The Scott Wilder Show Goes National Today

(heard in Dallas/Ft. Worth from 3-5pm on KVTT 1110am…and webcasting at

Today at 3pm central time, our show becomes available to the entire country. Yes, your calls are welcome (it’s been a while)…call 1-800-992-USA1 (8721)…

For the first time, we’ll be able to talk with and hear from people coast to coast.

If you know someone in another radio market, send them this link so that they can get our show in their market:

See you this afternoon at 3pm central as we begin a brand new chapter of The Scott Wilder Show.

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  1. For those who can’t catch you live in Dallas (don’t start my commute until 5:30p or later), is there going to be a podcast?

  2. super congratulations. . .I really wish you well

  3. ah…how good it is to hear that intro music again 🙂

  4. Loved catching you back on the airwaves on KVTT today. I could barely hear the show on my radio as I got shoddy reception in my was rather static-filled and I had to hold my hand to the dial to get it in better (kind of hard to work that way, but work I did!) but I was thrilled and overjoyed and blessed to hear you and Lauren once again!! I listened to you guys on that “other” station almost from the beginning until your last show and have been awaiting the day until God opened the door and brought you two back!! Praise the Lord!!! I’m telling my family and friends and spreading the word! I believe your show will be even bigger and better than before, Scott! Oh, how I’ve missed it so! Congrats and welcome back!!

    God Bless you!! Sandy

  5. Scott and Lauren,

    Welcome back! You have been missed.


    Ron Phillips, Sr.

  6. YEAH! Praise the Lord! My afternoons from 3-6 have been uninspiring without you and Lauren! Heard the news on Point of View yesterday, so now I can listen to my two favorite shows, back to back!

  7. Hey! I found you again today just like I did last time about 10 years ago…by accident! I’m glad you’re back on the air.

    God bless!

  8. Great news! Let’s pray that the set back was for greater gain over time!

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