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NRB Talk Show of the Year winner is now syndicated and available for your market (debuted nationally March 8, 2010).

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The Scott Wilder Show has become a gathering place for people from all walks of life.  Listeners of every age, race, income level, political party and religious affiliation  know that when they tune into the show, they will open a window to the news of the day—from around the world to around the corner—all from an unabashedly Christian perspective.

Since 1997,  Scott has conducted a daily dialogue covering a host of topics as diverse as the audience itself. From the issues surrounding vastly different presidential administrations, to the difficult, yet day-to-day questions facing today’s families—nothing is off limits. The highest compliment is when a listener tells him,  “I couldn’t wait to hear what you thought of this…”

Never afraid of a listener’s contradictory opinion, Scott instead views this as an opportunity to teach, often saying of callers, ‘dissenters go to the front of the line.’  A caller need never be afraid to express an opposing view.  He should always, however, know that he will be expected to defend it vigorously.

Believing that truth is best represented with an arm around the shoulder rather than a finger in the face, Scott has taught his listeners to trust that, regardless of the issue, the discussion will be conducted with candor and sincerity; always on the basis of a deeply held faith.

Like your favorite professor in college,  Scott’s listeners have come to trust his opinion on a wide variety of topics.  From politics to parenting,  they know his views come from a deep love of knowledge and a lifetime of experience.

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For more information, contact:
Kelli DeShan, Affiliate Relations Manager
800-829-8111 x 1125

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