Wednesday’s Reading Room

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You can’t defeat an enemy you refuse to identify: White House Rewriting the Book on Terror Strategy

As probably the only American you will ever know who has been to North Korea, I always feel obligated to bring you stories like this: NKorea sentences American teacher to 8 years hard labor (by the way, the average life expectancy in a North Korean labor camp…is 3 years)

Finally, something I agree with a maniacal, apocalyptic dictator on (yes, I realize poor sentence structure, but it communicates): Ahmadinejad ridicules Obama’s strategy: ‘Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience’


This is what happens when dumb people follow dumb people: Health overhaul spawns mass confusion for public… ‘Where do we get the free Obama care?’

Blacks who believe in the Constitution are ‘traitors’: Tea Party’s Racial Divide

Duh. To Cut Health Costs, Gov’t Must Restrict Care

Thomas Sowell…genius…read…learn… Compared to What?

Those frauds who keep lying about race talk before ObamaCare vote…are still not called to account by a media that was a co-conspirator in telling their wicked lie…What the Reporters Saw (and Didn’t See)

Jonah Goldberg: The Monster-Victim Mix-Up

What Is a Libertarian?

Don’t worry, a 4,000 year long dispute is in the hands of a man who, more than anything, doesn’t want to offend our enemies: Obama Weighs New Mideast Peace Plan

What 1946 Can Tell Us About 2010

I told you Michael Steele was going to be a problem…wrong person…chosen for the wrong reasons…and he will haunt the GOP just in time for elections…either 2010 or 2012: Michael Steele’s Lame Excuse

Top GOP advisor Castellanos: It’s time for Steele to go

Obama/Kaine 2012?

Now starting at QB for Minnesota: Grandpa?


(I am close to starting a feature titled “Positions I Would Take if I Were Secretly a Muslim”)

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