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My take on Obama and the pitching for Olympics in Chicago: this is pure payback…whether Chicago gets it or not, this is payback to some very powerful people in Chicago who helped BHO become president.  Daly helped BHO and the people in Chicago who will make a fortune selling their property for Olympic facilities use…these are the people being paid back. I believe this was already a done deal…that Chicago was a done deal…and BHO traveling there would appear to have closed the deal.  I don’t believe BHO would make the trip if he thought there was a chance it could look like he didn’t get it done. (btw, how’s Afghanistan going while you spend time pitching Chicago?)


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  1. You are wrong scott. Chicago is the first city to be eliminated. Poor BHO. Its a huge slap in his face.

    • i was wrong…(lauren loves when i have to say that)…and i have never been happier to be wrong.

      my miscalculation was that i thought BHO was smarter than he is…to go there without it being a done deal was monumentally stupid. he was given plenty of reason to say ‘i can’t go because i am doing the business of the country’…the war in afghanistan, for example.

      he could’ve said that we have serious business that demands my attention…and while i am sending michelle and O to make the pitch, i must stay and do the business of this country…for our good and for the good of those who are so bravely serving us in the military.

      he didn’t do that…

      which leads me to believe that he believed it was either a done deal, or, and more likely, that even if it wasn’t a done deal, the power of his personal persuasion would tip the balance.

      again, i was wrong…and so happy to be so.

      Viva Rio!

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