Email from a soldier…

Let me share an email I got over the weekend:


I listened to your show since sometime in 1999/2000.  I joined the Army about a year ago, but I did get to hear your anniversary show prior to that.  Kudos to you and Lauren for lasting so long in such a dynamic industry.  My father lost his job from the Radio Advertising Bureau earlier this year.

I have $500 to send your way – to you directly, to you and Lauren, to your Bible sending program, or to another service of your choosing.  Gal 6:6 “Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor.”  You taught me how to be an everyday-Christian, and that has been some invaluable teaching, especially in these days and times (and in my current military occupation no less).


US Army Private First Class Keith ——
Hurst, TX
(currently stationed in Hawaii)

I have contacted Keith to (1) thank him for his service to our country, (2) thank him for his kind words, (3) thank him for the offer of a direct gift that is so generous, and (4) encourage him to use all of that amount to send Bibles.

It’s not that I couldn’t use the assistance, but I want everyone to see this generous offer and be encouraged to send Bibles.

We will wrap up our time sending Bibles together (our 13th consecutive year) on Thanksgiving Day.

Join us…and join great folks like Keith and send Bibles right now.

Watch our trip videos here…and pass this on to everyone.



Send Bibles: One-time Gift or
12×12 ($12/mo for 12 months)

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  1. Scott and Lauren,

    First of all Thank you for your service to Our Community here in the DFW area. I agree with Keith from Hurst. I have did my best to live the Discipleship of Christ everyday, and yes, it is not the easiest path to walk on a daily bases. But, it is the first path that I have so much enjoyed walking these past eight years.

    I have been a listener of ya’ll for the last twop years and ya’ll have encouraged me in so many arenas in my own life and I want to thank ya’ll for the encouragement. Please keep it up! Now I catch ya’ll when i can on the webcasts.

    In the Month of October, Our home has three birthdays and this year on each of our birthdays we sent money in to send Bibles to the others around the world that need them. i want to thank you and Lauren for bringing this AWESOME Cause to our home and attention.

    We as a family will continur to spread the word about Taking Bibles Around the Wolrd.

    Thank you so very much,

    Oscar, Julie and Joshlyn Matthews

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