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The biggest almost story from yesterday…there are questions that this brings up, but this time it was (apparently) a misunderstanding…unless of course it was a test of our systems: Diplomat Sneaking a Smoke Sparks ‘Shoe Bomb’ Scare

It just never ends…whatever happened to that promise about taxes? and that commitment to make jobs the first priority? <sigh> Obama Adviser: National Sales Tax Would Mean $$$

Rove: Obama has overpromised and underdelivered.

We have been telling you this for some time now…this is the systematic dismantling of the country…a big part of that is creating the huge underclass necessary to maintain a permanent majority…and this is how BHO thinks he can do it: After Health Care, Amnesty?

Is BHO determined to hasten America’s demise? This writer says yes: Obama is Weakening America

As anyone should’ve been able to predict, when the jobless rate goes up, some sectors will be hit more than others…just makes sense…and the unemployment rate for those under 25 years old is about 20%: Joblessness: The Kids Are Not Alright

Being black and conservative is as lonely as being (truly) pro-life in the Democrat party: Black conservative ‘tea party’ backers take heat

Just don’t say ‘death panel’: NYT: O-Care is really No-Care

The politics of assassination (of an American citizen): Reports: Awlaki killing ordered

Peasants and pitchforks: Ordinary Americans Finally Fed Up

VDH…always good: The Ongoing Melodrama

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