Tuesday’s Reading Room

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Dems scramble to save face on Obama’s jobs bill

Obama Jobs Bill Headed for Defeat?

Iran Pastor to Live or Die? Leader to Decide

Jonah Goldberg: Does Anyone Still Think Obama’s a Policy Genius?

Thomas Sowell: Reverse Racism

NY Post Editors: Maybe it’s time for the White House to finally admit the folly of its ‘green jobs’ program.

Mona Charen: Steve Jobs: Unwanted Child?

Fred Barnes: How TV debates have changed the race.

Katrina Trinko: Romney and Cain: It’s Complicated

Joe McGinniss: Why I used unnamed sources.

NBA cancels first two weeks of season

Upon further reflection…Netflix Drops Plan to Rename DVD Service Qwikster

Oh baby…Woman Runs Chicago Marathon Then Gives Birth

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