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The Masters…The guy that won the Masters is the guy who left golf and skipped a Major last year to care for his wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago…his wife was the the woman he hugged and kissed until a tear rolled down his cheek after he birdied the 18th hole and carded a 67…to win the Masters…. that’s the guy that won. Not the other guy. (read more)

BHO’s SCOTUS short list…new name added…(more)

Post-partisan, Post-racial, Post-polls?…GALLUP: OBAMA HITS NEW LOW

It’s easy to get guys like this to seem strong when it doesn’t mean much…but when it comes to things like the ObamaCare vote, they cave…(meh)…Lieberman Rips Obama Terror Re-Write

If only he’d worked in a clinic and was wearing a lab coat he could’ve instead collected money…you gotta help me with that…Man gets 50 years to life for killing unborn baby

Islamic Extremism is the Enemy, Mr. President

A cure for things like this in our lifetime? Wouldn’t that be great? Good news: Skin cancer cured

Watch this: SRLC: Pence speech

Where was the president for two hours? It seems easy to say it was his daughter’s soccer game…no one dares question it…that’s what I would say too if i were doing something else…i guess no one at the soccer game had a camera or a phone with a camera to back up the story….strange….ESCAPE: OBAMA LEAVES WHITE HOUSE WITHOUT PRESS, BREAKING PROTOCOL

ObamaCare and the High Court Hearing

No bump for Obamacare.

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  1. As true golf loving (witnessing Christian……..WE Should pray for TIGER’S SALVATION!!!

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