Thursday’s Reading Room

Click to Send Bibles to China or call 1-800-YES-WORD...mention 'Scott Wilder'

(Celebrate Easter by Sending Bibles to China…I’m looking for 100 people to join me…click here now)

(Easter Story Cookies Recipe)

(Wanna toonhead cap?)

The American People Are Starting to Push Back

N.Korean defector, in US, urges ‘ideological warfare’

As we predicted…all to set up for the suggestion that racism is at play….to get ready for BHO’s amnesty push…Fearful, angry Latinos might shun Census

Frustrating, Stubborn Facts

Fort Hood Suspect Headed for Jail

Study: Small Soda Taxes Don’t Dent Obesity

Tea Parties Embrace Liberty, Not Big Gov’t

Obama’s Campaign Against Success

Blessed is the Blackberry: How Obama worships with prayers

Did Steele promise an immigration group that he’d help push amnesty?

Oh boy: Tony Perkins calls on social cons to stop donating to the RNC

Texas HHS chief: ObamaCare will cost our state almost 20 times Waxman’s estimate

Vatican Rips New York Times

Study: Small Soda Taxes Don’t Dent Obesity

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