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Communist Dictators Think ObamaCare is Great

Obama’s Campaign Fundraises Off Threats

Obama dumped humiliated Netanyahu for dinner

The Worst Day for US Diplomacy in Memory

WIRE: Obama risks alienating Jewish voters

Max Baucus: ObamaCare will help correct the “maldistribution” of income

This Law Will Not Stand

Note to Dems: People Still Don’t Like ObamaCare

Charles Krauthammer: The VAT Cometh

MM: How the Left Fakes the Hate: A Primer

Goldberg: The Definition of ‘Freakout’

ABBA to reform for special concert?

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  1. Healthcare Reform and So Much More…

    I listened to your radio show regularly and miss it so much, expressing is impossible!!!!!!!! Very sadly, I do not know of another source – that I can trust, which has their finger on the pulse of the world.

    If you are no longer going to be on the air, could you please share some of your resources -so that your listeners can get some needed guidance?!?

    I feel like the only one who stays beyond disgusted, and just amazing with the out of control government spending? Does anybody ever talk about cutting that back?!? This system of taking in money and paying out later is the same as our social security system – which has failed.

    Systems based upon somebody else will fix it later is now accepted over and over?!?!

    I heard some are exempt from this healthcare? Is this confirmed, who is excempt and what are they being offered instead?

    The average person like myself has been struggling to really grasp it ALL.

    Are we too greedy and callous to those in need, to figure something out?!? Something that is real?

    This long fight has made every numb to the possible realities, not to mention very confused. It is obviously over some serious business.

    The masses are in a fog because of all the drama to sell news, intended confusion and spin for everybody supporting “their cause”.

    I need help!!!!

    I understand laws can prevented, or even changed – based on THE PEOPLE’s satisfaction. . .which comes from those representing us. If they are not doing their job, WE REPLACE THEM.

    I have no shame in admitting, limited involvement because of limited enough to decide, which I want change this personally.

    Please help me digg digg digg to really understand it all 🙂

    I think you will agree, if the steps we are taking, as individuals and as a society are only encompassing our lifetimes, we are thinking too small. . .only of ourselves.


    p.s. Have you heard about “Faith by Hearing”? Audio Bibles for those who can’t read…Rated very high on Charity Navigator.

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