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Packers 31-25

Can we now please have the First Lady worry about her own food choices?! White House announces Super Bowl menu: ‘Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Cheeseburgers, Deep Dish Pizza, Buffalo Wings, German Potato Salad, Twice Baked Potatoes, Potato ChipS, Pretzels, Chips and Dips, Salad, Ice Cream’

Black Eyed Pleads: ‘Obama, let’s get these kids educated / Create jobs so the country stays stimulated’

Aguilera Botches National Anthem

Obama invokes religious themes as 2012 campaign nears

Turnabout: Police sex files on WIKILEAKS Assange leaked online

B.O. VS. B.O.

Obama: U.S. Can’t Force Out Mubarak

Celebrating Reagan’s 100th

Five myths about Ronald Reagan

Why we need high-capacity magazines for guns

David Horovitz: Dangerously underestimating the Muslim Brotherhood.

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