Scott with a video invitation…

This video doesn’t exist

Webcast tomorrow from 9am-3pm…we’ll do it here:


Send Bibles: One-time Gift or
12×12 ($12/mo for 12 months)

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  1. Scott,

    I wouldn’t say you have a face for radio, but you sure do have a wardrobe for radio! And a shave sure wouldn’t hurt :O

    If you are going to play in the video realm, you will have to break some old habits.

    • ha…

      as you might have observed over the years, i am not really motivated by concentrating on the things that you mentioned…nor will i be in the future.

      i have never been interested in playing in the video realm…was quite content in my audio world…until it was removed from me…just trying to do everything we can do (given this circumstance) to get people’s attention for bibles…

      staying handsome, freshly scrubbed, shaven and well-dressed is fairly low on my list of priorities…

      sending bibles is high…

      you can click on the link to the right near the top of the page to join me…thanks…

      • tough room!

        who knew? 😉

        • (i sent that comment off to bret favre…i don’t know what he’s thinking)

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