Thursday’s Reading Room

Al Qaeda to Release New Website Starring Radical Cleric

Jonah Goldberg: The Un-Borkable Elena Kagan

In ‘Hate’ Speech Ban, Paper Cries Censorship

Sessions on Kagan

Kagan Called Out on Partial-Birth Abortion

VDH: (Even a Few) Words Matter

Why Are Fewer Illegals Caught Along Border?

Shannen Coffin: A Weak Defense

Christopher Hitchens: I have esophageal cancer

Umm…I wonder if Bubba thinks this will discredit his years at the White House: Police Reopen Sex Case Against Al Gore

The Gaffe that Keeps on Giving: Biden Compares Republicans to Nazis…

From the Boston Herald: Dude (How could you have the ice cream at Friendlys after this!?)

DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman

Don’t Use Cellphones While Driving (or at the baseball game) (subtitle: A Must-See if you’re not a Yankees’ Fan fan)

Celebrating the Great Larry King (must see)

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