MORE: Philippines Flood Destroys 90,000 Bibles!


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From my friend, Jim Montgomery, our leader on my recent trip in the Philippines:

This is a quick update to the Philippines since you all were just there.  I have been on the phone for the better half of this morning with Linda Moldez and staff.  I am not sure if you have heard but Manila received 16 inches of rain in 9 hours yesterday (similar to Mindoro but with less room for water to travel).  On Saturday, some of the staff (Pastor Leo) went to move Scripture in our warehouse to higher ground in preparation of potential flooding.  In the process of them doing this a wall of water came down the street and within minutes the Bible League office was under 8 feet of water.

You can see from these photos that the whole ground floor was flooded which submerged the lower half of our warehouse and four vehicles (the ones which you so fondly traveled in).  I will have a better picture tonight on what the full extent of our losses are, but as of now we have 90,000 Scriptures lost to the flood.  Insurance should cover some of the repair cost to the vehicles, but nothing in the warehouse.

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