Thursday’s Reading Room

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Reflecting public opinion? or shaping it? SHOCK POLL: ROMNEY 45% OBAMA 39%


Krauthammer: ‘Embarrassing Candidates’…

The only insurrections Obama doesn’t support are the ones creating a LESS Muslim country…NEXT: Obama admin. secretly prepares options for aiding Syrian opposition…

It is not likely to happen…but interesting…Reich: Get ready for Obama/Clinton ticket…

Scrooge…Town Bans Non-Residents From Sledding, Children Must Wear Helmets…

ROVE: Political Predictions for ’12…

Daniel Henninger: The Ron Paul vote.

Friday? What Friday? Samoa to skip Friday, lose December 30th, 2011, altogether…

Gettin’ his (while he can)…Obama spends 7 hours at golf course with hooker-soliciting buddy…

Religion of Peace…Iranian Risks Execution Over Shoe-Toss Incident

Maryland State Workers Say U.S. Flag Violates Law

Kathryn Lopez: Saying yes to life.

Andrew C. McCarthy: Newt and the Courts . . . Again

Jonah Goldberg: The Establishment Moves Rightward

Rich Lowry: Santorum’s First Look

New Year brings new laws…It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere (Just Not in Utah Anymore)

Long memory…Man, 99, divorces wife of 77 years over her affair — in the ’40s…

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