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My take on the President’s ‘speech’:  Obama isn’t serious about solving the debt issue (as evidenced by his infomercial last night)…he *is* serious about creating a crisis to blame on Republicans. You have to have something to run against when you don’t have anything to run *on*…

And where is Obama’s compromise on DOMA? or Abortion? or same-sex marriage? His talk about compromise and a ‘balanced approach’ is a smoke screen…he has put nothing in writing…for all his talk about what he’s willing to do, he has shown nothing except his (unserious) budget he sent to congress that was defeated in the Senate 97-0…*97-0*! (now that’s what i call bipartisan)…

Obama Warns ‘World Is Watching,’ As Boehner Rejects ‘Blank Check’



More: The GOP Debt Plan

WSJ Editors: The President isn’t serious about real spending cuts.

Andrew Stiles: A New Deficit Plan

Thomas Sowell: Debt-Ceiling Chicken

The best way to make sure that minorities and young people get jobs is to make sure that more people get jobs…it is those two groups that suffer disproportionately from the president’s policies…Widest wealth gap between whites, minorities on record

Why did it take so long for the police in Norway to stop the slaughter? Maybe it’s because police in Norway must get authorization from their chief to gain access to firearms.

I’ve actually considered this…I’m not surprised that it’s come to the attention of others: Bishops Steer Flock From Cancer Research Group

Steyn: Islamophobia and Murder

McCarthy: Apologize For What?

Rick Perry’s 10th Amendment stance: A breakthrough on gay marriage?

In ‘reporting’ about the slaughter in Norway, the New York Times ran a story that at one point carried the headline “Christian Extremist Charged in Norway.” Just a small problem that I’m sure doesn’t bother the New York Times, it appears not to be true.

Irony: In Germany, Israeli Orchestra to Play Hitler’s Favorite Composer

Visiting all 722 Whataburger locations? It’s good to have something to live for.

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