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POLL: Obama, Romney tied in Fla

61% of independents disapprove

WH: Taxpayers Will Fund Obama Bus Tour of Battleground States

Lock and Load: Showdown Looming onNew Gun Control Regs

Air Force Cancels Course Using Bible Passages

Third War: Qaddafi’s son: It’s time to join forces with Islamist rebels

Casey Anthony Spotted Shopping in Ohio

Right…NYT: We didn’t report Biden’s “terrorists” quote because, um, we couldn’t confirm it

NY Post Editors: Team Obama’s bragging.

Michael Barone: Chasing Votes by Promising to Do Impossible Things

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: Don’t Hollow Out the Military

Victor Davis Hanson: Spare Us the Sermons, Mr. President

Study: Chewing Gum Raises Teens’ Math Scores

Remote-controlled toy truck saves six soldiers’ lives

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