Last Chance…

Last Chance to Join us Sending Bibles to it today!

Christians in China right now are waiting for a Bible.

They are committed to read it and use it.

All they need is a Bible.  You can help.

Please join The Scott Wilder Show in helping to send them their first Bible.

Your tax deductible gift to the Bible League will fill their empty hands—one Bible at a time.  Here is how it works:

*$40.00 provides 10 Bibles

*$100.00 provides 25 Bibles

*$400.00 provides 100 Bibles

OR you can give a smaller amount per month for a year ($12 x 12…or any amount x12!)

At only $4.00 each, you can fill empty hands in China with this most precious and needed resource—God’s Word.

Don’t make them wait.

Fill their empty hands right now.  Click on the banner above or call the toll-free number today (mention ‘Scott Wilder’ when you call 1-800-YES-WORD…digitally thats 1-800-937-9673)!

We thank you in advance for doing what you can!

Christians in China are counting on you.

Join me!

God’s best to you,

Scott Wilder

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