Friday’s Reading Room

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Krauthammer: The July 2011 Problem

Doctors: Fetus Can’t Feel Pain Before 24 Weeks…it doesn’t matter…we don’t oppose it because they can feel pain…any more than we would endorse killing a person who is paralyzed or in a coma who can’t feel pain.

Michael Gerson: Us and them: The division between Obama and the military

POLL: 48% See Gov’t Threat to Individual Rights (the other 52% are in denial)

Byron York: Obama & Dems Heading for Electoral Disaster

Obama Taps ‘Sanctuary City’ Supporter as Immigration Chief

MM: The U.S. Department of Illegal-Alien Labor

Source: Amnesty Talks Behind the Scenes

Jonah Goldberg: The Democrats’ Vision Problem

Aide: Obama Knew of Blagojevich Plot

Fabulous: 10-Year-Old to Lead Ark. Gay Rights Parade

Attention Walmart shoppers: California Couple Tries to Sell Baby at Walmart

Kindergarten Grad Ceremony Erupts in Brawl

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