A Friday Challenge…

I’m giving $100 to send Bibles and I don’t have a job!  Will you join me sending Bibles? With the dollar-for-dollar match in place, that will send 50 Bibles!

I love the State Fair of Texas, but I would hate to spend money for my fun at the State Fair and not send Bibles.

Many people spend a lot of money for Halloween. I would hate to spend more money on Halloween candy and decorations than I spend sending Bibles.

My TV cable bill…my cell phone monthly expense…my internet.  All of those are for my enjoyment or convenience or comfort. Just a one time gift of any of those amounts could change the world for a person in SE Asia by providing Bibles.

If I can send $100, could you join me? Or maybe you would like to do the 12×12 ($12 per month for 12 months)…

Click here right now and Join me Changing the World.


Send Bibles: One-time Gift or
12×12 ($12/mo for 12 months)

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  1. In for 50 Bibles. God Bless!

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