Get The Scott Wilder Show in Your Radio Market

As you may know, The Scott Wilder Show has been picked up for syndication and is now available to radio markets across America! (click here for station finder)

What I am including below is a description of the show, a link to a sample of the show, and the Affiliate Relations contact information at IRN/USA Radio Network (the group that syndicates our show)…this is perfect to cut-and-paste to send to a general manager or station manager in your market at your Christian or talk station along with a note from you asking that they consider carrying the show.

The Scott Wilder Show was the 2004 NRB Talk Show of the Year and is now available across the country.

It’s amazing what a phone call or an email from a listener can do to get something like this picked up…so, if you have a station in your market that you are listening to, just send this on to your general manager or station manager, follow it up with a phone call and hopefully we’ll soon be in your market!







The 2004 NRB Talk Show of the Year is now syndicated and available for your market (debuted nationally March 8, 2010).

Click here for a sample. (

The Scott Wilder Show has become a gathering place for people from all walks of life.  Listeners of every age, race, income level, political party and religious affiliation  know that when they tune into the show, they will open a window to the news of the day—from around the world to around the corner—all from an unabashedly Christian perspective.

Since 1997,  Scott has conducted a daily dialogue covering a host of topics as diverse as the audience itself. From the issues surrounding vastly different presidential administrations, to the difficult, yet day-to-day questions facing today’s families—nothing is off limits. The highest compliment is when a listener tells him,  “I couldn’t wait to hear what you thought of this…”

Never afraid of a listener’s contradictory opinion, Scott instead views this as an opportunity to teach, often saying of callers, ‘dissenters go to the front of the line.’  A caller need never be afraid to express an opposing view.  He should always, however, know that he will be expected to defend it vigorously.

Believing that truth is best represented with an arm around the shoulder rather than a finger in the face, Scott has taught his listeners to trust that, regardless of the issue, the discussion will be conducted with candor and sincerity; always on the basis of a deeply held faith.

Like your favorite professor in college,  Scott’s listeners have come to trust his opinion on a wide variety of topics.  From politics to parenting,  they know his views come from a deep love of knowledge and a lifetime of experience.

Click here for a sample. (


For more information, contact:
Kelli DeShan, Affiliate Relations Manager
800-829-8111 x 1125

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  1. Is this new show on in the DFW market yet?

    • KVTT 1110AM…3-5pm…weekday afternoons…

      • Glad to have you back in our market, Scott! You’ve been sorely missed!

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to tune in this afternoon!

  3. I am now living in the Wichita Falls area. What can I do to try and get it down here?

    • check 1110AM from 3-5pm…if you can’t hear us on KVTT, let’s see if we can get us a station there…

  4. Congratulations Scott! My afternoons have not been the same since you have been off the air. You were the only person that gave me hope after the Obama election. You were a light during a very dark time for our country. I am looking forward to listening to you and finding the faith to survive during this administration. Good Luck with your new venture, Paula Brown

  5. Man oh man! Are we ever glad you’re back! We’ve been going through some major withdrawl here since our favorite broadcaster went on sabbatical. This makes our year! We’ll be tuning in today and telling our friends where to find you!!!!

  6. How did I miss this! Yea!!! SO very happy to have you back!

  7. God has finally opened the door for your thoughts to be heard across the nation. I have been hoping got this for a long time. Praise God! Good to hear you again!

  8. I am thrilled to have accidentally run into this information and find you again. You are one of a kind. I enjoyed your honest talk and the show of your faith. God bless and I will be listening again on KVTT.

  9. I toured Liberty Institute this week and they asked how I heard about Kelly and their work. I told them “The Scott Wilder Show and that I have been so down since I lost you.” They informed me that you were back on and that made my whole month. I need you on after 5:00, but I will take what I can get. I have really missed you and Lauren and am so glad to have you back!!

  10. Scott – Hated to leave the Metroplex and missed your show ever since we left…. My wife and I are now living in the Liberal capital of Texas – Austin.
    Are you by chance on the Radio in Austin.. Wouldn’t that be a point for our side if you were??

    • not in austin yet…on the right side of this site there is a link about getting us in your market….i know Gene Bender down there (KIXL)…don’t know if he wants our show…but i’d be happy to be on there….

  11. Scott, I live north of Sherman TX. and loved your show. Are you on a station that I can get in Southern OK?
    I get XM satelite radio, it would be great to hear you on there.
    God Bless You and your family.

    • Thank you for the kind words…we are not currently in southern Oklahoma on the radio…

      if you have a radio station you’d like to tell about our show, there are details about how to do that (that you’ve probably already seen at…

      we do webstream our show every day live at …and it is on demand there the other 22 hours of the day…ready for you whenever you wanna check it out….

      if you have a station you would like to contact…or would like to tell us about and we could contact them about the possibilities of being on the radio there, just let us know (…

      thanks again for the kind words…


  12. So glad you are back. I have missed my afternoons with your radio show, greatly. I could not believe they took you off. Your show was the best. Can’t wait to tune in to KVTT. God bless.

  13. Just heard KVTT’s announcement that they are going off the air. Does the Scott Wilder Show have another station in the DFW area to which they will be moving?

  14. Since KVTT is going off the air in Dallas will the show be picked up by another affiliate?

  15. With KVTT off the air, any plans for the Dallas-Ft. Worth market?

    • yeah…we’re working on it…make sure you’re on The LIST to get all the latest…

  16. I want to know what station you will be broadcasting. Really miss your show on The Word. God Bless You.

  17. I’m so excited you & Lauren are back! I hope you are soon on DFW station I can hear. I’d love to hear animal good news/bad news again. It was such a good laugh at the end of a day.

  18. Scott we have greatly missed you and Lauren!! I just stumbled on this site after searching you on Google. So… Now that it is almost August where do we stand now as far as a DFW station?
    Anxious to hear and excited to hear your voice again!

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