Wednesday’s Reading Room

Scott Brown’s win is a wonderful Happy One Year Anniversary gift to BHO…delicious, actually…on the eve of BHO’s anniversary, Dems lose the bluest seat from the bluest state…oh my…

Scott Brown Wins Mass. Senate Seat in Epic Upset

Voters Send Washington a Ringing Message

Independents Turn Against Obama, Dems

Virginia Politics Blog – With Brown victory, Webb calls for suspending health care votes

Time to put the brakes on ObamaCare, says … Barney Frank?

Steyn: Happy Anniversary, Barry

McCarthy: It’s the Enemy, Stupid

After Loss, Dems Rethink Plan

Brown wins unaffiliated voters 73/25

What Does Obama Do Now?

The Idea Is the Problem

The Failures of Obama’s First Year

Health Care Going ‘Nuclear’?

One year later: The myth of Hopenchange unmasked

The Failures of Obama’s First Year

Eugene Robinson: Lessons Obama had better learn — quickly

Mika Brzezinski: It’s time for journalists to admit that they’re Democrats

Five things to watch in the Massachusetts returns

U.S. Preps for ‘Onslaught’Of Haitians Looking to Stay

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