Friday’s Reading Room

Where are Scott and Lauren? (because we still get asked)

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UPDATE: $5,000 Match Offered to Send Bibles…read more

SHOCKING AND SHAMEFUL: ‘Death Panel’ Measure Survives…

Thomas Sowell: Dismantling America: Part II

Not Dead Yet

Krauthammer: Obama’s Bush Blame Game

He Came, He Saw, He Kowtowed

Questioning the President’s Tenacity

We’re Governed By Callous Children

GALLUP: Obama has only had minimal effect on race relations


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  1. Peggy Noonan took ‘im to the woodshed this week…I agree with her there is this vague sense that a Celestial axe fell on the U.S. 2 years ago and has been steadily chopping away; like the widespread malaise and calamity He outlined for Israel for when they entered the land of Milk & Honey and decided to ignore His ways. God is long suffering, but the wrath does seem to be swift when He eventually turns His face away from a people. Sobering, indeed.

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