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Words and Deeds: TODAY: Obama pledges ‘singular focus’ on economy

ONE YEAR AGO: ‘Obama to focus hard on economy’

TWO YEARS AGO: Obama to put ‘renewed focus’ on economy

Obama Signs ‘DADT’ Repeal

Get Ready: Obama’s Changing Position on Gay Marriage

Central Intelligence Agency names the newly formed Wikileaks Task Force…you guessed it…

Your tax dollars at work: REPORT: Michelle’s separate departure to Hawaii cost extra $63,000

Mass. School Issues Permission Slips for Pledge

Umm…Obama orders breastfeeding policy for federal workplace

And they can enforce it, too: China bars English words in all publications

Still looking for the perfect gift? I know…Planned Parenthood Gift Cards?

Michael Barone: Fast Growth in States With No Income Tax

Typical…do you think they’d make a ‘mistake’ like this with (one of) youknowwho’s memoirs?: CBS Airs Hoax Cover of Bush Memoir

ET Phone… New Zealand?


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