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How’d you get so funky? Egyptian looters destroy 2,000-year-old mummies in bid to steal King Tut’s treasures

WSJ Editors: Mubarak now has few good options for retaining power.

Anglicans Preparing to Defect Over Women, Gays

Michael Barone: By the Numbers: Good Omens for GOP in ’12

From the ‘Can you imagine if this had been George W. Bush’ file: OBAMA CONFUSES IRAQ WITH AFGHANISTAN

The president calls for restraint in Egypt…from the golf course

Egypt has not been pro-Muslim enough for some…that’s one of the reasons for the protests…PAPER: Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt

Good enough for thee, but not for me: PAPER: White House quietly exempts pampered politicos from Obamacare

Finally: Lab-grown meat Scientists find the tiny 24-hour clock in every living thing

Man Survives 1,000-foot fall down a mountain, is standing when rescuers arrive

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