The Scott Wilder Show goes national!

Update: The Scott Wilder Show will begin national syndication on Monday, March 8th.

And, for those who were listeners in Dallas/Ft. Worth, our D/FW affiliate is 1110AM KVTT…beginning Monday, March 8th you will hear our show in Dallas/Ft. Worth on 1110AM KVTT from 3-5pm.

Here are the details as we write this:

The Scott Wilder Show will begin on satellite to radio stations around the country…3-5pm central time (4-6pm eastern time)…

It will be carried on IRN/USA Radio Network…and you will hear it on the radio through our Scott Wilder Show affiliates…

Contact your friends in other markets! Affiliates are already being signed up on a market exclusivity basis…any radio station interested should contact Kelli at Affiliate Relations at IRN/USA Radio…phone number is 800.829.8111 ext. 1125…


(cut and paste this post and send it to your friends in other radio markets)

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  1. Woo-hoo!!So, who’s the DFW affiliate?

  2. That is excellent news! Your replacement… wasn’t. In your absence, I’ve been forced to listen to Mark Levin for my commute home.

    What station will your show be on in Dallas? Welcome back!

    • “Forced to listen to Mark Levin”? Wow, I’m shocked that you feel that way. Mark Levin is one of the best guys on the radio: passionate, articulate, intelligent, and entertaining also. He is a Constitutional expert as well.

      • Absolutely! However, he doesn’t emphasize the scriptural basis for his views that Scott does. I believe he has a biblical world view, but his opinions are expressed as such, and not as being informed by that world view.

        Also, his “rough around the edges” language elicits some wide-eyes from my kids if they’re in the car while I’m listening to his show. But you’re right on all accounts regarding his knowledge and passion.

  3. Scott and Lauren, let me be the first to say “Congratulations”! I’m sure this is very exciting for you and your family.

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Congratulations! Your voices (I assume Lauren will be there) of reason was sorely missed during these past months. I’m anxious to start listening to radio again.


  5. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good Scott

  6. I am thrilled beyond words. Thanks Be To God!

  7. Yippee Skippee!! Looking forward to “hearing” you again!

  8. That is wonderful news. I try to catch you on u-stream but I don’t always make it.. I listen to it after the fact!!! Love you guys!! Can’t wait!!

  9. I am so happy for you Scott!! God is so Good to us. Is Lauren coming too?

    Michelle S.

  10. DON’T forget us little peeps..;)

  11. Hey Scott! I’m pumped about this! You mentioned you had some possible hits (we talked at Starbucks one morning… I interupted your conversation to say hi); In glad it worked out! Praise the Lord! He is good!

  12. I am so happy….Can’t wait to find out the date and station… -m

  13. Scott & Loren, my wife and I have been praying for you both. Scott I talked to you at Starbucks in Hurst right after your interview two weeks ago. Praise God, He is so faithful. Looking forward to seeing what God is going to do through you and Loren.

  14. What an answered prayer! I look forward to listening in each afternoon once again. Please keep us informed as to what affiliate will carry your show here in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Your still in our prayers.

  15. Great news! Glad to hear a voice of reason & a call for thinking to go national!

  16. WHOO HOO!

  17. Congratulations Scott (and presumably Lauren)! I am not a believer, but was a follower of your show and am looking forward to your return. No one in this market competes with your thoroughness and clarity.

  18. Congratulations on your new gig!! Can’t wait for the new show to get started! Long time coming but glad it’s here! Wishing you much success! God is so good!
    Regina Stone Matthews
    Richardson, TX

  19. I knew this day would come, and I’m looking forward to it! Sometimes God takes a little longer than some of us would like.

  20. Awesome. And its about time.

  21. This is wonderful news! Welcome back!

  22. Scott, This is awesome news. I didn’t get to listen to your show in the DFW area every day so when I tuned in to listen and you were gone…. my heart was sad. I appreciate your passion and integrity. Can’t wait to find the new station.

    Keep up the good fight!!!

  23. Thank goodness!!!!!! I’ll be listening!

  24. Praise our Lord God! Our prayers have been answered.
    My blessing go out to you, Scott. Freedom of speech, liberty, morality and justice have prevailed. I have been so intellectually stimulated, informed worldview and morally convicted via your comments. Thankful that the country can now experience the same.
    God Bless, Erwin

  25. Glad you are back and very much looking forward to it!!

  26. Congratulations, Scott! That’s great news. You’re too talented not to have landed on your feet. May your syndication network grow and grow!

    Tell it, Brother!

  27. Praise the Lord! I can hardly wait unit Monday, march 8th to tune in at 3-5pm. I am excited about hearing you and Lauren once again!!!!!!!

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