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Krauthammer: A Freedom Doctrine

Saudis Put Obama atFault on Egyptian Crisis

Mubarak Hangs Tough

Fury in Egypt as Mubarak Stays Put

VP Urges Protestors to Ignore Media, and Go Home


Amir Taheri: The perils of a leaderless revolution.

Fire him: Panetta’s comment on Mubarak stepping down was based on … media reports

BHO’s statement on Egypt to try to recover from his Doh! moment

CBO Director: ObamaCare Will Cost 800,000 Jobs

Jennifer Rubin: Obamacare support melting away.

Liar: U.S. Spy Chief Calls Muslim Brotherhood ‘Secular’ Group

Intelligence Director Seeks to “Clarifiy” Remarks

OPINION: Why the Muslim Brotherhood Will Win

Arthur Laffer: What we learned from Reaganamoics.

Bad news: Asteroid maybe kinda sorta could strike Earth in 2036

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