Tuesday’s Reading Room

(Join me Sending Bibles to China…I’m looking for 100 people to join me…click here now)

What’s WITH this guy?!…if he’s meeting one of our past, current, or future enemies, he’s BOWING TO THEM…meanwhile, he won’t be seen with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu! My head is going to explode!


Sowell….genius…read….Good Riddance to Justice Stevens

Nuclear Security’s New Agenda

Wherever this has been put to a vote by the people…including California, it has failed…Gay marriage fails to get on California ballot…

But they said this wouldn’t happen…how can this be? IT’S STARTING: U.S. FACES SEVERE DOCTOR SHORTAGE

Incentives Not to Work

Something’s Fishy: Hmmm: SEIU president Andy Stern resigns

Lowry: The Preemptive Tax Revolt

Destroying marriage creates an underclass in society…maybe that’s why so many liberals are set on it’s destruction:  Understanding Illegitimacy …and when we ignore the specifics of the demographics, we limit our ability to address the problem.

Behavior Taxed, Decreases; Behavior Subsidized , Increases Incentives Not to Work

Don’t hold your breath…I’ll explain this afternoon U.S., China Team Up on Iran BREAKING UPDATE: BLOW TO O: CHINA COOLS PUSH FOR SANCTIONS ON IRAN (told ya)

Another day, another surprise in the ObamaCare bill

Personal incomes down 3.2% in Obama’s first year

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