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We told you 3 months ago that ObamaCare was a tax…The Obama White House (now that it has passed) is telling the truth…but this is a pattern: lie to the American people and to their representatives in Congress, call names of the people who are telling the truth…all in order to cram something thru…then later the truth comes out…NYT: Obama WH will argue ObamaCare mandate is a tax

Who’s really behind the funding for the World Trade Center site Mosque?

Be afraid…be very afraid: New IRS Powers

Obama is not post-racial…he’s most racial

KJL: The ObamaCare Abortion Lie

Jonah Goldberg: When Did the Rules Change?

Rich Lowry: The Agony of the Revolution

Krauthammer: Obama’s Second Act

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  1. “Who’s really behind the funding for the Work Trade Center site Mosque?” Did you really mean “Work”?

    No link next to “Krauthammer:” ???

    • nope…thanks…

      link is now in place…can fix it here, but not on the one emailed out……


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