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The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

Thomas Sowell: Airport “Security”?

North Korea Fires Artillery at South Korean Island, Killing One

NYC Mosque Project Seeks Federal Funds

Jeff Jacoby: Air travel: One step behind terrorists.

Sharia Law: Coming Soon

Lawmakers Urge Probe Of TSA Pat-Downs

Al Gore’s Convenient Untruth on Ethanol?

Death Threats at ‘DWTS’

And finally, Dorito-Shaped UFOs Spotted Over Britain

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  1. This is actually pretty funny about the TSA and how much they have lost sight of what they are supposed to do.
    The short story is a bunch of guys are coming back from Afghanistan and when through costumes at Baghram Air Field. They all have WEAPONS, no bullets.
    They get to Indiana and TSA makes them all get off the plane and go through security again.
    The TSA takes away the “Nail Clippers” from one of the Solders because it could be used as a weapon, but not is M4 Rifle?
    Now that is just insane to the point of stupidity.

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