The Scott Wilder Show in Dallas/Ft. Worth…an update

Ok…here’s the deal…

The Scott Wilder Show is off the air in Dallas/Ft. Worth…the short story is that our station there has picked up the Glenn Beck Show and, while Beck’s show will not be airing when our show was airing (9-11am), it meant some necessary adjustments in their lineup and we are out. (more on this in a minute)

Currently the way to hear The Scott Wilder Show live is to tune in to KJCE in Austin, Texas (1370AM and 96.3FM)…they are on the TuneIn radio app and also stream the show live on their website. You also may listen at and on the Live365 app (search ‘scottwilder’)…and we will re-air the show beginning at 4:06 every afternoon at the same place.

Back to Dallas/Ft. Worth for a minute…our station there was very kind…I have nothing but good things to say about the people that I dealt with there…and there is a possibility to return there (though at a different time)…

That will NOT be possible without a title sponsor…so if you know anyone or any business owner who would like to be a part of The Scott Wilder Show, please have them contact me at…

I hate the thought of not being able to be on during the election year, but we *are* on at our great Austin station right between Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.

It will take a bit of an adjustment to make the streaming work the way we have before, so be patient as we work on that.

Again, I can’t stress enough that if we are to be back on the air in Dallas/Ft. Worth, it will be with a title sponsor…so if you have any folks who’d like to partner with us, make sure they get in touch with me.

It also is a good time to participate in keeping our online stuff alive. Nothing is free…and few things are cheap…your help is appreciated if you’d like this way of delivering the show to stay as an option. (details below)

That’s the basic stuff…that’s the update…

As always, we’ll be on the air wherever we’re welcome and doing The Scott Wilder Show…and we appreciate all the ways you participate.



If you like our online presence (podcasts, streaming at, re-air of the show), put a little something in the Tip Jar to keep it alive, huh? Thanks. Click Here.

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