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NOTE: I’m in the tri-state area (PA/NJ/DE) for the week working with some friends. will not carry the show this week…enjoy the music.



Ohio Voters Choose to Opt Out of Health Care Mandate…

Cain suggests accuser’s finances are motive for allegation…

David Gregory: No ‘Grand Wizard’ In GOP To Force Cain Out…

Coach Paterno set for exit…

Massive rock swings past Earth…

Yeah…just like the Tea Party…‘Occupy’ Plagued by Reports of Sex Attacks

NYT scoop: There may be a little crime problem at Occupy Wall Street

Maureen Dowd: Personal Foul at Penn State

This is only a test

Jeff Jacoby: A nuclear Iran would be the gravest threat.

John Podhoretz: A pack of scandal addicts.

Jonah Goldberg: Blame It on Brokaw

Rich Lowry: Obama’s Keystone XL Kops

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