Note from Scott…

This is a friendly reminder…and a sincere request.

We are always re-evaluating the way we do what we do…and that includes more than just what we do on the radio.

The Reading Room…Wildershow-to-go (aka the podcast)…our daily live and 24-hour webstream at…Words of Wisdom…our email lists….and more.

We have been advised to only provide those things to ‘Premium Members’ (that means you pay)…and we have always resisted that. We’ve been told this would be a great way to add to our personal income…and we’ve resisted the urge.

I will continue to feel good about that decision (the decision to make all of this free) if I can just use all of that for something good. Not just informing or entertaining someone, but doing something together that has eternal impact.

I recently returned from Russia and the former Soviet Union taking bibles to people who need them and want them desperately. It’s our 14th year to do this and I am not asking you to do everything…in fact, I’m not asking you to do much…just asking you to do something.

I feel confident in saying that this is God’s will for those who believe in Him: that we take his Word to the World.

Today begins our effort to Send Bibles around the world.

Double What You Do: Right now (and for a limited time) there is a dollar-for-dollar match in place. Everything you do will be doubled. So don’t delay…do this today.

We will be tracking this every day at…follow us and see the impact we’re making together for the Lord.


(1) Click here and send some bibles.  Just do something…$4 sends one bible…$100 sends 25 bibles. And with the dollar-for-dollar match, that impact will be doubled! Or you can do what we call the ’12×12′ program: $12/month for 12 months…or any amount per month by 12 months!

(2) Forward this email to your friends and family…much can be done if we do it together.

Halloween is coming up and many people spend a lot of money on this ‘holiday’…whatever you spend on candy…or on costumes…or on parties…or on decorations for your house for Halloween, could you just do something to send bibles? 10 bibles? 20? or more?

Click here right now or call 1-800-YES-WORD and mention Scott Wilder when you do…and double your gift…doubling your impact!

We want to continue to provide all the things I mentioned above for free…and it will be a great encouragement that we’ve made the right decision doing that if you will just join us doing something.

Call 1-800-YES-WORD (mention Scott Wilder when you call…double your gift!) or just handle it all online right now by clicking here.

To see videos and more from our trip to Russia and the former Soviet Union…go to


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