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The President’s Speech to the ‘muslim world’ 2.0…Charles Krauthammer: What Obama’s MENA Speech Means

Trying to make friends with our enemies by making enemies of our friends: OBAMA SIDES WITH THE PALESTINIANS

Speech Sends Chills Through Israel Gov’t

Netanyahu Rejects Obama’s Idea

Continuing the Bush policies they ran against: Report: Dem, GOP leaders agree on four-year extension of Patriot Act

Obama’s Moral Universalism

Peggy Noonan: A Week of Shocks But Few Surprises

Scott and Lauren are American Idols Final Two (no kidding)

Newt is done…I mean done…Newt on immigration: What if we had local boards who could legalize certain illegals?

Coming soon: Post-Rapture pet care for animals left behind

Ha! Scientific study of the day

Man Finds 40G in House and Returns It to Owners

Men at Work … But Maybe Not During Apocalypse

Fascinating: Spider Trapped For 49M Years

(Betcha flinch) Death by Mentos & Diet Coke

(We’re saving Moms & Babies in Kenya…click here to help)

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