Obama and School Kids

Here’s the story about Obama’s desire to extend the school day and the school year.

Here are my thoughts:  The reason BHO wants our kids in school longer is for control…it’s for indocrination.  The longer the day, the better for people who want to brain-wash our kids.

By now you have seen this video:

This is a dream come true for BHO…would that he could have the forced adulation that Castro, and Kim Jong Il, and Hugo Chavez demand!

Keeping our kids in school is about keeping them in school, but it’s also about something else…it’s about keeping them away from their parents.  We can’t trust the parents to know what’s best for their kids! The government will know…the government will care for them.

This is in keeping with a BHO philosophy…a typical radical liberal philosophy: everything belongs to the government.  Everything.  Your time, your property, your future, your children, your money…everything. And the government will decide what access you will have to any of that.

It’s about taking away all your money…and taking away your freedom…and if you disagree, look out!

I will have more to say about this tomorrow as we webcast from 9am-3pm…click here to find out more.


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  1. Interesting….Isn’t the truth of the matter that they’ve simply substituted a few words in that belief system? The truth is “everything belongs to the God. Everything. Your time, your property, your future, your children, your money…everything. And God will decide what access you will have to any of that.”

    Guess it just goes to show WHO they THINK they are. If they start using the “omni-” words to describe Obama, their cover will be blown.

  2. I don’t know that it’s about indoctrination specifically.

    It’s just that, whenever there is a problem, libs think the government must swoop down from on high and provide the solution. In this case, kids aren’t learning, and money has obviously not been the answer, so it must be time. Students aren’t in school enough! We must mandate more school!

    It never seems to occur to them that if school isn’t important to mom and dad (assuming he’s around), it won’t be important to the kids.

    Do something to deal with that, and then if we still think we need more time in school, we can talk. But can’t we try the non-spending-money solution first, just this once?

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