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Voting Marchine ‘Glitches’…amazingly they seem not to be glitching to the right: Voting Machine Techs Are SEIU

Health Care Vote Puts Dems on Defensive

Bill Clinton: ‘It’s What Happened To Me In 94’

Jeff Jacoby: Dems Respond to Voter Anger With Smugness

Frightening: Court: No Citizenship Proof Required to Vote

Must be election time and he’s behind…time to pretend to be someone else: Obama Cites ‘Creator’ 4X Since Reporter Asked WH About Omission Last Week

Michelle Malkin: The Left’s Voter-Fraud Whitewash

Jonah Goldberg: Taking the Public Out of NPR

The Hill: Expect “crushing nationwide defeats” for Dems next week

Another reason not to live in New York: Bad Driver? In Debt? Give Up Your Arms

All this time I thought it was Ernie: Is Bert ‘Out’?

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