Tuesday’s Reading Room

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Obama Raises Eyebrows With New Executive Order

National debt has increased more in three years of Obama than eight years of Bush

Remember when BHO said Bill Ayers was ‘just a guy who lives in the neighberhood’? Well, maybe not…POSTMAN CLAIMS: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school… …video interview

McGurn: The Improbable Mr. Santorum

Ponnuru: Mitt Romney Will Bore, and Win

I’m sure BHO will be publicly celebrating this, even though he rarely mentions it…maybe because people are against it…At two-year mark, health law’s legacy is confusion…

ObamaLand Mayor learned at the feet of his master…Chicago Cop Arrests NBC Reporters: ‘Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated’…

Oprah and Rosie spat…Rosie O’Donnell’s disastrous Oprah network experience

Ed Koch: Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?

AFP tried to scrub this story…read it while you can…REPORT: Amid Travel Warnings, Obama Daughter Spring Breaks In Mexico…

MO goes on Letterman…surprisingly, Letterman didn’t joke about her minor daughter getting ‘knocked up’…but he reserves that vile stuff for conservative women…oh yeah, it was very boring…Michelle Obama to Letterman: ‘This isn’t ‘Oprah’! Where are the Laughs?…

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