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Barney Frank blames military

Give Obama a break…he can’t talk about the downgrade right now…he’s writing birthday thank you notes…OBAMA SILENT

Sure…why remove the guy that is overseeing your plan to destroy the country: Geithner to Remain as Treasury Secretary


Loose lips sink ships…and bring down helicopters full of heroes…thank you BHO for outing those who so selflessly serve their country, thereby making them more a target than they alread are…NY Post Editors: A tragedy in war.

Friends, Family Remember Fallen Fighters as Heroes

WSJ Editors: A spend and tax policy mix always leads to economic decline.

Ross Douthat: Waiting for a landslide.

Mark Steyn: Mad Debt

The Editors: Obama Makes History (of Our AAA Credit)

JFK Assassination Solved?Jackie Had a Theory

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  1. Dear Mr. Wilder:

    I have the utmost respect for your thoughtful and well-considered observations. I would hate to see you lose credibility. I am afraid that the heading, “Sure, why remove the guy who is overseeing your plan to destroy the country” is a bit over the top. Mr. Geither should go, and soon, to be sure. And I don’t see any indication that President Obama supports the free market system, or even understands it. But to say that he actually wants to destroy the economy, or even the country, is too much. Such talk can only lend credence to people who accuse us on the right of overheated rhetoric.

    S. W.

    • I stand by what I wrote…I believe we have ample evidence that he is working a plan…and that the plan is resulting in the destruction of the economy…and he shows no sign of going in another direction. I can only conclude that he is satisfied with the direction of his plan.

      Whether his plan will ultimately result in the destruction of the country time will tell. Much rides on whether his Reign of Terror will end in Nov 2012.

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