The Show is on in Dallas!

The Scott Wilder Show is happy to announce our newest affiliate: 1160AM KVCE in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

This 50,000watt radio station joins our growing number of radio stations and gives us wonderful coverage in the market where the show began.

For now, our show is being carried on a delayed basis and can be heard from 10pm-midnight.

We’re very excited about being at KVCE, but I understand if you’d like to hear it earlier in the day, so let me tell you something you can do that can make that more likely to happen as soon as possible. It will take just two minutes.

Send Mr. Henry Hoot an email thanking him for carrying The Scott Wilder Show…and if you’d like to hear it a bit earlier, just tell him.

This is the kind of positive feedback that radio stations really need and rarely get. That’s why it can be so powerful when you do this very simple task. Thanking him will show him the power of our audience…and making the request will tell him how much more faithful you could be with an even better time on the air.

You’d be surprised how powerful this brief effort can be! You are far more influential than you think, so I am asking you to take the two minutes to do this for our show.

Pass this email on to your friends thru facebook and twitter. The more response we get back to Mr. Hoot this week, the better.

So thanks, KVCE for joining The Scott Wilder Show!

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  1. Thanks to you and the station for the wonderful news!~~ Love love love the Scott Wilder Show!~
    It would be nice to hear it a bit earlier tho… so thanks and can’t wait
    for the early SWS!

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