What is at stake on Tuesday

Umm…where to begin…

We live in a representative republic. Not a pure democracy.

However, there are times when it functions exactly like a pure democracy (every person casts a vote for a referendum or a candidate). In these situations it is, in the model of the pure democracy, one person one vote.

Unlike when there are bills before the state legislature or when there are bills before Congress, in an election like the one on Tuesday each of us has the opportunity to be an equal voice in the process…if we choose to speak. In these opportunities we find our closest link to the Founders of this country.

The signers to the Declaration of Independence signed as individuals. They were representing many more people who desired separation from England, but only the signers pledged their lives and fortunes and sacred honor. And they did so with great risk to all three.

Their experiment worked and a nation was born.

On Tuesday, we have before us a choice not quite as obviously stark as what the Founders faced, but any comfort we have is only an illusion. This election is more consequential than most could know.

In the midterm election on Tuesday, the same things hang in the balance. Our lives. Our fortune. Our sacred honor.

If the Obama agenda moves forward, our very lives are at stake. Liberals can dismiss concerns about ‘death panels’ that will decide who gets medicine and who doesn’t…who gets treatment and who doesn’t…who gets care and who doesn’t…and, ultimately who gets to live and who doesn’t. But those of us who pay attention know that the death panels are real and, should Obamacare not be stopped, those Death Panels will be ‘the decider’ on who lives and who dies.

Liberals mocked us when we said the cost of health care would increase not decrease under Obamacare. Liberals scoffed at the idea that tax dollars would go to fund abortions. Liberals laughed at our concerns that this would mandate something that is unconstitutional and it would destroy yet another segment of the private sector (the only place real jobs are created). They dismissed us in all these areas to cram their agenda down our throats. They were wrong and we were right.

Time revealed our concerns were valid. Time showed them to be wrong at best, liars at worst. The same will prove true about Death Panels.

On Tuesday, our very lives are hanging in the balance.

There can be little argument that our fortunes are also at stake. Recently, an Obama panel set to advise the president about deficit reduction suggested ending the mortgage interest and child deductions effectively raising your taxes by thousands and thousands of dollars.

As is often the case with this president, this tax increase would be disproportionate and would punish the achievers…the participants in our system…those trying to live (or hang onto) the American dream…those of us who work hard every day and who are counted on to work hard so that we can pay the tab not just for ourselves, but for others, too.

This president’s dream is not the American dream. It’s from somewhere else…somewhere else in time…in place…and certainly in ideaology. President Obama has a dream, but it’s been tried before and it has failed leaving nightmares for others in it’s wake.

On Tuesday, our fortune is at stake.

Our voice is our vote. It was seen by our Founders as a sacred thing. These men who fashioned this country did so, I believe, with Divine direction.

They were not granting rights to citizens for the rights were not theirs to grant or withhold. These men of vision knew that this new experiment could only survive if they acknowledged these rights were not granted by a government, but were rights endowed by a Creator.

The president has had a hard time remembering that part of the Declaration of Independence (the Creator part). He likes to talk about the Evil Empire we were fleeing, but doesn’t understand that it was not just something the Founders were running from. It was something they were running to…a world they envisioned where all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In truth, the president hasn’t forgotten that. He rejects it. To him, rights come from the government and the government will decide who gets them and who doesn’t. And, of course, the government is him.

On Tuesday, recall that to our Founders this chance to have an equal say was sacred. They signed their names on the Declaration risking everything by voicing what they believed.

The nation our Founders risked their lives for…their fortunes for…their sacred honor for…that nation hangs in the balance this Tuesday.

For just a moment could we be like those Founders? Could we be guided by a Divine Hand?

We have much in common with the Founders when it comes to what is at stake. Our lives…our fortunes…our sacred honor. All three are at risk.

And all three are guaranteed to be gone if we remain silent; if we don’t muster the strength…summon whatever it is in us that says, “This is mine to do. I will not be silent. I will not be led to slaughter. I will not sit down. I will not shut up. I will do what is mine to do like our Founding Fathers did and I will stand.”


See you at the polls.


(please join me sending bibles…dollar-for-dollar match doubles your gift…thank you.)

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  1. Excellent! Well thought out and beautifully articulated. I’m posting a link to this entry on my Facebook page.

    Thanks Scott, for always presenting a logical argument for the truth!

  2. I love this! Very inspiring message!

  3. Amen

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