Monday’s Reading Room

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OBAMA: ‘VERY DIFFICULT CHOICES AHEAD’ ON DEFICITS Get ready for more class warfare…he won’t be cutting anything (except how much money you take home)

Obama: Countries must not have any ‘undue advantage’ if world to build strong recovery (there is nothing more unequal then the equal treatment of unequals)

‘Internet Kill Switch’ Plan Approved by Senate…Obama Can ‘Shut Down Internet For 4 Months’ (What could go wrong?)

The Kagan Hearing begins…A Primer on KaganA Primer on the Senators

George Will: More Questions for Kagan

VP Caught in CustardShop ‘Smart***’ Gaffe

Paul Krugman and all other liberals have it exactly backwards: Only Gov’t Aid Can Stop 3rd Depression

Open Mic Catches Reporters Mocking Palin (Remember our little rules to live by? ‘If it’s a gun, it’s loaded; if it’s a camera, it’s rolling; if it’s a MIC, it’s on!…and if it’s a bear, it’s hungry)

Mark Steyn: The Unengaged President

Rich Lowry: Obama Needs to Find His Inner W.

Dude: The new calling: Baptists go green

Umm….Parenting magazine: Breastfeeding is “creepy”

California Man A Real-Life Jason Bourne?

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