Monday’s Reading Room

The Scott Wilder Show…LIVE 9-11am in Dallas/Ft. Worth on 1190AM (and streamed at…re-air today beginning at 4:06 at (and on at Live 365)…and on at The NEW Talk Radio 96.3 and 1370 in Austin weekdays noon-2 before Sean Hannity!

Romney Gets All Delegates In Puerto Rico Primary Win but why are territories in a position to decide who a party’s nominee is…thereby deciding who the president is? #myflaghas50stars

Santorum Calls Puerto Rico ‘Spanish-Speaking Country’ — Again…


Scott Brown rips off Conan..and rips on GOP candidates…#rino

And now, from the religion of peace, US Man Shot in Yemen for Proselytizing

Jason Russell suffering from scrutiny? (though I’m not sure it always causes *this*) Kony 2012 Director Is Detained and Hospitalized

Thomas Sowell: The “Inevitability” Vote

David Ignatius: The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama.

Pro-choice groups raising big money off of contraception debate


Supermodel Elle Macpherson Loves Obama: ‘I’m Socialist — What Do You Expect?’

disOWNed: Oprah Cancels Rosie…

Search for conservative justice to save Obamacare…

“Oprah was there with her friend and longtime companion Gail King”…Hmm., interesting phrasing) Obama: Oprah Helps Me ‘Focus on the Big Picture’

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