Wednesday’s Reading Room

Obama Seeks Revival in Union Speech

Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech: 132…

His Genius Is Wasted On You

Obama to Admit Missteps But Stick with Agenda

Obama & Conventional Liberalism

Income Angst? Not for Public Employees

Has Scott Brown One-Upped Obama?

Women’s Groups Blast ‘Divisive’ Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad — Without Even Seeing It

White House Spin is Painful to Watch

China’s pet lovers seek ban on eating cats and dogs (remind me to tell you a story about this kind of thing next time we talk)

Wow: Eight Dem senators have “strong reservations” about reconciliation

LOWRY: An Enormous Rhetorical Concession

Heart-ache: Bob Herbert so very disappointed in Obama

300 have sued Obama to get records

Techies, the Wait Is Over — iThink

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