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Mystery ‘Missile’… Or It May Be Just a Jet (no, it’s a missile)

Obama slams Israel from Jakarta…

Netanyahu Fights Back…

Confronts Anti-Israel Propaganda in USA…

First lady’s handshake with Muslim raises Indonesian eyebrows…

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’…

Christians Targeted in Iraq Bombings; 4 Dead

(and people wonder why we send bibles…)

Maybe if we changed it to ‘under Obama’… N.Y. School Under Fire for Partial Pledge

Delusional Pelosi: Productive Congress Has Moved US Forward

Clueless on a Shellacking

Must-read: N. Shea and P. Marshall: We need to talk about Islam.

Thomas Sowell: The ‘Gridlock’ Bogeyman

Polish Town Builds World’s Largest Jesus

And finally, The Coming Global Chocolate Crisis

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