily…. I have prayed for you guy’s also.
    Sabrena Reef, Davis, Oklahoma

  14. Scott,

    I was a resident of Texas for about 9 years until 2006 and always listened to your show while driving home from work each day. And everytime I drove down to Texas, I would check in to listen to you and Lauren. I was very disappointed to find out about your departure from the station and have been praying for you. You know what I always say is that God will put you in the place you can be the most effective for HIM and that is exactly what He is going to or is doing right now. God Bless You greatly and my prayers continue to be with you. I loved your show and miss hearing you and Lauren on the air.

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