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Good News: Federal Judge Strikes Down Obama’s Health Law

Judge cites Obama’s own position from 2008 campaign

Foster: Court Shreds All of Obamacare

Egypt: Thousands Converge for Mass March

Israel shocked by Obama’s ‘betrayal’ of Mubarak

Rich Lowry: Ambiguous Revolution

Egyptian Unrest Stirs Fears Over Suez Canal Traffic

Egyptians Yearn for Freedom (and death penalty for non-Muslims)

Pandora’s Box: U.S. already preparing for Stuxnet to be used against it

100 Million Threatened By Massive Winter Storm

Gays Want to Marry…and Want Their Chic-Fil-A

9/11 Conspiracy Filmmaker Busted on Drug Charges

World’s oldest woman dies at 115 in Texas…

Was Fox — Not Dog — Man’s First Best Friend?

(We’re saving Moms & Babies in Kenya…click here to help)

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