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NRO Symposium: Santorum’s Big Night

Santorum: ‘Conservatives’ should pull together…

Gingrich outlines strategy: Sabotage at Tampa…

Axelrod bails on Bill Maher…

Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s Pump Debacle

Nation within a Nation: Native American Tribe Gets Permit to Kill Bald Eagles

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Northern Japan

First Look at the Secret Iranian Site the UN Wants to Inspect…

Sundy afternoons of my youth would’ve been different without these, though mine were World Book: Encyclopedia Brittanica finally throws in the towel

Michelle Malkin: What’s the Matter with Soledad O’Brien?

William McGurn: Bill Maher’s ‘fatwa.’

Ross Douthat: Religion and the social crisis.

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  1. The people who are on a hunt for Zimmerman remind me of the mob in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar…they went on a hunt to kill all people involved in Caesar’s death…When they happened upon Cenat the poet, they took him for Cenat the senator, even when the poet insisted that he was Caesar’s friend and was not Cenat the Senator… the mob tore him apart piece by piece…

    In the end, the mob was less just than those who killed Caesar…
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