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Upsets upsets the establishment: Tea Party-Backed O’Donnell Stuns in Delaware Senate Primary

Fox News: NRSC won’t spend a dime on O’Donnell

Castle won’t endorse O’Donnell

Get Ready…maybe this is their September Surprise: Reid Adding Amnesty Measure to Defense Bill

Remember when BHO said this mid-term would not be a redo of 1994 because ‘this time you have me’ ?…Roger Simon disagrees: “He cannot save 2010. It is gone.”

Byron York: Obama kids so off-limits, he put their faces on his next book

David Kahane: Merrily We Don’t Roll Along

Superbug Nightmare Erupts in 3 States

Monkey News: Escaped monkey roams suburban San Antonio hills

Hmm: Vampire books like “Twilight” may be altering teens’ minds

Hmm II: Does the Loch Ness Monster Have Cousins?

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